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The Lodge at Government Camp
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Frequently Asked Questions


How far are you from the Portland International Airport?
62 miles.

How long does it take to drive to Timberline from Portland?
Expect a 1.5 -2 hour drive from Portland.

How do I get to Timberline?

From the Portland Airport:
Airport Way to I-205 South
205 South to I-84 East (The Dalles exit)
I-84 East to exit 16 "Wood Village"
Right at stop sign on to 242nd
Follow 242nd to Burnside (approx. 3 mi.)
Left on Burnside (U-Haul rentals on the corner)
Burnside turns into Hwy 26 East at the Newport Bay restaurant
Follow Hwy 26 East to the Timberline Road turn-off (about 40 mi.); pass through the towns of Sandy, Welches, and Rhododendron.
Turn left on the the Timberline access road; follow the road to Timberline (6 mi.)

From Seattle:
I-5 South to I-205 South
Take I-205 South to I-84 exit (The Dalles)
Follow "From Portland" directions above

From Salem:
I-5 North to I-205
Take I-205 North to Mt. Hood exit; turn right
Follow signs to Mt Hood/Government Camp
Follow Hwy 26 to the Timberline access road, just past Government Camp.


Do I need chains if I have 4-wheel drive?
Yes, you might. A chain requirement can be put into effect at any time. If so, cars with 4-wheel drive must have it engaged and are required to carry chains in the vehicle. Conditions in the Mt. Hood area often change drastically in a short period of time. We strongly urge you to check our Oregon's Winter Tire Laws link for detailed information from the Oregon Department of Transportation. Our Road Report delivers an up-to-date realtime photo of current road conditions at Government Camp.

What is a snow park permit?
Snow park permits are parking permits for State-maintained parking areas in recreational areas. The funds raised by these sales supplement the snow removal budgets for these areas. All Timberline parking is maintained by the State, and therefore requires Sno-Park permits. They are available for 1 day-$4, 3 days-$8, and for a full season it's $16. If you are a house guest at Timberline, we will provide your permit free of charge.

Is there bus service to the ski area?
Yes. During the winter season there is bus service to and from the ski area Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.


As a non-skier/snowboarder, what else is there to do at Timberline?
Thousands of people visit Timberline each year who do not ski or snowboard. There are hiking trails, snowshoeing trips, lodge tours, and places to read, write or eat. Many enjoy the hours spent exploring the Lodge and the surrounding areas.

Is there really a dog named "BRUNO"?
Yes. The lodge has had a St Bernard as a symbol of mountain adventure since the beginning of our operation.

Can you, or have you ever, been stranded at the Lodge in a snow storm?
There is only one time in RLK's 44 year history, that people were stranded at the Lodge. The story of it is in the book, Timberline Love Story.

Is Mt Hood an active volcano?
Yes. Like most of the peaks in the Cascade Range, Mt Hood is considered dormant. Although there are occasional slight tremors, and even steam vents, there have been no eruptions for many, many years.

Can I bring my pet to Timberline?
You may bring your pet to the parking lot, but if you are visiting any of the buildings, you will need to find appropriate care, as we do not allow pets inside the facilities. Please keep in mind that Clackamas County leash laws are still in effect.

How do you ski year 'round?
On Palmer Snowfield. Palmer is located at the 8,500 foot level on Mt Hood. It is a permanent snowfield that allows us to operate 12 months of the year, although we do close for 2 weeks in September for routine maintenance of the Magic Mile and Palmer Express high speed quad chairlifts which access Palmer Snowfield. Due to varying conditions, skiing is sometimes limited to intermediate and above skill levels, so be sure to call our Snow Phone for updated weather reports.


Which numbers do I call for room reservations, and general information?
For reservations, please call: In Portland 503-231-5400
Outside Portland 1-800-547-1406
For recorded general information and weather conditions, please call:
In Portland 503-222-2211
Outside of Portland 1-877-754-6734
For other questions, call 503-622-7979

What are the restaurant hours?
The Cascade Dining Room is generally open for breakfast, lunch, & dinner, but hours vary seasonally. Please call the Cascade Dining Room directly, at 503-622-0700.

In the Cascade Dining Room and The Rams Head Bar, what are the contraptions in the big windows?
They are braces for high winds which help prevent breakage.

What does your logo represent?
The Snowgoose symbol is the weathervane on top of Timberline. When the lodge was being built, decorator Margery Hoffman Smith was looking for ideas to use, when one of the WPA worker's daughters was on site reading her "Campfire Book". Out of that book, dating as far back as 1927, she extracted the April Moon Sign from the Calendar of Moons. It is also similar in motif to American Sioux, Hopi, Egyptian, and Peruvian symbols for the moon. Ten years before our 50th anniversary, designer Corrina Campbell streamlined "The Goose", and used it in the Griffin/Munro - Timberline Lodge Book, published in 1977. Its graphic appeal was soon transferred in 1980 to the Friends of Timberline stationary, and we have made it our 'signature' ever since.

What are the symbols carved into the fireplace?
Upon the building of the lodge, the symbols were sandblasted on the rock of the fireplace. Warm Springs Native American Friends, interpret the symbols as: -The symbol on the East side of the fireplace, closest to Mt Hood, is called the "Working Hands" symbol, or "Red Hands, White Hands Shaking", as in the treaty of 1855. Through the eye of the beholder, it may resemble the cogs of a wheel, or the sign of four directions; north, south, east & west.

-The second symbol, the image of the flying bird, represents "The Return of the Hummingbird; The Return of Spirit", with the Three Sisters mountains, or Cascade Range underneath.

-The third symbol on the fireplace, on the Main Lobby Level, resembles a mans body with a birds head, holding a vertical staff. This symbol is "Medicine Man with Pipe and Thunderbird".

Was the movie "The Shining" filmed at Timberline Lodge?
Yes, part of it was. The front of Timberline Lodge was used for the "second unit" shots (outside shots). The snowcat shots were filmed on West Leg Road leading to Timberline Lodge. All other outside shots were filmed at a studio in England, including the maze . The inside inspirations came from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. During a stay at the Stanley Hotel, The Shining's author, Stephen King came with the film idea. He presented the idea to director Stanley Kubrick. When asked about properties that could be used for the movie Kubrick answered, "Take me to this place." Kubrick was holding the famous Ray Atkeson photograph taken of Timberline lodge in moonlight.

Is this the original color of the Lodge?
The original stain for the lodge is the current gray, which was reapplied on our 50th anniversary celebration, in 1987.


When do you open for full season operation?
We are typically in full operation by Thanksgiving on both the upper and lower mountain.

How tall is Mt. Hood?
Mt Hood, the tallest mountain in the state of Oregon, stands at 11,235 feet above sea level.

What is the elevation of Timberline?
The lodge is at 6,000 feet, Silcox Hut at 7,000.

What are the lines on Palmer?
Those are the ski lanes; the first big area is the public lane and the smaller ones are for training camps. It is very similar to how lanes are divided in a swimming pool.

Can you ski from Timberline to Government Camp?
The trails from Timberline to Government Camp are designated as "Out of Bounds". Any "Out of Bounds" trail is not maintained or patrolled, and therefore would be considered high risk.

Do you rent clothing, gloves, or goggles?
No. You must have your own clothing when you arrive. Items you have forgotten or need to replace, such as goggles, gloves and clothing however, can be purchased at the Wy'East Store located in the Day Lodge.