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BBC (9 hours ago)
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott calls the manner of Saddam Hussein's execution "deplorable". (read more) (12 hours ago)
Gerald Ford refused to take his private faith public, even when doing so might have saved his political career. (read more)
MSNBC (22 hours ago)
Not all of your favorite food indulgences are bad for you. Find out about nine surprisingly healthy foods. (read more)
Yahoo News (19 hours ago)
AP - Most federal government offices and courts will be closed Tuesday for a national day of mourning in honor of President Ford. Only those offices and installations deemed necessary for national security or defense or other essential public business will be open. (read more)
USA Today (15 hours ago)
Five years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. government is on the verge of implementing security-inspired changes ... (read more)
USA Today (9 hours ago)
Denver police are looking into whether an altercation at a nightclub hosting a New Year's Eve party might be related to a drive-by ... (read more)
BBC (5 hours ago)
The partner of a woman who was crushed to death by a fallen cliff tries to save her by digging with his bare hands. (read more)
Yahoo News (14 hours ago)
AP - Secil Boyd keeps dreaming up new ideas from remote control flying gadgets to new table games and even space-matter theories. "My mind doesn't seem to turn off so easily," the 53-year-old inventor joked at his Holualoa art gallery. (read more)
BBC (7 hours ago)
Police in Glasgow launch an inquiry following a serious assault on a 21-year-old man. (read more)
Reuters (6 hours ago)
ROME - Having a baby at 67 is too old, according to an Italian doctor who helped a British woman of 63 give birth last year and has made a controversial career out of boosting the fertility of older women. (read more)
The Register (3 hours ago)
Callback calamity Google has fixed a vulnerability in its popular GMail web mail service that creates a means for hackers to steal users' contact lists. (read more)
Wired (11 hours ago)
Some 4,500 hackers and sympathizers converge at the 23rd annual Chaos Communication Congress, flying their mini surveillance copters and wearing LED clothes. (read more)
ABC News (21 hours ago)
Attack on Teenager in Texas Changes Lives of Hispanic Victim, Two White Defendants (read more)
Washington Post (1 hour ago)
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The prime minister on Tuesday ordered an investigation into the conduct of Saddam Hussein's execution in a bid to learn who among the witnesses taunted the former Iraqi leader in the last minutes of his life, then leaked a cell phone video. (read more)
New Scientist (9 hours ago)
Software that assesses the link structure between pages in the online encyclopaedia can generate personally tailored reading material (read more)
Wired (6 hours ago)
Merriam Webster catches up to the realities of today's business and culture, legitimizing such words as spyware, biodiesel, ringtone, unibrow, manga, mouse potato and drama queen. In Table of Malcontents. (read more)
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My Findory Blogs

Talking Points Memo (5 hours ago)
Iraq investigates whether hangmen engaged in unauthorized taunting of Saddam Hussein prior to his execution. That and other news of the day in today's Daily Muck. (read more)
Andrew Sullivan (6 hours ago)
My former TNR colleague and friend, Bob Wright, grilled me about faith and politics for Here's the link to the diavlog. Among the topics as redacted by Bob: Is Andrew really a Christian? and Andrew feels the presence of... (read more)
Slashdot (5 hours ago)
ens0niq writes "The first bug of the Month of Apple Bugs has been unveiled — as previously promised — by LMH and Kevin Finisterre. From the FAQ: 'This initiative aims to serve as an effort to improve Mac OS X, uncovering and finding security flaws in different Apple software and third-party applications designed for this operating system. A positive side-effect, probably, will be ... (read more)
DrunkenBlog (14 hours ago)
Chances are if you're loading this page in Safari you aren't reading this unless it's been fixed in a security update, as the image below crashes anything webkit-based in a very hardcore way. Actually, it crashes... (read more)
Slashdot (8 hours ago)
Science Daily is reporting that the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service is reporting positive results from a recent study designed to create genetically engineered prion-free cattle. From the article: "ARS studied eight Holstein males that were developed by Hematech Inc., a pharmaceutical research company based in Sioux Falls, S.D. The evaluation of the prion-free cattle ... (read more)
Gizmodo (5 hours ago)
Now there's a way to listen to your iTunes on a Nintendo Wii, by using a clever workaround involving the Opera browser. Unless Apple breaks this functionality on its next update of iTunes, you can install a little application called dot.Tunes on your Mac or PC, and then you can access all those tunes in your collection through the Opera browser on your Wii. Oh yeah, the best part of this is ... (read more)
Metafilter (6 hours ago)
"A Christian man is weak compared to a Muslim man." Violence and war between Christians, Muslims, and Jews is a long-standing fact of life. Even St. Francis joining the Fifth Crusade as a peacemaker, would not change the course of history. "He was repulsed by the sacrilegious brutality of the Crusaders." Stories of personal persecution abound. However, there are also some small ... (read more)
TechDirt (7 hours ago)
Matthew Lasar writes in to point out that the roller coaster effect of FCC indecency complaints has continued. We've pointed out in the past that indecency complaints to the FCC follow something of a roller coaster path , mainly because almost all of the complaints actually take the form of form letters generated off the websites of certain advocacy groups -- and rarely are sent in by anyone ... (read more)
Metafilter (7 hours ago)
Blogger goes to Wal-Mart and finds t-shirt with Nazi SS logo . Wal-Mart apologizes and promises to pull the shirts. But have they been doing a good job? the consumerist (read more)
Metafilter (13 hours ago)
This time-lapse video of an oil-painting being created by Pablo Picasso is brief, but captivating. The clip is a scene taken from the 1955 French documentary " The Mystery of Picasso ," in which director Henri-Georges Clouzot filmed the artist painting 20 different pieces. Bizarrely enough, almost all the art created for the film had to be destroyed upon close of production due to ... (read more)
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