Bahrain International Circuit

Welcome to the world’s premier motorsport facility – the most modern, user-friendly and exciting venue in the high-speed, high-tech, high-adrenaline industry on the planet.

When the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain underwrote the development of the Bahrain International Circuit, it foresaw the facility as a catalyst for the future growth of the economy and the foundation for a string of innovative investments. The cost of building a facility that has set new standards in motorsport amounted to approx 150 million US$ / 56.2 million Bahraini Dinars, but the return on that investment has been many-fold to the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider Middle East.

By being the home ground of a sport that prides itself by demanding and achieving the highest standards of professionalism, Bahrain has linked itself in the international community to excellence, prestige and power. By linking with such a powerful and sort-after brand in the form of Formula One, Bahrain is reaping the benefits of being at the forefront of an elite club of 18 nations that host the premier motorsport events in the world.

In 2005, for example, the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix generated print media coverage to the value of $43 million, of which $12.4 million was within Bahrain itself. For 2006 coverage across the Middle East and North Africa leapt by 780%, with a total media value and global airtime total exceeding that of the entire 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

The benefits of staging such a phenomenally successful Grand Prix are tangible all year round. The Circuit was ingeniously designed with six separate track layouts including a test oval and a drag strip incorporated into the design, of which two can be in operation at any one time. This has granted the Bahrain International Circuit with unrivalled opportunities by being able to operate for various motorsport, corporate, social and community events throughout the year.

Drag racing, the ‘traditional’ motorsport activity in the region, has seen new levels of professionalism and public popularity since the Bahrain International Circuit’s international-standard drag strip was completed. Tens of thousands of fans and hundreds of top cars and drivers have flocked to the Circuit for the regular Test and Tune events and annual International Drag Racing Festival. Meanwhile the growth of the region’s domestic motorsport industry has seen enormous interest in the national racing events, with the abundance of young talent in the region all focused on becoming the first great international-standard driver… and aspiring towards a place on the Formula One grid.

The Circuit’s multifaceted facility includes many hospitality lounges of different sizes that are designed to hold a wide selection of corporate and social entertainment. Clients can select to entertain their customers from a number of venues giving them opportunities to see the races from various and exclusive angles.

The striking Sakhir Tower, now an iconic land mark, encompasses some of the most beautiful lounges and the most amazing views in the Kingdom. With its prime location, the tower gives spectators a birds eye view of the entire circuit. The executive boxes, which are located directly on top of the main grand stand, give an incomparable view of the Formula One pits and the paddock club.

The Oasis Complex has lounges that are ideal for entertaining large groups and have a capacity of up to 100 guests each. The location is supreme for race fans as is grant them the opportunity to view most of the action on the desert part of the track. Atop the Main Grandstand you will find further VIP boxes from which to enjoy the panorama of the pits and paddock, from where onlookers will see the VIP Paddock Club™ suites above the Pit Garages, which offer red carpet treatment to corporate guests of the teams and provide unrivalled conference facilities.

The capacity of the circuit to provide these facilities is not limited to motorsport events. The five-star catering and premium quality environment has made the Circuit one of the most popular venues for corporate functions and social occasions. Not only that, but in fulfilling its role to bring positive benefits to the community the Circuit hosts many key charitable and community events each year.

Added benefits to the business and broader community come through the circuit’s active promotion of driving standards. Both off-road and everyday driving skills are enhanced through the BMW Performance Center, the BIC’s Advanced Driving Centre and Adventure Drive Arabia. A new addition to the fleet of BIC vehicles is the skid car, where all manner of adverse road conditions can be simulated on a real Chevrolet vehicle and the techniques required to manage the situation can be learnt for future safety.

Furthermore the Circuit is dedicated to the FIA Foundation’s global road safety initiative “Think Before You Drive,” which is aimed at promoting safe driving behaviour and awareness about road safety. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s safety programme is focused on four core elements; Excess Speed, the wearing of Seat Belts, the awareness of Child Safety and the use of Child Seats and the condition of a vehicle’s tyres. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s campaign was launched in association with the Bahrain Motor Federation, the Ministry of Interior and the Bridgestone Corporation at a ceremony attended by His Highness the Crown Prince Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa and World Champion Michael Schumacher prior to the 2006 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.


