ActiveDefense™ Tally

Cyberhawk. Protects you when your traditional antivirus can't.

  • PCs are under attack. Viruses. Spyware. Identity Theft. Every day you hear about a new threat. They're coming faster than ever, and they're getting harder to stop.
  • Will your antivirus catch the latest virus that just came out today? No. It doesn't know how to recognize it yet. But Cyberhawk's ActiveDefense technology does. See data below.

How Cyberhawk Works

  • Cyberhawk's ActiveDefense technology hunts down and paralyzes threats that are too new or too clever to be recognized by traditional security software.
  • Cyberhawk uses behavioral analysis to detect malicious computer activity. Traditional antivirus relies on old fashioned "signature" technology that needs to be updated every time a new threat occurs.

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