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In 1999 DrDon did some effects work for producer Todd Russell of THR Productions.  He sent DrDon a scene that he pulled from his trash bin  after  viewing  DrDon's F/X work on  the Internet.  The  scene  was shot on S-VHS and at that time all DrDon had was a low resolution capture card.   DrDon repaired  the scene and added some effects using  Ulead's image editor that came with their Media Studio Pro 2.5 software.  The one megabite MPEG  scene caused a lot  of fuss  that resulted in a forensic analysis being done by a crime scene expert to determine if the video  was real murder or just a fake.  We don't hear about forensic analysis being done on Hollywood movies do we? 
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We are  opposed  to violence, acts of hatred, or the harming of   anyone  in  any  way.   We  advocate  equality, respect, and  tolerance.  DrDon's CG F/X  work  provides independent film makers with an alternative  to using explosive charges (squibs).


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