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I am a Masters degree student in the Educational Technology Leadership program at the George Washington University, Washington DC. This portfolio was created as a requirement for the subject, 'Digital Teaching Portfolios' with Professor Natalie Milman.

The metaphor I have based my digital portfolio on is that of the body and outlines four 'parts' of me. These are the head; torso; arms and hands; legs and feet. Translating this to something more cognitive the head has become the 'thinking' section; the torso 'being'; arms and hands are 'reaching out'; legs and feet are 'making tracks'.
The metaphor is also based on the belief that what I do is because of who I am so by aligning parts of me, 'who I am' to the 'what I do' categories in the portfolio I am hoping to create points of reference and departure for the viewer of this portfolio.

Further outline of each portfolio section:

Thinking: This is representing the areas that have required more cognitive input such as my portfolio rationale, educational philosophy statement and artifact reflections.

Being: This is purely the section where I get to the 'heart' of the matter with an outline of my interests and family.

Reaching Out: This section shows the work I do along with other people such as teachers, colleagues, parents, students. It is aimed at showing my contributions to education in and out of the classroom.

Making Tracks: Finally, where I have been and a hint at where I want to go. My education and experience are outlined as well as professional development participation.

Hopefully this brief explanation has helped explain the purpose of my metaphor and will entice the viewer to explore my web site further.

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