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Welcome to the Norwegian Trainset's official website


By ThorRune at 10.7.2005, 18:35 *

The set has got a proper release comming pretty soon! OzTransLtd has released a teaser version, wich can not be gotten on the website at the present time becuase I don't have time to update it. You may take a look in the forum topic. Link is probably somewhere on this site... Sorry for this sort message - I hardly have time online at these times, when ican't exploit the schools T3.

By ThorRune at 7.4.2005, 10:51 *

The website was finally updated! Though not much has happened to the set that you can see (OzTransLtd has done lots though), the website is now simpler to maintain for the webmaster. There is now screenshots of Notable Norway, Jim Powers scenario on the site. We do however request for you to make some proper game screenshots, and mail them to me at me[a]

There is now a HTML version of the .xls, but it is just a simple convertion to HTML done by Excell itselfe. Odd quality on it, but it's readable. Owell, have a nice weekend!

By fire87 at 3.4.2005, 15:24 *

As there is 2 months since the last news, I thought that I could come with a little update. Since we got a new coder, the set has only been going one way, and thats up! Thanks to OzTransLtd, we have gotten the 26c (steamer), CD66 (diesel), Y1 (DMU), Littera: IORE and the El.18 (electric) plus the B5 (pass. wagon) coded. Which I am betatesting ATM.All trains are fun to use, the only issue I have is that almost all trains are blinking in one way or another, which are a result on wrong colours being used. I can assure you people that this little "bug" will be fixed before it is released. If you want to see some screenshots, then just visit our topic on TT Forums. PS: The date for ths news item is incorrect

By ThorRune at 3.4.2005, 14:51 *

3 trains have been replaced! Kruz' El.16 has ben replaced by my total reshade, lws1984's rc6 has been replaced with my own from the ground of redo. It's got no elements from WhiteHands train, so he's removed from the credits. (Thanks for you work!), and i've reshaded singaporekids T1000. Here are links to the old versions of the total reshades: Rc6, El.16 PS: The date on this post is wrong!

By ThorRune at 3.4.2005, 14:46 *

The news section was started. Well, today i was forced to remove the photos section fo the website. As it turns out, fire87 stole the images from without permition, and failed to tell me this. I am trying to negotiate with the webmaster of, and we'll see what good comes from that. PS: The date on this pot is incorrect

By ThorRune at 21.3.2005, 18:31 *

So as the news section is just started, here's a quick summary of the sites news history. It was originally started all back in the 22th of August 04. In not too long, enough people where interested and fire87 made a trains table. A few months later, i joined the team, originally as website maintainer, but now i am secound in command of the whole thing. Soon good drawers joined us, particularily Purno has done a great job drawing extremely great trains. As the site evolved, so did the interest. Only recently, we where accepted into the webring. Considering that this website is part of it, that is not exactly an exaption. However, we have over 500 uniqe visitors. That is quite something. PS: Date is incorrect for this news item

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