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Film and television is a highly cost-sensitive, mobile industry that generated over $1.2 billion in direct spending and 25,000 jobs in British Columbia in 2005.  While the level of production activity tends to be somewhat volatile from year to year, there has been a general growth trend over the past several decades. Vancouver's strength in animation and new media technologies is also accelerating the pace of technically sophisticated production and post-production activity in the province.

Most of BC's production activity is concentrated in the Vancouver area because of access to suitable locations, studio and post-production facilities, and an experienced film and television production workforce. More.

Current Performance
Foreign production activity has driven growth in Vancouver's film and television production sector. More.

Vancouver's Strengths
The Vancouver region is the third-largest feature film production location in  North America, after Los Angeles and New York. More.

Film and television production activity in Vancouver is supported by a broad range of industry infrastructure, including government agencies, industry associations, labour unions & guilds, education and training institutions, financing agencies, and studios & post-production facilities. More.


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Read the Vancouver Film Office's online brochure, Getting Started, and then contact them at City Hall at 604-873-7337 to coordinate on-location filming in Vancouver.


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