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CORRIDORone ( is the major transportation, employment, and activity corridor that exists in south-central Pennsylvania, stretching from Carlisle to Harrisburg to Lancaster.  Capital Area Transit (CAT) in coordination with Modern Transit Partnership (MTP) is working to create a regional rail line that connects these three cities and their metropolitan regions.  For more information on this project call MTP at (717) 238-2400 or visit their website at


Lancaster to Harrisburg service will operate on Amtrak rail lines.  The Harrisburg to East Mechanicsburg to Carlisle segments will operate over Norfolk Southern freight lines and will therefore require more engineering and later startup dates.  All proposed stations would include boarding platforms, weather-protected waiting areas, and ample parking.  All stations will also conform to all applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, including ramps and/or elevators.


Initial service is projected to be offered between 18 to 20 hours per day, commencing at 6 AM. Current proposed schedules would provide half hour service during peak periods and hourly service the rest of the day and on weekends.  The goal of CORRIDORone is to provide ticket prices that are substantially less than current Amtrak pricing in the region.


There are also ongoing negotiations with SEPTA to provide connector service between the CORRIDORone line in Lancaster to the SEPTA lines at Thorndale.  This connector would provide numerous daily trips, although on a more limited basis than on the main routes.


As information becomes available we will keep you updated on the various transportation connections available at the area rail stations.


CORRIDORone System Map

Map C1.1 CORRIDORone Proposed Area Map

CORRIDORone and Transit Connections

While CORRIDORone provides the promise of a fast and reasonably priced option to travel throughout the region, the stations must have access to area transit to provide connections to the areas in which the stations serve.  Both CAT and Red Rose Transit of Lancaster have committed to provide new bus routes that serve each of the stations and/or alter existing routes to provide more service.  As information becomes available, transit connection information will be provided here.


CORRIDORtwo and Beyond

The CORRIDORtwo economic region connects York, Harrisburg, Hershey, and Lebanon.  As development of the CORRIDORone Regional Rail system progresses, Modern Transit Partnership and CAT will be looking at the feasibility of connecting this corridor by rail.


Future passenger rail corridors also include Route 15 from the Harrisburg area towards Gettysburg, north of Harrisburg, and the Northern Susquehanna River region.


Modern Transit Partnership

The Modern Transit Partnership (MTP) is a nonprofit organization, which supports and promotes public transportation with the ultimate goal of bringing commuter rail to Central Pennsylvania.  Launched in 1997 by the Capital Area Transit Board of Directors, this partnership is made up of business, community, government, and individual members to develop a regional transportation plan that will meet tomorrow's transportation and infrastructure needs.  Working together, CAT and MTP are striving to give Central Pennsylvania the quality of life it cherishes by designing a true multi-modal transportation system - allowing passengers to make connections via several modes of mass transit.


The Modern Transit Partnership (MTP) mission is to support and promote transit.  The organization has been tasked with the development of a business plan to assist in providing funding for the development, operation, and maintenance of rail service in the South-central PA region.


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