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Enter Here to Win!!!
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quare Enix held closed off theater presentations all day, and we got to take a look at some of the latest upcoming projects including such games as FFVII: Crisis Core, FFXIII, and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix.

The trailer began with Tetsuya Nomura's new cell phone game, Monotone. It featured extremely basic graphics, and looked like a standard turn-based RPG. The one interesting element of the game was that spell casting was handled by a puzzle mini-game. A blocky shape appeared onscreen and the player must fill it in with Tetris-like pieces before time runs out.

The next title was a DS game also from Nomura called It's a Wonderful World. It seemed to focus on Japanese street culture, and showcased the main character running around the crowded streets of Shibuya. Every once in a while he would stop and listen to his headphones and a blue light would spread across the screen. This is apparently a "psychic scanning system" and various people's thoughts appeared onscreen in word bubbles.

Players seem to control a guy in the bottom screen and a girl on the top screen during combat. Drawing lines on the touch screen will slash enemies and pressing various combos on the D-pad will initiate attacks on the top screen.

It's a Wonderful World is said to take place within the span of seven days and will release in Japan in 2007.

After speeding through a couple of Final Fantasy VII cell phone games, the video moved on to FFVII: Crisis Core for PSP. The trailer followed Zach and showed him meeting up with Aerith and battling it out with everyone from Sephiroth to Bahamut. We finally got to see a little bit of gameplay and it's looks like CC will have a realtime battle system. Zach would run around freely in a circular area and attack enemies with multi-hit slashes. Square also hinted at Cloud's presence by showing Zach talking to an anonymous masked soldier. Crisis Core is also scheduled for 2007 in Japan.

Next on the list was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. This appears to be a director's cut of the film upscaled to Blu-ray. The film should look even better than before, and will include some new scenes. One showed Sephiroth impaling Cloud on his sword and lifting his body in the air. Once again, 2007.

The Final Fantasy XIII trailer looked pretty much the same as the one shown at E3. The was a little combat shown, and it appears that the main character will take on many enemies at once. She chained multiple attacks and was able to wipe out around ten foes at a time.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII showcased some impressive CG that will never make it onto the final cell phone screen. It featured a blonde schoolboy who activated a giant crystal and whipped out some cards.

The visuals shown for Versus XIII were exactly identical to what was shown at E3. No dates were revealed for any of the titles.

The show wrapped up with Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. The package will include two discs -- the first of which will be the full game with all of the stuff added into the U.S. version. The second disc will include Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories, a 3-D remake of the Game Boy Advance title. It looks to have KHII-caliber graphics and will include extra scenes and full voiceover. Plus, the game will incorporate the contextual button pressing found in KHII. The final image showed one of the knights from the perfect ending of KHII getting hit and tumbling down a hill. Part of his mask was busted up, and it appeared to be an older version of Sora on the inside -- hinting that the game will give even more insight to the eventual Kingdom Hearts III. Final Mix is also set for 2007 in Japan, and could possibly come out in North America.

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