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The landmark Perth SmartRider project in Australia has moved another stage closer to completion with the running of the first stage of Wayfarer Transit Systems’ Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

The tests involved checking the operation of all parts of the system, including Wayfarer’s TGX150 bus ticket machines, bus smart card validators, rail based smart card processor and gates as well as hand held inspectors units. All contactless smart card transaction data was fed back through the Wayfarer Back Office System including the Merit, SmarTrack and GPS Reporter SQL Modules.

All data within the system is moved via radio LAN or via a standard Ethernet WAN, with data modules only being used as a back up media.

The most significant piece of technology being introduced centres on the fact that bus, rail and ferry travel requires the passengers to ‘tag on’ and ‘tag off’ each part of the system they travel on with their contactless SmartRider cards.

Each device that processes the cards calculates the correct fare to charge for the actual journey travelled. In addition to charging for each leg of travel correctly, the system allows for transferring between modes of transport as well as capping the maximum tariff charged in any one day. This feature ensures that a stored value card when used regularly will be just as cost effective for the passenger as an all day pass product.

The validation logic also includes a business rule to prevent deductions from a smart card when a passenger goes into a gated rail station onto the platform, and suddenly realises that they have left something in the car. As the exit gate sees that the passenger has entered the system and exited at the same station within a pre-set time, no fare is deducted.

Michael Somerville-Brown, the Public Transport Authority’s Project Director for SmartRider, commented: ‘We are aiming to have one of the most technically advanced and customer friendly fare collection systems in the world, and we are very pleased to see the project moving forwards to the smart card launch later this year. The close cooperation on this particular project between the PTA, Downer Engineering and Wayfarer is a credit to all parties concerned.”

· Pictured at Wayfarer is the Public Transport Authority Team from Perth Western Australia together with Wayfarer’s Senior Project Manager Dave Thompson (centre).
(Left to right) Hugo Wildermuth, Michael Somerville-Brown, Dave Thompson, Wayne Veaney and Phil Quenby.



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Note to Editors:

Wayfarer Transit Systems is the UK's leading provider of integrated fare revenue and back office systems to the public transport industry worldwide.

Its expertise in smart card technology, electronic ticketing equipment, GPS, radio LAN, operating software, customer training, maintenance and service ensures that Wayfarer continues to lead the way in delivering technology-led solutions for public transport operators.

Wayfarer is based in Poole in Dorset, with service centres in Croydon, Coventry, Manchester and Glasgow, NJ (USA) and Jamaica. The company offers total systems solutions, embracing in-house design, project management, production and technical back-up and support. Its suite of systems combine functional excellence with leading edge technology – all designed to deliver easy-to-use technology to public transport operators... with powerful management information systems.

The company’s technological leadership means that Wayfarer currently holds in excess of 80% of the UK bus operator market. In addition, 40% of its output is channelled through an international network of distributors.



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