Eva Monkey Forums
Guidelines and Rules
Version 1 June 22, 2004


Welcome to the Eva Monkey Forums Guidlines, below you will find everything and anything you might need to know about the Eva Monkey Forums.  If you are a new member, please take the time to briefly read over these rules, as you will be expected to adhere to them during your membership of the Eva Monkey Forums.  Failure to comply will result in warnings.  Failure to comply to guidlines after warnings will result in a temporary or permanent banning depending on the severity of the infractions.  Rules and guidelines are here to insure that everyone's membership is as pleasant and productive as possible.


The purpose of the Eva Monkey forums is to provide Eva fans a mature forum for the discussion of Evangelion, and Evangelion relevent and related topics.  The forums also serve as an extension of the Eva Monkey site's content and services.



Staff is composed of all Administrators, Super Moderators, Moderators, and members with special posting privleges.  Staff will be courteous to each other, as well as the rest of the members of the board.

Head Forums Administrator

Has senority and control over the forums and shall carry out duties as they see fit.

Assistant Forums Administrators

Oversee the entirety of the forums.  Administrators shall only ban members on their own initiative in extreme cases of abuse.  Administrators shall only mod posts in a forum with a designated moderator in extreme cases, or if the designated moderator is temporarily unavailable to perform their duties.  Administrators can modify any post in a forum if there is no assigned moderator.  Administrators can issue formal warnings in cases of abuse.

Super Moderators

Oversee all forums and moderate any forum without a designated moderator.  Super Moderators shall only mod posts in a forum with a designated moderator in extreme cases, or if the designated moderator is temporarily unavailable to perform their duties.   Super Moderators will report offenses directly to administrators.  Super Moderator's shall not issue warnings.


Moderate posts in their designated forum(s).  Moderator's shall not issue warnings.  Moderator's will report warnable offenses directly to the administrators.



Members shall adhere to the rules and guidelines set out by the board staff.  Members shall be courteous and respectful to each other as well as the staff.


Posting Guidelines


Posts shall be composed in English.  No excessive l33t, slang, foreign language, abreviations, acronyms, or plain bad english allowed.  Use sentences, punctuation, grammer, etc.  Don't type as fast as possible and hope for it to make sense.   Make sure that your sentences are coherent and are understandable.  Avoid using altered font (color, style, size) unless it serves a purpose.

Please don't set your font to look like this.


Shall be posted by any member where permitted.  Threads are to be created in their appropriate forums.  Threads placed innapropriately will be moved to their appropriate location.  If no appropriate location exists, the thread will be closed and placed in the lockdown.  Please be sure to title thread appropriately.


Keep posts on topic.  A post that doesn't advance the topic of discussion or contribute to the discussion is spam.  Spam should be kept to a minimum, and will result in warnings in extreme cases.


Also known as threads that go off topic.  Any topic that goes off topic for an extended period of time can and will be closed without warning.


Flaming should be kept to an absolute minimum.  You are permitted to poke fun at someone provided that it is made obvious that the comment is in good fun.   Participation in a flame thread/war will result in consequences, regardless of who started it.  Contributing to a flame will not be tolerated.


Trolling should be avoided, and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.   (Trolling is purposely replying to every post in a thread, or replying to ever post by someone as a means of harassment).


I'm not going to tell you its innapropriate to say "fuck", as it is even in Evangelion more than once.  But please, use it sensibly.  If you always put the word "fucking" in front of an adjective, that is not sensible use.  Don't use pervasive language.

Image Posting

Avoid posting images on the forum unless they have a purpose.  Posting anything with "OWNED!" on it will constitute a warning.  Please text link images rather than post them.  This is more acceptable as you are not remote loading, and it cuts down on forum load times.

Eva Hentai

Posting Eva Hentai, or telling people where to find Eva Hentai is not allowed under any circumstances.


Posting links to bittorents or telling people where to find media is not allowed.   Exceptions are minor content such as images, articles, translations, etc.

Linking to sites with copywrite or plaigarism issues

Linking to sites with media downloads or information on media downloading is not permitted.  Linking to sites that have plaigarised materials from others is not permitted.


Other Guidelines


100x100 pixels, no more.  Be sensible with what you set your avatar as, no graphic imagery of any kind.  If you don't know how to create avatars or are unsure of the quality of an avatar, please browse the avatar for one you like.  Avoid using an avatar in use by another member if possible.


Signatures should be as small as possible.  Avoid using large signatures, please.   Signatures are "signatures", they say who you are, where you're from, and what you're working on.  You can put your name, an add for a website you work on, etc.  I would advise heavily against putting excessive quotes, what anime you're watching, etc.  Signatures should be used as such.

This is the maximum allowable size for image based signatures.



Will be performed in extreme cases by administrators.  Bannings will be either temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the violation.


This isn't kindergarten, if someone has an issue, they are to handle it on their own, unless the dispute is of a severe nature, at which point, it should be brought up to an administrator.

Disputes to be handled by Administrators:

Member(s) vs. Member(s)
Member(s) vs. (Super) Moderator(s)

Disputes to be handled by Head Administrator:

Member(s) vs. Administrator(s)
(Super) Moderator(s) vs. (Super) Moderator(s)
(Super) Moderator(s) vs. Administrator(s)
Administrator(s) vs. Administrator(s)