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SunRice ProductsSunRice is the international brand and identity of Ricegrowers Limited, a 55-year-old company anchored in regional New South Wales and wholly owned by about 2,000 Australian rice grower and ex-rice grower members.

Our vertically integrated agribusiness produces and markets an extensive range of rice and value-added rice food products to more than 60 countries worldwide. SunRice is a truly international business and its food brands are recognisable around the world for their high quality.

With annual sales of approximately $800 million, which includes nearly $500 million from value-added exports, SunRice is a major contributor to Australia’s export income.

We are Australia's largest exporter of processed branded-food products and the fifth largest rice food company in the world. The Australian rice industry is also internationally competitive and operates without production or export subsidies, unlike most of its major competitors.

SunRice exportsSunRice has a strong tradition of aggressive growth, operating excellence and innovation.

With our recent strategic move onto a multi-food brand platform, we are on track to achieve our vision, to become the world's favourite rice food company, a reality.

We have a proven reputation for efficiency in both marketing and production with strategically-located marketing offices and subsidiaries in Australia, Jordan, Singapore, Japan, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands which enable us to capitalise on marketing opportunities. SunRice creates jobs in 63 regional towns - most located in southern NSW - and helps sustain significant regional communities.

In fact, as an employer of about 1,100 highly skilled and qualified people, the rice industry generates 20 percent of the employment opportunities in the Murray Riverina region and has more than $2.5 billion invested in land, plant and equipment.

SunRice farmer-shareholders grow an annual average of about 1.2 million tonnes of paddy rice in an efficient and sustainable farming system. Australian rice growers are considered to be the most efficient in the world, and have improved their water use efficiency by 60% over the last 10 years. The majority of revenue stays in Australia, and in particular, in the Riverina region in southern NSW.

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