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The Open Design Community (TODC) is a group of Open Source Website Designers providing free web design templates helping to make the global internet a prettier place.

pogy366 pogy366 submitted 27 days ago in Design www.opendesigns.org
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    as we say here in the philippines... ASTIG !!!! (awesome, cool, etc..) Please support The Open Design Community !!!
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    I will try to connect up the Open Clip Art Library (www.openclipart.org) and Open Font Library (www.openfontlibrary.org) with these guys..
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    The great thing about the whole concept, is the fact that it's not really owned by anyone. It's ran by a "board of administrators" Even the name was donated. So ultimately there is no many being made, it will all get sunk back into the open source community. You really can't beat that.

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