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Despite the fact that it's a sequel, Battlefield 2 is a thrilling action game that immerses you in the chaos of combat like never before.
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Release Date: Jun 21, 2005 (more)
Players: 1 Player; 64 Online (tech info)

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Game Guide

Battlefield 2 Game Guide
Battlefield 2 Game Guide
Battlefield 2 is arguably the biggest PC game of the year, and GameSpot is here to give you a in-depth look at the game. Learn about kits, vehicles, maps, and more in our exclusive Game Guide.
Posted Jun 21, 2005
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Battlefield 2 Headset Roundup
Playing Battlefield 2 without a microphone is almost as bad as playing a first-person shooter with a trackball mouse. You don't want to be one of those people do you?
Posted Jun 30, 2005 11:45 am PT
Battlefield 2 Hardware Performance Guide
If the Battlefield 2 demo runs a bit sluggish on your machine, you might need to tweak your settings a bit or start looking for upgrade paths.
Posted Jun 16, 2005 12:13 pm PT

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Battlefield 2 Video Review
Battlefield 2 Video Review
Posted Jun 20, 2005 | 5'10" | Hi-Res: 137.5MB | Lo-Res: 62.8MB
Battlefield 2 Gameplay Movie 1
Battlefield 2 Gameplay Movie 1
Posted May 13, 2004 | 2'07" | Hi-Res: 56.4MB | Lo-Res: 25.7MB
Battlefield 2 Official Trailer 1
Battlefield 2 Official Trailer 1
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Battlefield 2 Developer Interview
Battlefield 2 Developer Interview
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Essential Files

Battlefield 2 Demo
This demo for EA's team combat shooter includes the map "Gulf of Oman", in both 16 and 32 player versions. The single-player mode lets you play on the 16 player map as either the US forces or the MEC for 10 minute rounds, while the multiplayer mode lets you play on both the 16 and 32 player versions in 12 minute rounds. Download »
Posted Jun 10, 2005 | Size: 559.9MB | Downloads: 2,825,983
Battlefield 2 v1.41 Server Patch
This patch is for a dedicated Windows server and fixes a crashing bug. Download »
Posted Nov 16, 2006 | Size: 311.1MB | Downloads: 1,156

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Fundamentally flawed. Continue »
Posted Jan 2, 2007 2:01 pm PT
"All it's cracked up to be"
with offline its mediocre, pushing alright.
but offline, your in a whole new world Continue »
Posted Dec 31, 2006 10:38 am PT
Battlefield 2 offers alot of fun for almost any kind of FPS player. Continue »
Posted Dec 30, 2006 10:31 am PT
This is one of the best online first person shooters (FPS) games I've played since Unreal Tournament 2004. Continue »
Posted Dec 29, 2006 8:10 am PT

1 user agrees
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Amazing Continue »
Posted Dec 26, 2006 6:19 pm PT
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Battlefield 2

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Battlefield 2 for PC - Battlefield 2 PC Game - Battlefield 2 Computer Game Battlefield 2
Publisher: EA Games
Developer: Digital Illusions
Release Date: Jun 21, 2005 (more)
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Rank: 105 of 35,078   down 17
Rank on PC: 25 of 7,568
Player Reviews: 1,037
Wish Lists: 8,416
Collections: 20,813
Now Playing: 9,919
Tracking: 27,716
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Starwars BF2142 mod
Category: Gameplay
Association: Battlefield 2142 (PC)
A group of modders are make a starwars one for bf2142 and it seems look look pretty dam good. here there site for more details http://www.firststrikemod.com/eu/index.php
Posted Jan 2, 2007 by highflyer800 | 2'10" | 149 Views
Crazy 10yr old playing BF2
Category: Humor
Association: Battlefield 2 (PC)
A member from a BF2 clan, F|D, found a ten year old kid in some pub and was messing around with him letting him think he's trying out for F|D. This kid is just wild...
Posted Aug 12, 2006 by ShrpShootr | 9'04" | 9,618 Views

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Other Sources

IGN 8.9 / 10 Jun 19, 2005
GameSpy 5 / 5 Jun 17, 2005
GamePro 4 / 5 Jun 20, 2005
Games Radar 9 / 10 Feb 23, 2006
Worth Playing 9.2 / 10 Aug 23, 2005
GameZone 9.2 / 10 Jul 27, 2005
Game Revolution B+ Jul 6, 2005
PC Game World 90 / 100 Jun 28, 2005
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