South Beach World Cup Aftermath - Italy wins and France still sucks!

Hey guys, I think the Miami Dolphins won the World Series or something!!

Ocean Drive, Miami Beach FL.

Check out Mario Andretti’s Crunk Cup!!

How many Italia fans can you fit into the back of a truck??

Does it get any more Italian than this? (I see this guy like every day and he is very creepy/cracked out/???!)

…oh, actually… Yeah, it does!

9 Responses to “South Beach World Cup Aftermath - Italy wins and France still sucks!”

  1. Rick Says:

    We’re all Eye-talians today! Although the two with the Ferrari have some real street cred going for them, regardless.

    You stickin’ with this format? Personally, I like it.

  2. Rick Says:

    Hey, the old template just came back. WTF?

  3. FANLESS Says:

    I’m trying to find a layout that is wider. Most of the layouts I’ve found have a ton of crap at the top, and I don’t like that. I hate having to scroll half a page before I can even get to reading.

  4. JMH Says:

    How strange is the dude(?) in the skirt.


  5. FANLESS Says:


  6. JMH Says:

    I didn’t notice until after I posted he also has a purse. Oh yeah he is a strange bird.


  7. Luigi Says:

    campioni del mondoooooooooooooooooo siii :D

    forza azzurri per sempre.

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  8. moha Says:

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  9. adel512 Says:

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