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The News (Site updated Friday, January 5, 2007 | 9:30)

The end of 2006 marks another year without the death penalty in Europe

[02/01/2007 14:30:00] ''During the past twelve months nobody has been hanged, poisoned, decapitated, electrocuted, shot or killed by the state in any other way in the 46 members of the Council of Europe. This is a major victory for human decency and human rights'' says Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Photo: Gamma (more ...)
Theme file ''Death penalty''

European Pharmacopoeia to become ''EDQM & Health Care'' from 2007
[21/12/2006 16:30:00] The Council of Europe has decided to apply the EDQM (European Department for the Quality of Medicines)expertise in consultation and networking activities at the European and world level to two new areas of great importance: blood transfusion and organ transplantation. The transfer of these activities becomes effective at the beginning of 2007. The EDQM of the Council of Europe is one of the main ''harmonising and co-ordinating'' European organisations involved in standardising, regulating and controlling the quality of medicines. (more ...)

Executions in Japan: Assembly President says capital punishment is incompatible with Council of Europe values
[26/12/2006 17:00:00] ''It is with deep regret that I learn - in this season dedicated to human love and understanding - of the execution in Japan, on 25 December 2006, of four people condemned to suffer the death penalty. For the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, as for the Council of Europe as a whole, capital punishment marks a deplorable step backwards and is deemed incompatible with the organisation's values, especially our European Convention on Human Rights and its Protocol No. 6 prohibiting the death penalty', said Parliamentary Assembly President René van der Linden. (more ...)
Child victims: stamping out all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse (more ...)
Parliamentary Assembly Committee welcomes new UN Convention against Enforced Disappearances (more ...)
Serbia at the crossroads, according to Parliamentary Assembly pre-election delegation (more ...)
Teheran Holocaust conference is 'dangerous and misguided', says Assembly President (more ...)

Dosta! Council of Europe/European Commission campaign to fight prejudices towards Roma
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''All Different, All Equal'': Campaign for diversity, human rights and participation
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''Building a Europe for and with Children'': launching of a three-year programme
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''Human being - not for sale'': Campaign to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings
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Reaction from Council of Europe leaders to execution of Saddam Hussein
[30/12/2006 14:30:00] ''The former Iraqi dictator was a ruthless criminal who deserved to be punished, but it was wrong to kill him'', said Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe. What the Iraqi people need is ''justice, reconciliation and peace, not hangings and revenge''. (more ...)
[30/12/2006 14:30:00] The Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Fiorenzo Stolfi, Minister for Foreign and Political Affairs of the Republic of San Marino, deplores the execution of Saddam Hussein. (more ...)
[30/12/2006 14:00:00] In a statement made on 30 December 2006, PACE President René van der Linden deplored the execution of Saddam Hussein. ''The Council of Europe is completely opposed to the death penalty in all its forms, even for the most appalling criminals of this world. Human rights apply to every one of us, without exception,'' he said. ''No doubt, Saddam Hussein had to pay for the heinous crimes he committed, but his execution will not help to do justice, as the death penalty denies it. What Iraq needs now is not the taking of lives but the improving of them,'' René van der Linden stressed. (more ...)

Death penalty in California and Florida
[18/12/2006 09:30:00] Capital punishment in the United States of America may be coming to an end after the ruling by a court in California to the effect that a lethal injection is unconstitutional and the decision by the Governor of Florida to suspend all executions. Terry Davis welcomed these developments and stated ''it may take another couple of years, but the United States of America is on its way to join the rest of the civilized world where this inhuman and barbaric punishment has already been rejected''. (more ...)
Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee publishes report on Greece
[20/12/2006 10:00:00] The Greek government has requested the publication of the report of the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) on its 4th periodic visit to Greece in August/ September 2005, together with the authorities’ response. Photo: Gamma (more ...)
Greek authorities’ response
ECRI deeply concerned by recent events affecting Georgians in Russia
[18/12/2006 11:30:00] The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has issued a statement expressing its deep concern about recent events in the Russian Federation affecting Russian citizens of Georgian origin and Georgian citizens living there. ECRI calls on the Russian authorities to ensure that the rule of law is maintained and principles of non-discrimination strictly observed. (more ...)

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