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PlayStation: PS2 Reviews


Looney Tunes Space Race

Hang on a minute, aren't cartoons supposed to be funny?

Infogrames has killed comedy � or so it seems from playing Space Race. The game should have been a madcap race to the stars, with sneaky Acme tricks to play on rival racers for maximum laughs. While it has the ingredients, they're lost among annoying gameplay and weird handling. Falling from the raised, twisty-turny tracks is all too easy, as is getting twatted by your own weapons. Avoiding other racers' attacks is also a nightmare and relies too much on luck rather than any real gameplaying skill.

But the biggest crime is the way you fall from first place to last every time you get hit or clip the trackside; you then have to struggle back into pole position when all you really want to do is slam the joypad through the screen with anger. There are loads of different play modes and a four-way multiplayer in there, but that's certainly not enough to save Space Race from being painfully average and just too damned annoying.


The lack of laughs and many frustrating moments totally spoil this.



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