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2004 20th Artios Awards

(nominations August 10, 2004; awarded October 12, 2004)

Career Achievement Award

Quentin Tarantino

Hoyt Bowers Award

Mary V. Buck
Susan Edelman

Best Feature Film Casting - Drama

21 Grams - Francine Maisler
Big Fish - Denise Chamian
Mystic River - Phyllis Huffman, Carolyn Pickman
Seabiscuit - Debra Zane
The House of Sand and Fog - Deborah Aquila, Tricia Wood

Best Feature Film Casting - Comedy

Along Came Polly - Kathleen Chopin
Bad Santa - Mary Vernieu, Felicia Fasano
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - Ronna Kress
School of Rock - Ilene Starger
Something's Gotta Give - Jane Jenkins, Janet Hirshenson

Best Independent Feature Film Casting

Camp - Bernard Telsey
Monster - Ferne Cassel, Kimberly Mullen
Pieces of April - Bernard Telsey, William Cantler
Saved! - Coreen Mayrs, Heike Brandstatter
The Cooler - Amanda Mackey Johnson, Cathy Sandrich Gelfond, Wendy Weidman

Best Television Movie of the Week Casting

And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself - John Papsidera
Helter Skelter - Phyllis Huffman
Iron Jawed Angels - Janet Hirshenson, Jane Jenkins, Liz Marks
Plainsong - Lynn Kressel, Cate Praggastis
Something the Lord Made - Lynn Kressel, Pat Moran
The Reagans - Susan Edelman

Best Television Miniseries Casting

A Wrinkle in Time - Meg Liberman, Cami Patton, Irene Cagen, Coreen Mayrs, Heike Brandstatter, Diane Kerbel
Out of Order - Meg Liberman, Cami Patton, Carol Kelsay
Spartacus - Junie Lowry Johnson, Scott Genkinger
The Mystery of Natalie Wood - Donna Rosenstein
Traffic - Mary Jo Slater, Steve Brooksbank, Stuart Aikins

Best Television Daytime Episodic Casting

All My Children - Judy Blye Wilson
Guiding Light - Rob Decina
One Life to Live - Julie Madison, Victoria Visgilio
Passions - Jackylnn Briskey
The Young and the Restless - Marnie Saitta

Best Television Animated Voice-Over Casting

All Grown Up - Barbara Wright
As Told By Ginger - Barbara Wright
Game Over - Ruth Lambert, Robert McGee, Gillian O'Neill
Party Wagon - Joey Paul Jensen
Rocket Power - Barbara Wright

Best Television Dramatic Episodic Casting

24 - Debi Manwiller, Peggy Kennedy
Alias - April Webster, Mandy Sherman
Deadwood - Junie Lowry Johnson
Nip/Tuck - Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer
Without a Trace - Gary M. Zuckerbrod

Best Television Comedy Episodic Casting

Arrested Development - Deborah Barylski, Geraldine Leder
Frasier - Jeff Greenberg
Monk - Meg Liberman, Cami Patton
Scrubs - Debby Romano, Brett Benner
Will & Grace - Tracy Lilienfield

Best Television Dramatic Pilot Casting

Carnivale - John Papsidera, Wendy O'Brien
Deadwood - Junie Lowry Johnson, Julie Tucker
Joan of Arcadia - Vicki Rosenberg
Nip/Tuck - Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer
The O.C. - Patrick J. Rush, Alyson Silverberg

Best Television Comedy Pilot Casting

Arrested Development - Deborah Barylski
Cracking Up - Geraldine Leder
It's All Relative - Richard Hicks
Two and a Half Men - Nikki Valko, Ken Miller
Wonderfalls - Mali Finn, John Buchan

Best Dramatic Theatre Casting

A Raisin in the Sun - James Calleri
Anna in the Tropics - William Cantler, Bernard Telsey
Frozen - Bernard Telsey, William Cantler
Henry IV - Daniel Swee
The Retreat from Moscow - Daniel Swee

Best Comedy Theatre Casting

Bleacher Bums - Arnold J. Mungioli
Sly Fox - Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter
The Graduate (National Tour) - Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter
Twentieth Century - Jim Carnahan

Best Music Theatre Casting

Assassins - Jim Carnahan
Avenue Q - Cindy Tolan
The Boy from Oz - Joseph McConnell
Wicked - Bernard Telsey, William Cantler
Wonderful Town - Jay Binder, Laura Stanczyk

Best Off-Broadway Theatre Casting

Aunt Dan and Lemon - Judy Henderson
Distance from Here - Bernard Telsey, William Cantler
Living Out - Tara Rubin
Sea of Tranquility - William Cantler, Bernard Telsey
The Normal Heart - Mark Simon, Stuart Howard
The Stendhal Syndrome - Stephanie Klapper

Best Regional Theatre Casting

A Streetcar Named Desire - Tara Rubin
Bounce - Mark Simon
Butley - James Calleri
Homebody/Kabul - Amy Lieberman
The Threepenny Opera - Cindy Tolan

Best Los Angeles Theatre Casting

Assassins - Bruce H. Newberg
Company - Bruce H. Newberg
Dinah Was - Michael Donovan
Kismet - Bruce H. Newberg
My Fair Lady - Bruce H. Newberg

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