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UNIQUETRACKS Royalty Free Music improves communication with your target audience by strengthening the emotional impact of your production

The UniqueTracks web site is set up to license music and sound effects in a simple, fast
and easy way.

You can:

  1. Download any single track from our music library immediately to your computer
  2. Choose complete music collections from our wide assortment of CD volumes.

The links below will get you started browsing through the site.

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Tracks offers imaginative, original recordings specifically designed to enhance
your imagery and support the underlying message of your production

Royalty Free Classical Music Our library includes the latest rock, pop and club sounds as well as music styles from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. We also have a large and growing catalog of authentic royalty free classical music performances which are perfect for on-hold applications and dramatic soundtrack use.

Whooshes, Washes, Crunches, Crashes, Hits, Rumbles, Pings...
Our new 1300+ Audio Imaging Sound Effects Library includes production elements geared towards Radio, Television, Multimedia and Game Design. You can download individual sound effects or choose a complete sound effects collection on CD-ROM. Click one of these links to explore our new sound effects library.

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Individual Sound Effects

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Most royalty free music libraries create background music tracks to fit any conceivable production. At UniqueTracks we believe this is a lowest-common-denominator approach that yields bland or "canned" sounding music. You know the sound - it's over-synthesized and electronic sounding. It may work for the most generic industrial applications but it really comes up short for productions with any kind of creativity.

When selecting music from our library, you'll find the fit very "right", and appropriate to your production. That's because the tracks have personality and edge and are not afraid to deliver a point of view - in fact, that's their strength. Personality conveys a stonger message - it keeps your audience's attention.


Customer Comments... "I received my package this morning and am very impressed with your customer service, I think most companies would be envious of your attention to customer details. It's so good of you to give our order your personal attention, we look forward to dealing with you again. Thanks again for helping us out."
e-mail from Tom Rigg,

Customer Comments... "I would also like to take a moment to tell you how highly we think of your product. Your music integrated beautifully with our multimedia project and raised its production values significantly. You and your company are deeply talented and highly creative. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
e-mail from Philip Morse,

Your purchase entitles you to lifetime use of the music. Each track can be used as often as you want. You are free to use our recordings as background music in your own product which you can then market under your company's name. There is no limitation on the number of physical copies of your product you can produce - There is never another payment to us.

Emotional Impact
Our music has been designed to enhance, support but not overwhelm your imagery and text. That's the secret to a good soundtrack. It helps you reach your target audience by highlighting the underlying message of your production.

Royalty Free Classical Music

Our specially-priced 4 Volume Packs make great entry points for producers of video presentations.

Packs are a quick way to build a diverse library of your own (great for digital video editing).

Budget Music Licensing
For music on hold programming, our most popular collections are the classical music volumes contained in our Classical Masters Series. These discs provide real symphonic classical music categorized by mood. Our solo piano disc, Pianoscapes is also a popular music on hold choice.

Our Music download library is great for Flash multimedia presentations (and powerpoint), podcasts and multimedia game developers. Here you can download any individual track in the UniqueTracks library. Seach for tracks by music style or emotion/mood keywords.

Customer Comments... "I wanted to thank you for your help a few weeks back in downloading the tracks that I had purchased. Your quick, personal attention was much appreciated and helped me make a deadline that was fast approaching." e-mail from Ben Hall, Rebound Entertainment

All royalty free music doesn't have to sound the same. Let us prove it. Click the links below and discover how UniqueTracks can give your production its own unique musical identity.

Royalty Free Music Music Downloads

UniqueTracks CD Library

To read more about our license agreement (we have one of the most convenient and producer-friendly license agreements available), please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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