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Walkway Over the Hudson - A Project in Four Phases

Phase I
Obtain ownership of the Bridge. Completed. Walkway Over the Hudson owns the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge.

Phase II
Work with professional team to:
Prepare a comprehensive plan for the complete project to include structural analysis of the Bridge, budget and timeline for completion.
Identify sources of funding for complete project and secure funding for first phase of construction.

The Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge and park in Rochester, NY were created in 1982 from what was the Platt Street bridge (1891), an 858-foot-long, truss bridge.

Phase III
Ulster County
Construct the first 1,800 feet of the Walkway over the Hudson River. This section of park with its panoramic views up and down the river will immediately benefit residents and have a significant economic impact as tourists come to enjoy the Bridge.

Dutchess County:
Construct an elevator along the Poughkeepsie waterfront along with 900 feet of Walkway over the river. With its proximity to the Poughkeepsie Train Station, Waryas Park, and the Mid Hudson Children’s Museum, the elevator ride will be a thrilling attraction for thousands of people.

Phase IV
Completion and Connections
Construct the remaining 4,000 feet of the walkway and connect with the Hudson Valley Rail Trail in Highland and the Dutchess Rail Trail - Poughkeepsie to Hopewell Junction. BACK