The Beast was a campaign built and executed for Warner Brothers to promote Steven Spielberg’s film, AI: Artificial Intelligence.

Drive mainstream awareness of AI, create buzz and excitement for opening night, and tease the key thematic elements of the film.

Developed by Jordan Weisman and his team while at Microsoft, The Beast was a sub-dermal narrative that drew consumers into the world of AI, and made them active participants in the fiction before the film’s release.

Starting with a fictitious credit on the film’s marketing one-sheet, the audience soon found themselves immersed in a murder mystery. Involving thousands of webpages, as well as phone lines, fax machines, email accounts, and live events, the campaign immersed players in the world of AI and created frenzied anticipation for the opening of the film.

Over 3 million people actively participated in The Beast, playing in dozens of countries around the globe. Web communities with hundreds of thousands of members were self-built to play, discuss, and solve The Beast.

The campaign generated over 300 million impressions for the film through mainstream press such as Time, CNN, and USA Today, as well as niche outlets such as Wired, Slashdot, and Ain’t it Cool News, and won numerous awards including best idea (New York Times Magazine) and best web site (Entertainment Weekly).