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Yay for David and Donny -- loyal pals who have seen so many concert nights! This was at the Cal Poly Pomona Benefit -- thanks for the picture,  guys!

The scarf is thanks to Kimmie and Janice, who learned of the tragic fate of my once favorite scarf.  A moment of silence ...

I had a great time with the Pueblo Symphony and the Broadway Camp for kids run by Todd Albrecht (above)!  Thanks for a wonderful 3 days, Todd!

The pregnant woman in front of the bar.  Classy! The gorgeous Met Room.  With a stage just big enough for large-Sus.  Great crowd, great staff and crew, great times!!  Thanks, all! Christopher's perfect poker face.  "Oh, my GOD! She's all knocked up!"

Christopher catches himself in time for the second flash of the camera.

Thank you Mark Rupp for these 4 shots!!

G-Carnegie1.jpg (348528 bytes) G-Carnegie2.jpg (355835 bytes)
This was taken backstage JUST after our finale at Carnegie Hall, November 16th. What a great night! This is Zina, Marcy and Susan during rehearsal at Carnegie. Marcy and Susan (in skirts) wanted to make sure they could get on and off the stool without flashing the audience, and Zina wanted to be sure her sheer blouse was not ... too sheer. =)  Girls ... more concerned with looks than notes. =)
John Sheridan (Rebecca's accompanist), Rebecca Kilgore, Susan, Zina Goldrich, Michael Feinstein (in front), Marcy Heisler, Jim Caruso, Johnny Rodgers, Chris McGovern

FredSusVegas.jpg (114912 bytes)


I met one of my FAVORITE funny men, Fred Willard, in Las Vegas at the HBO Comedy Festival in November!  Being married to Rob has it's perks!

ChrisInABarrel.jpg (101078 bytes) AndrewSusSeattle.jpg (70632 bytes) SusKimTennessee.jpg (103234 bytes) SusRobBirdland.jpg (94703 bytes)
Chris in a Barrell at breakfast in Northern California The tour has also let me meet up with many old friends!!   Here I am in Seattle with Andrew Parks -- at Denny's -- the only place open after the show!  Yay for milkshakes! This is me and my friend Kim (Martin) from high school. She joined me on stage in Tennessee and sang a song -- her parents had bought tickets to the concert and we surprised them! Here I am with Rob in the brand new dressing room at Birdland December 5th -- this was right before the concert where I forgot the words to "Cabaret!"
DesertChris.jpg (92194 bytes) Joyce.JPG (272627 bytes) Yarnstore.JPG (349661 bytes)

KarChrisSus.jpg (104713 bytes)

On the road in the Arizona desert with Chris. Ukiah: at the after party hanin' with Joyce DeYoung (who sang with the Andrews Sisters!!)  Chris in front of a yarnstore. 
SusanandShawna(2).jpg (40206 bytes) <--There were 2 Belles at Susan's Wenatchee, WA in October!  Susan on the right, and Shawna Hawkins CerritosBridget.jpg (49375 bytes)

Karen Morrow and Susan sang a GRAND DAMES of THEATRE concert together at the University of Miami October 9th -- here they are with spendid Christopher!

    Here's a shot from Cerritos with fan Bridget. 
Susan joined in a holiday celebration concert with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra on the stage of the Orange County Performing Arts Center, conducted by Richard Kaufman.  
GavinNGang.jpg (89581 bytes) RichardNGang.jpg (83687 bytes) SusGavinJoan.jpg (130121 bytes) TrimmingRichard.jpg (89727 bytes)

From Left: Doug LaBrecque, Susan, Gavin McLeod, Joan Hess, Kirbyh Ward

Doug, Joan, Richard Kaufman, Susan, Kirby

Susan, Gavin, Joan

During the show, the performers "trimmed" the conductor... Susan took snaps!

LaurDougSus.jpg (90975 bytes)

Laurie Gayle Stevenson, Doug LaBrecque, and Susan sang with the Cape Symphony Labor Day weekend.

Here's Jan Horvath, Jodi Benson and Susan in the dressing room at their THREE DIVAS OF BROADWAY concert with the Pueblo Symphony October 1st!

JanJodiSus.jpg (111867 bytes)

ArtSusKaraChris.jpg (101173 bytes)

Susan joined the esteemed Art Linkletter as the special guests on the Disney Wonder's Disney Vacation Club cruise! Here's Susan with Art, Kara (incredible Cruise Director!!) and Christopher after Susan's concert!

While cruising on the Disney Wonder, the Captain had Susan blow the HUGE horn on the ship -- it is a LOUD "When you wish upon a star" melody!!

DisneyHorn.jpg (100792 bytes)
SusPain.jpg (104400 bytes)

Susan had too much time on her hands in between shows on the ship.

Susan joins Pain and Panic (from the Wonder's Hercules the MUSE-ical)

PainPanic.jpg (88887 bytes)

And ... Belle.

BelleSus.jpg (87843 bytes) MegSus.jpg (90392 bytes)

And of course, Meg!!


MillieGirls.jpg (220259 bytes) MaryVanSus.jpg (183542 bytes) SusKevin.jpg (182828 bytes) DickSus.jpg (197326 bytes)
With Kevin Early (Mr. Graydon) With Millie's lyricist and book writer, Dick Scanlon
Posing with the gals backstage before the final performance! With Mary Ann and Vanessa (the greatest dresser and hairdresser on the planet!) SusRich.jpg (197957 bytes) SusDancing.jpg (168606 bytes)

Susan dancing with Richard Roland at the par-tay!

Richard giving up on Susan's dancing!


