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WWE News: Sabu vs. Cena, RVD vs. Rey, Animal released, Rock movie update
By Wade Keller, Torch editor
Jun 6, 2006, 13:09

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-WWE has officially announced John Cena vs. Sabu, Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam, and a 20 man battle royal for Wednesday's USA Network WWE-ECW special will be covering that event live, and for VIP members, we'll be featuring a VIP Audio Update afterward and sending out and posting a VIP Roundtable Review. announced that Road Warrior Animal has been released. He is the older brother of WWE talent relations director John Laurenaitis. He had teamed with John Heidenreich as a new LOD-type team. After Heidenreich was released, Animal became a singles wrestler, but after a few weeks of a push, he jobbed to Matt Hardy and was off television.

-Rock Movie Update: reader writes reader Scott Shattuck writes: The Rock’s new movie "Southland Tales" went over like a lead balloon in Cannes. I think it was one of the only films looking for domestic distribution, and the bad reception has put that in jeopardy. He is also looking very different, having lost a ton of weight (and muscularity) and grown out his hair.

-The Rock also sat front row at the UFC PPV event in Los Angeles, Calif. at Staples Center two Saturdays ago. He was shown reacting to a couple match finishes.

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WWE News
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