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The WAPC is a statutory authority and one of the agencies in the Planning and Infrastructure portfolio created by the state government to integrate land use and transport planning. The community expects professional, equitable and orderly planning of the State’s future land use and development in order to retain the Western Australian lifestyle.

The WAPC provides assurance to the community, guaranteeing that environmental, economic and social considerations are explored thoroughly before farreaching planning decisions are taken.

The WAPC is made up of 10 members appointed by government for their breadth of expertise and works through a number of committees made up of people with particular expertise and local community knowledge.

It ensures that the community is consulted before any plan is submitted to the Minister or Parliament for endorsement.

Draft plans and policies are advertised to provide an opportunity for community discussion.

The WAPC operates with the support of the Department for Planning and Infrastructure, which provides professional and technical expertise, administrative services, and resources to advise the WAPC and implement its decisions.

Annual Report 2006

Information Statement ( 304KB)

Freedom of Information Act 1992

In partnership with the Department for Planning and Infrastructure, the WAPC have a joint information statement containing details of the structure and function of the agencies, a description of the ways in which those functions affects members of the public, details of public participation formulation, details of documents held and arrangements for public access to documents.

Freedom of Information Statement ( 103Kb)

Freedom of information application form ( 68 Kb)

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