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Took Eight Days to Crack HD DVD!
Techtree News Staff Email Print
Dec 28, 2006
Latest reports indicate that the much touted Gen-Next HD DVD format is not invincible after all...

The story doing the rounds is that a hacker who goes under the name, "Muslix64" was upset at not being able to view his HD movies on his computer set-up, and as such, set himself a seemingly impossible goal - that of cracking the AACS specification in four weeks. He ended up doing so - in just eight days.

Apparently, the dude went about the ordained task quite meticulously. He first bought himself a HD-DVD drive to plug onto his PC, plus a HD movie.

Somewhere down the line, the realization dawned upon him that he could not play the HD flick simply because his video card was not HDCP compliant, and he had a HD monitor plugged with a DVI interface.

What "Muslix64" did next was to complain to the doom9 forum about the AACS specification, saying it was not at all fair for someone to own an HD monitor and then not be able to watch an HD movie that had been paid for.

The result: in six days' time, the title key of the flick appeared in Muslix64's memory, which meant that he had managed to decrypt the movie in all but one afternoon. Not counting the one day that he spent fixing problems such as frame skipping, etc, it took "Muslix64" but eight days to crack code.

"Muslix64" even put together a small program titled "BackupHDDVD", a Java-based command line utility to decrypt HD movies.

The chap went right ahead and made a small video called "AACS is Unbreakeable" wherein one can see the output of 'BackupHDDVD' while decrypting. One can also see the playback of a decrypted movie, and upload it to YouTube.

So where does this leave the emerging HD DVD format? Possibly, at the same place as before...

Yes, there could be a small consumer swing towards HD DVD players, egged on by the availability of 'cheap backups' of original high definition content. There could also be a temporary bias in favour of Blu-ray amongst the mighty Hollywood Studios.

But, as industry observers observe, all of this, even if it should happen, will only be temporary...

Which again brings us back to where we began: the mighty format war between HD DVD and Blu ray...

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Report this post as offensive
It has not been cracked,he just found a accurate when posting such news..

by !!! from ! on 04/01/07 10:52 AM
Report this post as offensive
wish him a great success

by pranab from kolkata on 03/01/07 05:48 PM
Report this post as offensive
It's only plagiarism if one copies a story; it isn't plagiarism, for example, for one to see a story on FOXNews, do additional research and write an article of their own. The latter seems to be the case here.

by Russell Kirk from Houston on 30/12/06 01:02 PM
Report this post as offensive
It is known that when 2 fight 3rd one gets advantage. Maybe DVD will survive after all.

by Rockman from Rockville on 29/12/06 10:12 AM
Report this post as offensive
I dont think so... We get 8-in-1 DVDs already, but viewing it in fullscreen or in a TV is one step above impossibility. Probably a new format will be developed which will take over these two..!
by Chandra from Chennai on 30/12/06 10:20 AM
Report this post as offensive
This is all copied from dailytech. Does techtree have no conscience left , atleast give credit to the main source of the news rather than mentioning "Techtree News Staff". Really sick :((

by dutch guy from amsterdam on 28/12/06 05:30 PM
Report this post as offensive
really sick to find guys like you on Techtree. The news was not originally done by Dailytech or Anandtech or watever it is. We found the story through Digg, which directed us directly to the forum, which is offering the software to download. And ohh!! Btw Dailytech still hasnt covered this news yet.
by Punit from Techtree on 28/12/06 09:04 PM
Report this post as offensive
I do not think Techtree is not good. Techtree is the best, even if they source some news from elsewhere at least they present it all in a highly enjoyable readable online content and it is all free. I simply love Techtree. Techtree rocks !!! Thank you for all efforts and hard work you guys are doing !!!
by Rockman from Rockville on 29/12/06 10:15 AM
Report this post as offensive
To Techtree: How does it matter who covered it? What matters is that you copied the story without acknowledging the source. And in plain english that is known as plagiarism. I hope this is only a slip and not a habit at TechTree
by Gurdas from Vadodara on 29/12/06 06:50 PM
Report this post as offensive
As with the war against HD-DVD and Blu-ray... Sure Blu-ray can hold more but when it comes to movies it seems to me that a lot of the space is just wasted. Could it become the next MiniDisc or Betamax?

by luckieblackkat from Florida on 29/12/06 08:47 AM
Report this post as offensive
Blu-ray uses AACS too so it's the same technique and doesn't make Blu-ray any less susceptible to any cracks.

by xzi from Albany, NY on 29/12/06 07:18 AM
Report this post as offensive
does he take private tuition on hacking ?

by ayan from Kolkata on 28/12/06 07:25 PM
Report this post as offensive
Just a note, HD is dead in Australia. Because the distributor is not ordering any, at this point anyway.

by Chris Burgess from Melbourne on 28/12/06 05:11 PM

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