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Paris Tuesday, December 26, 2006. Press release from Violet :

Nabaztag’s platform has buckled under the weight of all the new Rabbits !

On Christmas day, Nabaztag’s registration and configuration sites experienced serious disruptions. The servers were not able to support the huge influx of Rabbits whose new owners attempted to register them and were forced to reject many of them.

The first Rabbits were unwrapped the morning of the 24th of December. The problems with the platform began around midnight of the 24th. At noon on the 25th, Violet’s directors decided to close access to the site my.nabaztag.com, (which allows you to register and send & receive messages from other rabbits). The deterioration in performance had rendered the use of the site unreliable and the temporary closing of the site was preferable to a frustrating user experience.

The disturbances have only affected the web platform of Nabaztag. They have nothing to do with the correct functioning of the Rabbits themselves. The closing of access to the website and the collapse in performance have not affected the Rabbits that are already connected. These Rabbits have continued to deliver their services as usual.

« Of course we had predicted a significant influx of new rabbits between the 24th and the 25th of December, » says the co-founder of Violet, Rafi Haladjian, « Not only did the Rabbits all register at once, the users were all extremely motivated. They all began to use the services very intensively, much more intensively than those that use their rabbits ordinarily. We have also come up against an exceptionally high number of active problems since the more Rabbits there are, the more possible activity there is between them. The breadth of this interactive dimension was difficult to foresee. »

Violet launched the brand new version of the Nabaztag platform 15 days ago to coincide with the release of Nabaztag/tag. The platform was designed to handle the planned, huge influx of new user connections. It was precisely the devices that were supposedly increasing capacity that have caused the platform’s fragility.

« Frankly, we feel a bit sheepish, (that’s the most appropriate word I can think of), » says Haladjian, « and grateful towards the Nabaznauts who have born their troubles patiently and who have accepted our indulgences. »

Violet’s technical teams and its third-party providers are moving at full force on the 26th to re-establish the platform and improve its performance. If the site my.nabaztag.com is back up on the 26th, it may be possible to register new Rabbits, although the return to full functionality will take a few days.


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It's indeed a litle stupid that U R not prepared for all the rabbits; annoying to have something that doesn't work !

Well done Violet for being honest about all the problems. I got my bunny on Christmas Day and couldn't get it working, but I tried many times and finally got it registered and could send it messages, but it wouldn't do anything else? I was confused, what was I doing wrong? I didn't realise that I needed to go on 'Nablife' and select the services for the bunny. I really think, server problems aside, that you need to supply proper instructions with Nabaztag that address the proper setup and configuration of the services. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

well I hope everything gets up and running by the time the free subscription runs out.

You know, I finally got my bunny up and running the Friday before Christmas. It took forever because of Violet server issues. It seems, oddly enough, that I can only connect if Violet is up and happily running. Makes no sense, I know. Sensitive bunny, I suppose. I had to unplug my rabbit for a few days when we went out of town for the holiday. This morning I plugged my bunny back in and NOTHING. Why does this keep happening? I refuse to spend yet another 8 hours connecting the bunny ...
I appreciate your honesty in the press release, but do not believe that the problems do not affected already registered bunnies. My BlinkyBunny is proof of that.

"but do not believe that the problems do not affected already registered bunnies. My BlinkyBunny is proof of that."
That makes 2 of us Shel!
Poor MagicMarvin has been asleep for the past 2 days! And im pretty sure its not down to the glass of wine he drank!
Hes been sleeping and waking up normally until Xmas day then nothing! I have managed to wake him up today but he isnt his usual self :(

I bought one as a present and it hasn't worked at all and going onto the website is a waste of time. Personally I can't stand companies that are quie willing to accept your money without thinking about after-sales support. Of all the times to update a website that is the key to the product they sell, Christmas wouldn't be one that most 'normal' companies would choose.
I was also going to complain about the lack of England, UK or GB under the 'Country' option when attempting to set it up, but to be honest if I were in their shoes I would exclude the neighbours as well. Typical French............useless at everything. Maybe they can blame their government, that's how they usually work. No wonder everyone hates the French!!!!!

Now I'm getting an apache server error (500 for the technically minded) when I try to sign up. I think a server reboot is in order....