Six different individual tracks:

· 2.55 km Inner track with a width varying between 14m - 15m (8 turns)

· 3.664 km Outer track with a width varying between 14m – 17m (10 turns)

· 5.411 km Grand Prix track with a width varying between 14m – 22m width

· 6.4 km Full Circuit with a width varying between 14m – 22m

· 1.2 km Drag strip with a width of 18.5m

· 2.0 km test oval

· 3.7 km Paddock Circuit (9 turns) 14 – 22m width

Specifications of the Grand Prix track:

· Maximum uphill slope: 3.60%

· Maximum downhill slope: 5.60%

· Height between the lowest and highest points on the circuit - 0 to 18m

· 15 turns (9 right and 6 left)

· Forecast lap time for a 2.4-litre Formula One car: 1min 31secs

· Length of start/finish straight 1090 m

· Four straights

- Pit straight; 1090 m

- Straight 2; 555m

- Straight 3; 680m

- Straight 4; 750m

· Workforce: 3,000+ at peak time

· Total man hours worked: 8,265,000hrs

· Total Sub base for track: 272,648m2

· Total Asphalt base course: 60,000MT

· Total Asphalt binding course: 30,000MT

· Total Asphalt wearing course: 30,000MT

· Total run-off area: 140,000m2

· Total grass carpet: 5,000m2

· Total Quantity of Concrete used: 70,000m3

· Total Steel: 8,500 MT

· Total rock excavation: 968,459m3

· Total filling: 500,000m3

· Total length of tyre barriers: 4,100m

· Total number of tyres: 82,000

· Total guard rail: 12,000m

· Total FIA safety fencing: 5,000m

The Bahrain racing circuit includes:

· An 8-storey VIP tower (Sakhir Tower) with Roof terrace, VIP suites, Restaurant and Administration Offices

· A total seating capacity for 45,000 spectators

· Main grandstand for 10,500 spectators and first class hospitality suites

· 47 VIP Hospitality Suites in the Main and Oasis Grandstands

· State of the Art Pit and Paddock complex for 11 Grand Prix teams, their cars, equipment and support staff.

· Oasis Complex that includes 3,000 seat grandstand and a second pit building for support race and vehicle testing technical support

· Race Control centre with the latest technology including a nerve centre with 41 remote controlled security cameras with zoom capability to enable Race Officials to monitor every aspect of the race track from a central point

· A complete technical resource centre dedicated to Formula One scrutineering and regulation control

· Dedicated buildings for 18 international racing teams

· Administration and hospitality buildings

· Medical Centre constructed and equipped to stringent FIA Medical Commisison and International racing standards

· Television Broadcast Centre for International and Regional broadcasters

· Media Centre for 500 journalists with 260 television sets

· Photographers’ Centre for 120 International and Regional photographers

· Under track pedestrian and vehicle tunnels

· Vending area for merchandising

· New dual carriageway road access from Manama to circuit

· Parking facilities for 13,000 cars


· 600 Race track Marshals

· 750 TV technicians & commentators

· 700 Cleaners, electricians and technicians

· 97 Medical staff, 25 of which are doctors

· 60 BIC administration

· 700 Catering and Merchandising staff

· 800 Security Staff

· 1000 Policemen

Other facilities

· A Technical Resource Centre dedicated to a Formula One Grand Prix or any other international race event, located on the start/finish straight.

· Main Grandstand with first class hospitality suites

· Dedicated support buildings for international racing teams

· Administration and hospitality buildings

· Multi-purpose second pit building with lounges and a grandstand for 6,000 spectators

· A Medical Centre constructed and equipped to the defined International Standards

· A Broadcast Centre for International and National media

· A Media Centre with seating for 500 journalists

· Under-track pedestrian and vehicle tunnels

· VIP viewing tower

· Vending area for merchandising

· Helicopter landing facilitates

· Excellent transport infrastructure with road access and parking facilities