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Liechtenstein at a glance
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Principality of Liechtenstein
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The history of the country of Liechtenstein is divided into the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Raetia as a Roman province
  • Emergence of counties in the Early Middle Ages
  • Imperial immediacy and territorial lordship
  • Repeated change of rulers
  • Thirty Years War and witch persecutions
  • Elevation to Imperial Principality
  • From the Napoleonic Wars to sovereignty
  • Absolutism and the revolutionary year 1848
  • Economic liberation and constitutionalism
  • First World War and fundamental reorientation
  • Partnership with Switzerland
  • Years of crisis
  • Boom after the Second World War
  • Increased international cooperation

History (PDF, 131.84 KB) Download als PDF-Datei

View through the gate of the fortress ruins in Schellenberg
View through the gate of the fortress ruins in Schellenberg

General Information
Landscape and Nature
Politics - Law - Society
The prettiest botanical walks in the valley area
Beautiful paths in the Alpine area
The beauty of orchids
Diverse landscape, rich fauna in the mountains
Densely forested Rhine valley mountainside with many forest animal species
Endangered fauna in the wetlands
Special fauna in the drylands
Revitalizing rivers and creeks helps our water animals