I love the concept of the Nabaztag, and the rabbits are well cool - however this is frankly utter amateur hour from them as a company. You don't launch a whole new technical platform so close to a hard date when you know (unless you are unaware that all your retail channel has sold out) that you'll effectively be doubling your user base, without doing some load/reliability testing of your new platform.

As you can tell I'm rather miffed.....hope its all working soon

Violet is not making a good impression on all the people who got new Nabaztags. They should have been prepared for the demand.

seems that they could talk to the neopets.com staff, since they have over 10,000,000 users and things run pretty well. i know i'd be upset right now if i owned one and nothing worked. spending $200 on something that isn't fully functional sucks!!

On Dec 26th, Blair wrote:
I was also going to complain about the lack of England, UK or GB under the 'Country' option when attempting to set it up, but to be honest if I were in their shoes I would exclude the neighbours as well. Typical French............useless at everything. Maybe they can blame their government, that's how they usually work. No wonder everyone hates the French!!!!!

Urg! This small minded post is annoying. It's annoying not having a working bunny, I can't do anything about that, but I can complain about Blair.

First off, "England" is not synonymous with "UK" or "GB". England is part of the United Kingdom, as is Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales!

Secondly, the country selection you're looking for is "Royaume Uni" I don't speak any French but I've seen enough of Eurovision to know that one!

It's too typical of some people in the UK to expect everything International to be in English.

Let's not pester Violet on their translations and give them time to restore full functionality!

- Andrew, Scotland (L'Ecosse)

Yep! Just got back from my sister on boxing day after leaving it for 2 days and all I've got is 4 green lights. I understand that a lot of people have just got their new rabbits and the registration for these things would be huge, but why are we suffering?


The big problem identified by Blair is that we didnt know if we were looking for the French word for Great Britain, Britain, UK, United Kingdom or England etc.... I looked for Anglettre or something. This isnt a dig at the French becuase if you asked a 100 American's 50 of them wouldnt know England, Britain and the United Kingdom were physically the same place.

However if you are selling a product in a local language surely you should localise the website.


Let's give the folks at Violet a break, shall we? It's not like there is a step-by-step cookbook for creating dynamic interactive wireless rabbits, is there?

As a proud owner of a version 1 rabbit, I have to say that the folks working on the infrastructure to support these little guys have been working round the clock for several months to get the latest whiz-bang features in place for all the holiday rabbit-recipients. They didn't start to code in the middle of December. They have been working feverishly for months to polish the site. Unfortunately, as most of us software developers know, estimates can only be guaranteed 4 months after the project is completed.

For all you new bunny adopters: be patient. Once they get the site up and running, you will have a blast with these things. You'll see.

I'm sad to say that my bunny, which has been working fine for a few days is now also showing only green lights and doing nowt. I managed to send a 'little words' message earlier and then the bunny seemed ok; but now. Just Green lights :-( So exsisting users are now having problems.
Kudos to violet for keeping us all informed, and as always being damn honest about the situation. Hope bunny is feeling better soon. I spent the day away from him last night and I can honestly say, I miss the quirky little fella.

Rabbit does seem to work although services are erratic. Its a bit of a shame the 3rd party sellers are advertising features which are 'planned' but not actually available. Was I the only person looking stupidly in the box for RF tags?

Hi I was looking for the RFID stickers in the box too. I guess when eventually these can be used they will make everyone pay extra to buy them?!?!

So far mine shows no sign of life, other than 4 green lights and purple underneath. No sounds working.

Finally got to register after SO LONG of 500 errors and down for maintainance website.

Someone tell me, what is it actually meant to do? I've set it up to do lots of things as often as possible but so far it hasn't done any. It's definately connected to our network, hmm.

And can it actually do anything it says it does on the box yet?

I am quite appalled by this companies behaviour. I too was led to believe that the Nabaztag/tag had features that quite clearly do not yet exist / have yet to be implemented. Furthermore it would seem that it will cost more money to eventually make use of the RFID technology that up until a few days ago was suggested to be a feature that worked out of the box. The flash presentation has been updated in the last few days to omit a couple of these falsely advertised features. I purchased this product expecting certain things to work out of the box and it would now appear that they are going to either cost additional money when they are eventually made available or will come at an unspecified future date.

With all the good press this company / product has received thus far and knowing that this was a potential Christmas hit I am nothing short of astonished by the lack of foresight in regard to the design and architecture of their systems. Quite clearly not enough time has been spent on planning and quality assurance. I am somewhat embarrassed to have given this gift to someone when it is quite clearly not yet a mature product, equally I think the recipient is utterly dissapointed with it so far for obvious reasons.

