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December 14th, 2006

Good Thursday evening, Juan C. Blanco, Invent-Tech’s Director of Product Licensing, checking in with a quick update on today’s happenings. The Manufacturer Response Team is currently following the interest being shown in two products from the Invent-Tech roster by manufacturers. In both cases coincidentally, the inventors have been able to meet personally with the manufacturer representatives regarding their product ideas.

The first situation involves a personal care accessory. The inventor and manufacturer, both based in Colorado, met last Friday morning at the manufacturer’s facilities. The Manufacturer Response Team member handling this particular scenario participated partially in the proceedings by telephone at the inventor’s request. He was able to answer the manufacturer’s various questions about licensing and what support Invent-Tech offered in that entire process, and the inventor was able to provide further insight into his product and its design. While the company is still deliberating their potential long-term interest in the product, the meeting certainly culminated on a positive note. As customary, we will bring you the details on any noteworthy developments here on the Invent-Tech Network.

A lawn care product is the subject of interest in the second scenario we alluded to at the beginning of this entry. In this case, it is the California-based inventor and interested manufacturer that have met recently. The inventor actually went to the company’s headquarters to demonstrate his prototype and discuss the product’s potential further with them. Meanwhile, the Manufacturer Response Team member overseeing this particular situation had spoken in detail to the company representative before the meeting took place and elaborated on the inventor’s and Invent-Tech’s ultimate goal of obtaining a licensing agreement for the product. A follow-up telephone call to the manufacturer last week revealed that the inventor had met with them and conducted the prototype demonstration on December 1st, and that the company was now evaluating the results of that encounter and the product overall. We will likewise keep you abreast of any positive news regarding this situation, here on the Invent-Tech Network.

Not only do we feel optimistic about the two situations described above, but we also present them as outstanding examples of Invent-Tech and its inventors working in concert to provide insight and clarity to potential licensees about both the invention and the licensing process overall. Once again, inventors benefit from being able to combine Invent-Tech’s expertise and professionalism with the considerable enthusiasm and knowledge that they possess for their inventions!

Join us tomorrow as we wrap up another successful week!

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