The 1st Crusade - 2001


Confederate Soldiers Demostrate their Firepower

Near the turn of the new millennia, the CIA gathered information that several Islamic terrorist forces were amassing to attack the C.S.A.. This information was leaked and the public feared a new "Muslim Menace" that threatened their way of life.

The C.S.A. was also at odds with OPEC, being forced to pay higher and higher oil prices. The Theocratic Monarchies and Dictatorships controlling the world's oil supply was a situation that could only get worse. In order to insure the world's supply of oil was safe and flowed in a regular manner, Congress passed the "Crusades Act". The main goals of the Crusades Act was to enter oil bearing Islamic countries in the Middle East, over throw their oppressive governments, take control of their oil production, create schools, hospitals, and water and power plants, and convert the populace to Christianity.

Afghanistan was selected as the first country, as it was in dire need of humanitarian aid, as well as the fact that the Taliban controlled government supported several terrorist organizations. Afghanistan was the first stepping stone in a noble mission to save the C.S.A. from the Muslim Menace, save the world from OPEC, and to save the souls of the heathen Muslims.

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