So thank you for a.) selling this product under false pretences by advertising features that don't exist and b.) ensuring that the features that do exist don't work as a result of poor planning and lack of proper QA

One is left with the feeling that this product was rushed to market to exploit Christmas sales at the expense of the customer. I for one have been left with a bad taste in my mouth this Christmas and will not be recommending this product any time soon!

this reminds me when xbox 360 first came on the market and the first set started causing house fires. most brand new products don't do well at first. it takes some time and better planning.

Annoying to be used as beta-testers when you think you bought a device that would work straight out of the box.

I appreciate the honesty from the site (mind you I dont think they had much option) but end of the day sometimes people do understand that things do go wrong

Im sure the people at the sharp end of the stick (customer support) are doing their very best.

Bit annoyed with the company boss people you cant say you didnt anticipate that with all the sales , that a fair percentage would be for xmas. The inbox instructions are none existent and the online help is basic at best.

The company will lose out as my boy opened his present couldnt play with it for 2 days and its now been relegated to the bottome of the xmas pile. In other words he is unlikely to use it so aside from me spending £70 the company will lose out when they bring out future services as he wont be using it find out

As I posted elsewhere the main problem was that the site was accessible via IP ie. - so the servers were up and running just someone decided to switch it off for the day. It can be worth googling around / url manipulation on the IP to get to services if the my.nabaztag is 'offline' .

it was not a dynamic load based decision just a blanket switch off. Perhaps switching to a load based switch instead?

As for the RFID tags - nowt in my boxes as well.

Bearing in mind I have bought three rabbits (each at £95 a pop) it is not small amounts of cash to have an none working product...

I want to reiterate and say that I’m disappointed on two levels.

Firstly I was disappointed to not find at least a couple of RFID tags in the box. This was one of the main selling points for me and the reason why I waited for the second generation bunny. I do feel as if I’ve been conned. I don’t think it would be unreasonable for Violet to have published in advance a roadmap to indicate when the particular features would become available.

Secondly the issues with the web site. On day 1 at IT project management school they teach you about soft launches, performance / scalability testing and risk management – none of these lessons appear to have been applied. A hard launch of a new platform on what would easily be their busiest day of the year is madness. With some careful planning and expectation management they could have still sold a bunch of new generation rabbits, phased in new services and avoided the resentment that appears to be brewing.

I’d really like to hear Violet’s comments on both of these issues. In the meantime, I’ve got a sick bunny to attend to….

We have had a Nabaztag in the office for a few months now and I thought it was brilliant so decided to buy one for my girlfriend for Xmas.

Unfortunately, come Xmas day, I was up until 2AM trying to get the thing working! The site let me register and everything, but I couldn't get it to connect to the server. I was pretty hacked off when I then found out the platform was completely knackered and I was wasting my time.

Now all it does is sit there with a pulsating purple light. I can't send it messages and it won't do anything at all.

Tip for you guys at Violet - testing is everything. Make sure you're prepared next time!

I hope it starts working soon... Girlfriend not happy... Grrr

As shawntiah was saying above about the xbox 360.
This actually reminds me of the Dreamcast when first released it took me a week to try and register through Sega's dial-up service (ie too many people registering).
I've have had my Tag/tag for 2 weeks now but it's switched off for now as there is no life.

It is a brillant product, hang in there!

Hi, I came to see what has been hapening and stuff and everyone seems to be mad at the nabaztag for not working... I meen I dont evanhave the nabaztag/tag or the nabaztag. I just have the ears (that I painted blue ) also I am spending my weeks vacation sitting at the computer being bored. So atleast you guys have one...

Also My sister got a Xbox 360 if you wanted to know...

Also the nabaztag/tag is a cool thing too!

From: Josh
Who has: Ocean Blue Nabaztag Ears for my Nabaztag that SHOULD be coming but they still HAVENT GOT IT!


I just needed to ask this... Does anyone have a nabaztag/tag here?

I'm fed up. My Husband brought me a Nabaztag for xmas and so far we can't register due to the site problems. I was able to login but not register, but even that isn't working. When I login the site says it doesn't recognise my Nabname or password, even though it recognised it until this afternoon, has anyone else had this problem?

well the website seems to be working, is anything working now for the rabbits. mine comes in next week hopefully.

