Travis Pastrana crashing in Daytona.

First, I just want to say that I wish I had an awesome dog that was better at riding dirt bikes than I am!

Here is a crappy sequence of Travis Pastrana’s crash in his heat race in Daytona.

I probably won’t post any more pics of Daytona because they’re too crappy and I’m lazy.
I hope I’m able to take better pics in Orlando.

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  1. Lee Says:

    Cool pics mate n d saite is awsum

  2. Trent anderson Says:

    I know you can do better

  3. FANLESS Says:

    Do what better?

  4. brad Says:

    you kick butt any ways

  5. brad Says:

    you kick butt any ways leave it.

  6. SABI!! Says:


  7. ha Says:

    i love travis pastrana

  8. ha Says:

    i love travis pastrana

  9. Shicarah Says:

    i am so in love with Travis pastrana he is my Fanticy we are the perfact couple we bolth weigh 170 lbs even though i am 4′8″ we bolth like the color yellow and we bolth like SuZukis!!!i love watching him work out he is so sexy i would love to watch him work out in a speedo or nothing at all! wow im getting hott flashes just thinking about i think i need to eat another slice of cake ill eat one for the bolth of us! u know i love you Travis like a fat kid loves cake! Travis if u read this i want to let you know that i am always thinking about you and i want you to be mine! ALL MINE!!! and if we were to meet i know u would fall in love with my SHORT STUBBY BODY AND MY FINGERS!! if u were here with me right now i would be making out with u non stop!

  10. Shicarah Says:


  11. Anonymous Says:

    get a life really please would you do that

  12. tyler ross Says:

    from tyler ross you are the coolest doing that dubel back flipe.

  13. shicarah Says:

    ya maby i will get a life with travis and we can go do double back flips together but not on motorcycles in the bed lol p.s. im serious.

  14. Anthany Says:

    Dude ur awsome what was going through ur mind before the double? thats crazy i couldent beleave my eyes when i saw that and that black announcer was freaking out

  15. bronte Says:

    travis you sure are crazy doing some of the stuff you do. although i really felt sorry for your mom. X games 06 best trick was the best freestyle competition ive ever seen in my WHOLE FRICKEN LIFE!!!!!!!!first williams did the CLIFF HANGER BACKFLIP then you did the DOUBLE BACKFLIP!!!!!!!!! i could not believe my eyes and im sure the black announcer couldnt believe his either. you are AMAZING. i would have liked the big freestyle competition but it didnt seem like you had any huge compatition since kenny and adams were hurt. i hope your ok after tripping. its weird that you can do what 98% of people cant but you get really hurt just by walking by the way you have some really strange fans….. p.s. i really dont wiegh 170 pounds and i finished that cake days ago….just kidding

  16. haydos Says:


  17. shicarah Says:

    travis why havent you called me back! ive already gone through 15 cakes without you and ive almost hit 200 lbs. if you dont like the wieght we can work out…. NAKED. and you know what i like.oh,and i got a new water bed, you know its all about the motion in the ocean. WOOOH! im coming out with a new album that i made for you called The Waving Bed Spread.and then im making a sequal called The Tosseled Sheets.

    your lover,

    im naked…………..and horny…ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  18. Agnes Says:

    my dearest darlingest truest bluest pinky winkie dinkie travis,
    hast thow thought of me yet? thy yoke is still pure.thy heart goes pitter patter in thy chest when thow ist near…….yet so fa away.thy have shed thyne undergarments. willst thow protect me, oh noble prince? climb upon thyne noble steed, nate adams, and glide into thyne sunset to come and fetch thy naked princess. willst we produce offspring ? my charming alarming farting dearest nearest nakednest wakednest princy wincy? so ride upon thy wind and catch thyne bottom on thyne flying carpet;)
    with all thyne hearty farty ,
    yours…………………AGNESY WAGNESY

  19. brenson Says:


  20. john Says:

    heywat is up

  21. john Says:

    heydo yoou like dogssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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