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 Home Cookin
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Pink In The Middle
Super Cool Sexy
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Got Your Back
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Daddy's Gone
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X-Rated Superstar
These "10 Funky White Boys" call themselves the "epitome of the D.I.Y. indie act,"
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James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, Kool & The Gang

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Calling themselves the "epitome of the D.I.Y. indie act," the fiercely independent "10 Funky White Boys" that make up Home Cookin' shun the cookie cutter dreams of most startup bands. "We're not looking to get signed, we want to partner with a label and work with them, not for them," explains Cookin' drummer Frank Klepacki.  As if to emphasize this point, this Las Vegas-based funk machine formed their own label, Fly Records, to have more autonomy in their musical life. The talent that oozes from the Home Cookin' kettle has not gone unnoticed. Songs from their '98 release Mmm, Mmm, Mmm have been featured in ABC's short-lived drama, Cupid, used in a multimillion-dollar videogame (Electronic Art's Road Rash Jailbreak), and the Pauly Shore Movie Spooge.    Formed from the UNLV jazz ensemble, Home Cookin' has played with acts such as the Ohio Players, The Offspring, Fuel, The Crystal Method, and Meredith Brooks. Their savvy musicianship and eclectic compositions has, as the band explains, "tremendous crossover appeal."

Dave Philippus
Frank Klepacki
Jason Colby
Joe Malone
John Cornell
Jordan Robins
Alto Sax:
Rob Stone
Tenor Sax:
Russell Burt
Ryan Bull
Baritone Sax:
Tom Pastor

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