Janae Hoyland

Although Janae would be horrified by the comparison, she is, in many ways, simply a younger version of her mum Janelle. Although she's keen not to make the same mistakes, the fact that she is married at sixteen certainly looks a lot like history repeating itself.

Growing up with four boisterous older brothers, but no dad, Janae developed a complicated attitude to men. She knows how to stick up for herself and isn't afraid to get physical if necessary. Indeed, she first started to bond with new husband Boyd by throwing him to the ground in aikido class. However, watching Janelle turn on the charm with men to get what she wanted also taught Janae that sex was a powerful weapon.

On arrival in Erinsborough she started using sex to get attention and affection. She had a disastrous relationship with Mike Pill which left her at serious risk of a sexually transmitted disease. In the midst of this she also found herself vulnerable when sleazy Chris Cousens spiked her drink at a nightclub. Thankfully supportive siblings Dylan, Stingray and Bree were on hand to rescue her.

Counselling with Karl Kennedy started to get to the root of her problems and revealed how much her dad's disappearance had affected her self esteem. She began to see Karl as a replacement father figure and was deeply hurt when he tried to end their sessions. Rumours had been circulating about the inappropriateness of their relationship so when Janelle asked if he had taken advantage of her, Janae saw an easy way to get revenge. He was called before the school board and nearly fired before she finally came clean.

Escaping to her home town of Colac, Janae tried to track down her real dad and made some startling discoveries. Janelle had always accused him of cheating on her, but old family friends offered a very different story. Her attempts to get in touch stopped abruptly when Janelle got to Kim first and warned him to stay away from the kids.

It was news of Dylan's death in the Lassiters plane crash that prompted Kim to disobey Janelle and join his family. The girls were delighted to see him and campaigned heavily to get him to stay. Janae was particularly grateful for her dad's support when her fling with Mike came back to haunt her and she had to have an HIV test.

Meanwhile she was finally starting to build a healthy relationship with neighbour Boyd Hoyland. He has patiently worked through her various insecurities, proving time and again that he not only loves her, but also respects her. After a rocky patch when she was paranoid that he would leave her for a smart and sophisticated university student, Boyd offered the ultimate sign of commitment and proposed.

Although she eloped using a fake birth certificate, thereby making the marriage technically unlawful, Janae has settled happily into wedded bliss. She will definitely need the support of her husband, as shock revelation that Bree is not really her sister and the speedy departure of Kim, means that her family is facing yet another crisis.

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Janae Hoyland
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