  ThirdWish.jpg (183473 bytes) Pictured on the set of The Third Wish with co-stars: (from L to R)  Jenna Mattison, Jennifer Blanc and Mindy Cohn  


batb10-1.jpg (25771 bytes) batb10-4.jpg (23091 bytes) batb10-3.jpg (24970 bytes) batb10-2.jpg (20632 bytes)
With Gary Beach & Linda Woolverton With Laura Michelle Kelly, a London Belle, her husband Nick (left), and BatB director Robert Jess Roth Avove: With Bway's current Belle, Christy Carlson Romano. At right: With Triumph of Love co-star, Chris Sieber


Millie Production shots photo credit: Carol Rosegg

Millie1.jpg (77633 bytes) Millie3.jpg (86537 bytes) Millie2.jpg (105213 bytes) Millie5.jpg (55976 bytes)
Susan with co-star Christian Borle Opening Number
      Susan w/ director Michael Mayer, reunited in MILLIE after originating TRIUMPH OF LOVE together!
Millie7.jpg (75777 bytes) Millie4.jpg (60730 bytes) Millie6.jpg (81314 bytes)
Gimme, Gimme   
    An average day at the office as Millie.   


cab1.jpg (59939 bytes) cab2.jpg (55036 bytes) cab3.jpg (67576 bytes) cab4.jpg (70989 bytes)
w/Blair Brown Closing Night of Cabaret w/Tony Roberts Closing Night of Cabaret Martin Moran "Ernst" and Susan shared a floor in the "tower of Studio 54." Here they are on closing night! The dressing table.  Get a look at the g-string left by Jane Leeves (a former Sally). =)


actress_singer_cabaret_1.jpg (58868 bytes) actress_singer_cabaret_3.jpg (42549 bytes) actress_singer_cabaret_2.jpg (40376 bytes) broadway_singer_lr.jpg (51583 bytes)
party at Studio 54 w/ Christina Pawl, Susan, Michael Hayden and assistant director BT McNichol. backstage picnic with the Kit Kat Girls
a cool production shot of Cabaret     Susan and Lisa in Susan's dressing room bathroom


actress_singer_misc_1.jpg (38201 bytes) actress_singer_misc_2.jpg (36425 bytes) actress_singer_misc_3.jpg (66534 bytes) actress_singer_misc_4.jpg (52839 bytes)
in concert, Grant Park, Chicago with William Michals, Debbie Gravitte, Susan, Rob Evan
actress_singer_nypd_blue.jpg (35219 bytes) in concert, Hollywood Bowl with David Gaines
actress_singer_pit.jpg (46638 bytes) Show Boat concert, Hollywood Bowl with Douglas Sills

on the set of NYPD Blue with Dennis Franz and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

<-- backstage, Putting It Together with George McDaniel, Carol Burnett, John McCook, Broson Pinchot & John Barrowman on the set of Meet Market with Suzanne Krull 
broadway_singer_rc.jpg (21378 bytes) broadway_singer_kr.jpg (49251 bytes) ontheset-3.jpg (42357 bytes) Drew-2.jpg (41946 bytes)
Susan and Karen stay warm between takes. ontheset-1.jpg (48631 bytes) Drew-1.jpg (52563 bytes)
Susan annoying her co-star, Robert Casey, between takes of Falling In Love - a short film   On the set of Nikki On the set of Drew Carey

THE MANY MOODS OF MARY -- (Susan on the dance set of Nikki)

catholic.jpg (39218 bytes) decap.jpg (22751 bytes) elf1.jpg (52306 bytes) godzilla.jpg (27826 bytes)
Santa's Little Helper
  Godzilla Girl
The Catholic Schoolgirl The Beheaded    
hillbilly.jpg (38655 bytes) hillbillygal.jpg (40092 bytes) jailguard.jpg (20763 bytes) knifethrower.jpg (25423 bytes)
Barefoot, pregnant, smoking, teenaged hillbilly... wow!
  The Jail Guard
       The Knife Thrower's Assistant
roachback.jpg (33350 bytes) roachfront.jpg (42036 bytes) wedding.jpg (22616 bytes) showgirl.jpg (72682 bytes)
The Vegas Showgirl
A cockroach... hmmmm, okay... The Blushing Bride  


broadway_actress_ksus.jpg (50115 bytes) broadway_actress_lr1.jpg (40330 bytes) broadway_actress_lr2.jpg (32373 bytes) broadway_actress_evsus.jpg (33803 bytes)
with great pal, Karen Rymar (who also designed Susan's site)

Doesn't it seem we all have that one friend that we have to pretend to be Charlie's Angels with?  Mine is Lisa Richard.

with Eric Vetro, voice teacher (and friend) extraordinaire 
broadway_actress_shsus.jpg (44752 bytes) broadway_actress_rcsus.jpg (30028 bytes) broadway_actress_krs.jpg (27722 bytes)  
with friend and writer, Sara Hess

With Richard Kraft dressed as Walt Disney -- and Susan as Snow White!

with friends Karen Rymar and Rick Lewis  


ochsa_1.jpg (39379 bytes) ochsa_2.jpg (24863 bytes) ochsa_3.jpg (44282 bytes) ochsa_4.jpg (35036 bytes)
ochsa_5.jpg (36821 bytes) above: with opera student Sheri Vasquez with music & theatre student Aimee Lopez  with directing student Ryan Mekenian
above left: with music & theatre student Brandy Warden

Susan Served as Artistic Director for the 2002-2003 school year for her alma mater, The Orange County High School of the Arts.

left: with visual arts student Johnny Lin    


actress_singer_willa.jpg (38891 bytes) actress_singer_bird.jpg (55343 bytes) actress_singer_alpacas.jpg (45707 bytes) actress_singer_mouse.jpg (24658 bytes)
with Willa a little birdie in Australia beloved alpacas a mouse in my cupboard -- between the tomato sauce and the mustard
actress_singer_willa1.jpg (27315 bytes)      
Willa the Super Dog!