I know there are major issues but I've managed to get my Bunny set up today and despite the server being unavailable at times and all I'm love my bunny and i'm looking forward to everything getting up and running. I hope it will be worth all the waiting but until then i've got my bunny to keep me company.

I'm really pissed that the website/bunny isn't working like it should be. Can I return the bunny and get my money back ?????

I've been watching the comments on this post and to be honest I've been quite dismayed. First... it is Christmas and I've been playing with my bunny even when it's NOT been connected to the servers. I'm damned sure everyone at Violet has been working - over their Christmas vacation - to get the servers operational once more. If anyone actually bothered to read, there was a notice posted on the users side of the site letting us know what will and won't be operational intially.

I've found that my bunny has, mostly, been working as I expected. Did I expect it to fall over during the Christmas period? Yes. No matter how much anyone plans for high capactiy, things go wrong. It's the intarwebs for pete's sake. Have a little patience and go play with bunny.

Thats it simply cant be bothered going thru all the hassle, thing still doesnt work

soon as I get back home next week Ill be asking for a refund

Hi everyone! I have the nabaztag earz but no nabaztag/tag! They said at Dynamism that they would send the nabaztag on the 2nd of January! I cant wait tell the 3rd or 4th! The bad news is that I have to go back to school on the 2nd...

I've been waiting now for three days to get my rabbit up and running and still no luck. I say "my" I initially bought it for my dad for christmas, but was so embarrassed when it wasn't working after two days that I came home with it and had to buy him something else.

I can only echo the views above, but it would be good to have some idea when this thing will be working again, more regular communications than a press release two days ago would be nice. Any ideas as to when things will be running again?

Just got up to speed with all the issues today having returned to the UK and opened my pressies. Aisde of everything, is there any update further to the 26th about when the platform will be up and running? C'mon Violet, don't you have a Business Continuity Plan?!?
Still the flashing green silent bunny is driving the dog mad, who knows what he will do if it speaks..... a big if!

So nothing is working still? *sighs* I was hoping that something would be working. So all you guys are getting is just blinking lights?

Violet I hope you make another update soon. You should to keep us informed on what is going on.

Ok, I really need to know what the nabaztag is doing! When you said it was blinking...What else did it do?

Seems like everyone is having the same problems. My old bunny occasionally manages the time, or a Little Word, but mostly flashes his green lights (same with my friend's bunny).

I got a new /tag, which arrived before xmas, much to my delight. However I was away and only got my hands on it this week. I don't want to be disappointed so am saving it for next week when my colleagues are here to turn it on. I too was deeply disappointed by the lack of RFIDs which was the main reason I bought a /tag. I can't find any info on where/when I can get this functionality either.

I appreciate there have been server problems; I know this should have been handled better (I work in a similar area!). But it's still saddening, especially as I've been a Full Friend and previous to December had a good experience of hte rabbit, with API etc all working ok.

In response to Andrew from Scotland (glad you put l'Ecosse otherwise I would have been confused).
I put England, UK or GB as an example, as in my experience websites use different names for Countries. But, I have never heard of Royaume-Uni. Maybe I can blame it on my education or maybe it's because I have a life and don't watch the Eurovision sing contest but gun to my head, I would go for the latter.
I honestly think UK would be a better option and that’s not me expecting everything to be in English,,,,,,,, it’s JUST normal!!!!
Anyway Andrew, rest assured that I will be swapping my French language night classes this year to watch Eurovision and hopefully, will be fluent in French afterwards.

I honestly think UK would be a better option and and thats not me expecting everything to be in English,,,,,,,,it's JUST normal!!!!
Anyway Andrew, rest assured that I will be swapping my French lauguage night classes this year to watch Eurovision and hopefully will learn fleunt French.

my GAWD am I glad I didnt rush to buy my best friend and I a set of xmas tag/tags! It seems violet is another culprit of planned stalled release of features, so common to ipods, laptops and cellphones. Sigh. It is always better to get v.2 of a new product like tag/tag, so all you first-willing users have to work out the kinks for the come-late blokes like me!! Cheers to you..

VIOLET KEEP US UP TO DATE!! we are all itching for any news on the status of yr servers, or at least some news as to your future server plans!!!

thanx gang for making the nabaz community so strong! peace -west

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