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Newswrap: This is a brief (at least, it's intended to be so) rundown of the latest Harry Potter news of the week, and a reflective (and sometimes silly) discussion by what some have dubbed the "PotterCast Trio," Melissa, John and Sue.

Fan Interview: A one-on-one interview with a Potter fan and PotterCaster, this segment has been made popular by the "live or die" ending, in which we speculate on the life expectancy of several Potter characters.

Fan Response: Sometimes we break up the fan interview throughout the show, as a collection of many voicemails on a specific topic, or in answer to a specific question. Each week's Canon Conundrum presents a fan response question that readers may answer on voicemail.

Modcast: A discussion on various Harry Potter topic by our LeakyLounge moderators, including regulars Jason (Guru of Sloth) and Lorie (Asphodel Wormwood).

Canon Conundrums: Steve Vander Ark from the Harry Potter Lexicon and the PotterCast trio get together to work out one canon "issue" per week; this segment is preceded by your voicemails on the subject, which are collected throughout the week leading up to the show and played throughout as a fan interview segment.

Extendable Ears: Listen in on Potter talk from the people who make the magic; this segment has included interviews with Harry Potter actors, directors, crew members and editors of the Harry Potter books. Past interviewees include Arthur Levine, editor of the American editions of the Harry Potter books; Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films; Matt Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom; Jamie Waylett, who plays Vincent Crabbe; Stuart Craig, production designer for all the films; Christopher Columbus, director for the first two films, and many more.

In the Know: An occasional segment, this is a talk with someone who works in a related industry but not actually on Potter; authors, actors, directors, film aficionados and more fit into this category, and offer expert commentary on Potter.

Wrapup: The final peg at the end of the show, the PotterCast trio get together again to go over business for the following weeks, discuss the show that has passed and what's to come, goof around in general, and send the show off properly.

What is PotterCast?

PotterCast is the Harry Potter podcast brought to you by The Leaky Cauldron

PotterCast gives a Harry Potter fan more than an hour of Potteresque entertainment each week in the form of the latest news and intriguing discussion. It is the only Harry Potter podcast to feature interviews with the Harry Potter editors, cast and crew, and often features news that goes unreported elsewhere.

The show is hosted by Melissa Anelli, John Noe and Sue Upton, and features wrapup discussions of the week's news, interviews with fans, dissections of Harry Potter topics ranging wide and small, and interviews with the people who are a part of making the Harry Potter books and films.

It also often features special editions such as call-in shows, where we open the lines for an hour of fun with the fans; song parody episodes in which fans send in their sung renditions of known songs rewritten as Harry Potter melodies; game shows; commentaries on the film versions of the books, and much more.

PotterCast not only provides comprehensive news analysis, book and film discussion and exclusive content, but is fan interactive, designed not only to entertain but allow you to get your voices and opinions on Potter heard. Come, enjoy and participate!

What is a LeakyMug?
A LeakyMug is the occasional joint podcast we produce with our friends at MuggleCast. LeakyMugs started in the early days of both our podcasts, when we got together to explain to both our audiences why we were having a technical problem with the shows. The fun and freewheeling conversation that followed engendered its own brand of enthusiasm, and so the LeakyMug (a combination of both our site's names) has become a regular staple in the Potter podcasting world.

On November 12, 2005, we held the first live LeakyMug, at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City, directly following the US premiere of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." The eight panelists had all seen the film early and rushed back to Barnes & Noble to report; more than 600 fans packed themselves into the stacks, and the event was covered by major media and fan press alike.

There are currently two live LeakyMugs in the works: July 29 at the JW Marriott in Las Vegas Nevada, as part of the official Lumos 2006 Harry Potter Conference, and August 2 in New York City, during the day before the second of Jo Rowling's Radio City Music Hall readings. Please keep watching the site for more information on both, and we can't wait to meet you there!

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