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Capazoo, hopes for the future December 4, 2006

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We’ve already covered some of the future services that will be part of Capazoo’s web portal in a recent post “Capazoo, what’s the buzz ?” but haven’t really covered all the upcoming possibilities that should offer Capazoo. While digging a little deeper into the site, we came across the “Membership” page that briefly lists all available services. On the very bottom of the page, Capazoo has a list of “Coming soon” services that we expect to gradually become available as the development of the website goes on. From that list we can hope to see:

  • My Family Life
  • Photocasting
  • Games
  • Charity
  • Blog news
  • Broadcasting
  • CZ Mags
  • Music
  • Widgets
“Coming Soon” services

We’ve already covered what should be photocasting, broadcasting, blog news and music under “Capazoo, what’s the buzz ?“. Other listed services have yet no exact information on what feature they should contain or any information. (more…)

“My Private Life” Reviewed December 2, 2006

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One of the current services available on Capazoo is “My Private Life” which contains a few concepts that we will list in this post.

First, Capazoo is mostly based on building a community and allows every member to quickly access his friend’s “My Life” page. When logged into Capazoo, you will have all of your “Close friends” and “Extended network” friends listed in the right panel. Clicking on one of these will allow you to reach it’s public page where you will be able to leave them a message in their “Talkback” section or view their publick “Journal” (wich will be both covered below).

“Close friends” are individual invites you have sent throught the “Invites” panel or other exisiting members you have chosen to be in your network. All new members that will fallow your invitation will be added to this list so that your list grows within no time. Here is the resulting view of “Close friends”:

Close friends

Capazoo’s goal is to allow people to meet other members with similar interests and the “Friends in your extended network” list shos other people that are linked to your close friends. Such quick access to other people’s page allows members to quickly overview who we could share some talk with by reviewing their “My Life” page. As you can see here, extended friends quickly increase in size:


Capazoo, what’s the buzz ? November 29, 2006

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One of our member, day old bread, was asking us what’s the real attraction of Capazoo’s website. Why should it sound interesting for it’s users ? Well here was my reply to his comment:

Well it’s hard to tell what’s the exact attraction toward Capazoo’s services since those currently online already exist elsewhere. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and Gmail are few of the services that handle emails and Capazoo could only seem like one other competitor in this market. But Capazoo is built on Zimbra wich is an online complete suite for managing your calendar, your emails and more. Capazoo integrates it pretty well and reports it’s main content through the “My Private Life” page.

The “My Life Page” is based on community thoughts sharing between it’s member. It makes it easy to post messages to friends and family. MySpace and other web portals based on their active community proved that having an entire site’s content built from it’s users gives the style it’s users decide to. This kind of sites have seen the amazingly fast growths in short time.


Building the HUGEST community on Capazoo ! November 28, 2006

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Capazoo Insiders is maintained by three regular editors that absolutely want to know who are their readers. Once you get registered on Capazoo, add us to your friends so we can build the biggest community on their website. Capazooinsiders.com does get alot of traffic from Capazoo members or future subscribers. So take a minute and add us to your friend list, once completed add a comment this post so we can add your nickname and page link to the list below.

Capazooinsiders.com’s current community members:



Zoops Explained

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Directly from Capazoo’s webpage, under the invitation panel :

We, at Capazoo, are committed to building a strong community through the power of its members. Other websites endorse mass email campaigns to drive membership, whereas the Capazoo community grows by having its members invite their friends to join. In turn, you will be rewarded for adding members to YOUR community!

Our rewards program lets you earn Zoops each time you get a friend or family member to join Capazoo with either a Privilege or VIP plan. Zoops, in return, can be exchanged for cool stuff on Capazoo.

Here’s how it works: Invite friends and family to join your community and get Zoops if they sign up for either a Privilege or VIP membership. In turn, they can do the same and earn Zoops themselves. For each Privilege or VIP membership they get, you also get additional Zoops. This is true up to the fourth generation of invitations!

Start earning Zoops today by inviting your friends and growing your community!

Capazoo.com Launched November 27, 2006

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Claiming to be the next biggest web portal in the industry, Capazoo launched today it’s service that regroups the latest common web applications on the internet. Emails, personnal blogging and digital media hosting are few of the services that are included in their online package.

Over the last years, Capazoo merged their efforts in mareketting research to learn the needs of online users. These analysists brought the current list of services that were directly built from the needs of the online community. “Capazoo is the homepage everyone’s browser should now point to. It gives it’s users the quickest access to their regular use of the internet“, said Mathieu Poirier, who is part of their marketting team.

As reported on their initial page, their referral system is one aspect that will encourage users to subscribe rapidly. Every subscriber gets a unique link that provides him points that can be later converted into real money. Encouraging friends and family to register on Capazoo.com will have everyone rewarded for their effort at building this new community. Capazoo is today starting the first version of it’s system with common basic features but we can expect more addons and further services to be added as their community grows.

Despite a quite unsuspected release among the web market, they will for sure hit hard on competitors who had yet no idea of Capazoo’s existence.

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“CZ Mail” Reviewed

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Come discover one of the most useful services that Capazoo has to offer!

Upon registration on the Capazoo website, you will automaticaly receive an e-mail address associated to your account nickname!

While hanging around in your Private Life on Capazoo, you have an option that allow you to see if you have any new mails. If you happen to have any new mails, you can access the service by simply clicking on the subject of the received mail and you will be redirected to your Inbox.

Private Life Access to CZ Mail.


Quick homepage overview

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Capazoo.com now officially launched as a beta version, here is how their initial page has been update to:

Launch Page screenshot

The current available services for subscribers are

1. My Life
2. My Private Life
3. CZ Mail
4. Invites

Invite System

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Once registered, Capazoo members can directly help to grow the community by referring some friends. From these invitations, a member will be rewarded “zoops” points that can later be converted in real money.

Invitation Page

To quickly invite your friends, follow these steps:

1. Login to your account
2. In the botom-left panel, enter your friend’s name and email.
3. Add a small descriptive message personalized to this friend
4. Hit the “Send Invitation” button
After completing these steps, your contact will be added on the “Sent an invitation” list until he reads his mail. He will then move to the “Accepted my invitation”section.

Final lap ! November 26, 2006

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The team is probably already all set and with less than 24 hours to go before the official Capazoo.com launch, we’re all enthousiast to discover what’s hiding behind that new website. Here, at Capazoo Insiders, we’re wondering what features we would like to see in Capazoo’s web portal. What about you ?