latest news - untitled kill rock stars unreleased/b-sides record - spring 2007

the first evidence fans got that kill rock stars was looking into a future elliott smith release came through a posting on the upcoming releases page for kill rock stars on the krs website. the posting was made by an excited fan who works for kill rock stars and the page mentioned the title of the release would be 'either/or extended edition' and it would be released in 2006.

that information was quickly taken off the krs site since it was really early in decision process and the info was not suppose to be out there at the time. kill rock stars eventually confirmed that they were planning on releasing an extended edition and it was now planned for 2007 since it would be the 10th anniversary of the release of either/or but in the end they have decided to leave either/or alone and are in the process of researching and putting together a record of unreleased music and possible b-sides from elliott's time at krs. at this time, there is no official track list or release date for the record. also, please keep in mind that it is possible that things could change for any reason. (8.18.06)