ASK the ANGELS with Nicole Pigeault

Ask the Angels is a weekly column by Nicole Pigeault, Angel Therapy Practitioner.

Jenny writes about Nicole:
"The day I met Nicole I knew I met a walking angel. Her connection with Archangel Michael would always give me the goosebumps whenever she replied about a situation going on in my life. She was one of those special people I knew I had to share with the world, so I give you Nicole…. Ask away!"

Nicole Pigeault -

Nicole Pigeault  is an Angel Therapy Practitioner™ certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. With an open heart, she receives and communicates guidance from your angels to you. The angels' messages are always loving, empowering and uplifting. Nicole will share these insights with our readers' questions on Angels, Indigo/Crystal children and relationships from the Angelic perspective.

Do you have a question for Nicole and your Angels? Send in your questions by filling out a Form for Ask the Angels.


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