Cult Information Service, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit, educational, self-help organization. It is made up primarily of volunteers and dedicated to:

1. Educating the public about the danger and harmful effects of mind control used by destructive cults.

2. Providing support and referral to victims and those affected.

3. Providing information for professionals and people interested in researching destructive cults and cultic behavior.

The Cult Information Service, Inc. uses a telephone handshake network to get information and help to people quickly.

It is important to note that the Cult Information Service limits its concerns about destructive groups to unethical or illegal practices. It does not pass judgement on doctrine or beliefs.

The Cult Information Service is dedicated to education, information and assistance to families and individuals adversely affected by coercive persuasion, mind abuse and thought reform. The phone number to call for help is (201) 833-1212.

Funding comes exclusively from voluntary contributions, membership fees and subscriptions. Free Web Counters
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