The Aquitar Files

The Stories!

Short Stories and Poetry:

  • Written in Stone by Caroline York.
    Servalan learns about the four faces of Fate.
  • Decline and Fall by Una McCormack.
    Vila offers sympathy as Dayna mourns for Justin.
  • Trial by Fire by Pat Fenech.
    Cally steels herself for the worst.
  • The Real Life of Roj Blake by Loulou Harris.
    A historian tries to assess the truth about Our Heroes.
  • A Life Closed Twice by Una McCormack.
    At last, Anna tells her story.
  • Radioheads by Alison Page.
    A cyberpunk look at the interactive reality that is Blake's 7.
  • Confession by Miriam Kerr.
    A letter contains an unexpected revelation.
  • As Destiny Decrees by Pat Fenech.
    As Cally prepares her revenge on Saurian Major, fate
  • No Good Thing Ever Dies by Pat Fenech.
    Ravella remembers as she entices Blake to that fateful
  • The Dust of Midnight by Ana-Lia Washington.
    Cold reflections during the darkest hours of night.
  • In which Servalan borrows the Liberator... by Crispin Bateman.
    You guessed it...Blake's 7 meets Winnie-the-Pooh!
  • As the Sky Turns to Fire by Crispin Bateman.
    A quiet sunset rendezvous...
  • Five Days by Una McCormack.
    Waiting for Shrinker, the crew contemplates the nature of
  • A Festive Tale by Anthony Murray.
    A Blake's-6-and-a-Bit Christmas story.
  • Birthday Fantasies by Madeleine Wood.
    Avon gets a bit of a surprise for his big 4-0.
  • A Berth on the London by Judith Proctor.
    Gan comes to Jenna's aid on the way to Cygnus Alpha.
  • Oh Captain! My Captain! by Melissa Leigh.
    A Gauda Prime reflection in the style of Walt Whitman.
  • Stairway to Heaven by Christine Lacey.
    A post-"Rescue" alternative universe tale.
  • The Cost of Living by Anthony Murray.
    Vila should be more careful what he wishes for...
  • Moment of Truth by Reba Bandyopadhyay.
    So just what was Avon thinking on Horizon?
  • Moonwind by Sarah Berry.
    A bleak, bleak PGP. (Reprinted from Frontier Worlds.)
  • Pathways by Sarah Berry.
    Fourth series Avon follows his path through the pattern of


  • Choosing Survival by Nickey Barnard.
    Sula navigates a treacherous path.
  • A Little Knowledge by Una McCormack.
    Avon's final secret.

    And a Novel:

  • Between Life and Death by Loulou Harris.
    A unique B7 story written in the style of Italo Calvino.

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