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Inside the United Nations by Bonta

The United Nations has been in existence for more than a half-century, but its origins and objectives remain misunderstood by many Americans. This book, by THE NEW AMERICAN Contributing Editor Steve Bonta, is a brief, readable introduction to the United Nations, and to the people who created it and support it. Inside the United Nations goes beyond the public relations campaign of the UN to examine the hard reality of the UN systemand its dangerous objectives. (2003, 151pp, pb)

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The New American - June 28, 2004
Vol. 20, No. 13
June 28, 2004

Creating a Global Army

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Recommended Reading

Forging Bogus Ties - August 23, 2004
The Bush administration committed our nation to war despite being informed by U.S. intelligence agencies that no working relationship existed between Iraq and al-Qaeda.

"Hat in Hand," on "Bended Knee" (Excerpt) - June 28, 2004
After supposedly breaking with the UN over the Iraq War, the Bush administration has not only come to the UN as supplicant but is pushing for a UN standing army.

Iraq-Nam - June 28, 2004
John Birch Society founder Robert Welch discerned early on how the global Power Elite stage-manages contrived conflict to accomplish their subversive agenda.

Peace Sells But Whos Buying? - July 14, 2003
Rather than becoming more deeply immersed in the Middle East morass, the U.S. should disengage in the interest of peace.

Worth Repeating - February 23, 2004

Behind the Deception - November 17, 2003
President Bushs reversal from unilateralism to multilateralism was entirely predictable. He is merely following the internationalist principles that guide his administration.

Deceiving Us into War - November 17, 2003
Using deception, inflammatory rhetoric, and bait-and-switch tactics, the Bush administration lured the American public into supporting a war that is becoming a global quagmire.

The Four A.M. Knock - July 14, 2003
The deepening Iraqi occupation follows a familiar terrorist script that uses American troops to carry out a mission that will only create more anti-American hatred.

Weapons of Mass Delusion - June 30, 2003
Why did we go to war against Iraq?

Baghdad Bait-and-Switch - June 30, 2003
Even as the Bush administration tries to justify the absence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, it is quietly revising its mission objectives in Iraq.

What Did We Win? - May 19, 2003
The war was short and our losses though tragic were relatively light. But what did "Operation Iraqi Freedom" actually accomplish?

Why We Fight - April 21, 2003
All Americans worthy of the name support our troops and pray for their success but what are we seeking to win in Iraq?

Rallying Round What Flag? - April 21, 2003
In Iraq, U.S. fighting men were forbidden to display our flag as they went into battle.

Following What Flag? - March 20, 2003
Sending our men into battle without our nation's flag proves decisively that this is not our nation's war.

It's the UN, Stupid! - March 18, 2003
The military campaign in Iraq is intended to validate, rather than vanquish, the UN.

Recycling Radicalism - March 24, 2003
The militants running the "anti-war" demonstrations are following a plan to organize, mobilize, radicalize, militarize, and globalize.

Same Ends, Different Means - March 24, 2003
While disagreeing about the necessity of war with Iraq, both the "conservative" Bush administration and the Marxist-led "peace" movement seek to empower the UN.

True Patriotism - March 24, 2003
Constitutionalists are challenging UN entanglements and the call to war. Some false conservatives are denouncing this principled stand as unpatriotic, even treasonous.

Recommendations for Patriots - March 24, 2003

Building the Beast of Baghdad - October 21, 2002
Saddam Husseins capacity to unleash weapons of mass destruction is doubly horrifying when one considers that past administrations have helped him develop that technology.

Should America Go to War? - October 21, 2002
When freedom is threatened, we must fight. But resuming the war on Iraq would empower a greater threat, the UN.

Arming Saddam - March 30, 1998
Our own government played a major role in making Iraq a supposed threat to "world order"

Sidebar: "Baghdad Rules"

Saddam Versus "World Law" - March 16, 1998
The latest Persian Gulf "crisis" has more to do with establishing dangerous new precedents for world law than with taming Saddam Husseins brutal regime

Our Man in Baghdad - December 22, 1997
It seems that every year about this time, the policy elites trot out Saddam Hussein, the "necessary evil" so crucial to "stability" in the Middle East

Making of a Monster: How the U. S. Helped Build Iraq's War Machine - September 7, 1992
The huge cost of military actions during the 1990's against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, in human and financial terms, is a direct result of years of economic aid and comfort to Iraq by the American government -- subsidized by U.S. taxpayers!

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