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Ashely Tisdale, the 21-year-old star best known for her roles in 'High School Musical' and 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,' is about to take over the airwaves with her debut album, 'Headstrong.' Listen to the world premiere of 'Be Good to Me,' and get an exclusive preview of five more songs, commentary from Ashley herself and more.

Ashely's album 'Headstrong' hits stores on Feb. 6. Pre-Order It.

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        'Be Good to Me'
        "I feel like this is a positive message to send out to girls and young women about respecting yourself. I haven't performed this song live yet, but I can't wait to figure out the moves for this one because it is such an upbeat song! "

        'Last Christmas'
        "I had the best time doing my own version of this great '80s song from Wham! There are so many great Christmas songs out there already, it was really cool to do my own version of this song. I hope you have a great holiday! "

        'He Said, She Said'
        "This song is really fun to perform live on the High School Musical Tour. The most fun part of the choreography for me is in the beginning when one of the guy dancers does a big solo show-off dance like he's trying to impress me, and then me and the girls show off right back with a lot of attitude! All the dancers have such a good time with it, and it is so great to dance right along with the audience."

        'We'll Be Together'
        "This is a great Valentine's Day love song!!! When I perform this one live on the High School Musical Tour, it is so much fun because the energy from the audience is so crazy! All I see in the crowd are kids waving glow sticks and cell phones in the air!"

        "This song is the title of my album, and I think it says a lot about me. It is also a really fun song to jump around and sing along to with a big group of friends; you won't be able to stop yelling 'headstrong!' over and over. I even have a necklace with the word 'Headstrong' on it."

        "'So Much For You'
        "This is one of the first songs I recorded on the album, so it is really special to me. But this song is really a gift to my fans. I wanted to give them something back for all their support."


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        Hear exclusive new songs from Ashley Tisdale

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