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Band:Circle II Circle
Album:Burden Of Truth
Record Company:Locomotive Music
Writer: Mark Carras
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Rock My Monkey: Hello, you are listening to the Rock My Monkey netcast on If you are listening to this through our netcast on Libsyn, please go to to get the full featured version. Today we’re talking with Zachary Stevens of Circle to Circle. How are you doing today, Zach?

Zachary Stevens: Great! How are you doing today, Mark?

Rock My Monkey: I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got my Mountain Dew to keep me awake and alive. First off, as researching for this interview, I found out about a four song EP called Revelations. Why is this the first I’m hearing of this?

Zachary Stevens: Well, that’s just an EP to an album called Burden of Truth. That was something that was pre-released, a couple of weeks, about a month before the release of Burden of Truth on October the 10th in America. And it was actually Friday, October the 13th, was the release in Europe. That was just something that the label does about a month before the release of the record, just to generate a little curiosity. It has a single for the song Revelations on it, as well as an edit to the single. And it has the bonus tracks to the record, which are included on that EP.

Rock My Monkey: Okay. So it’s basically kind of a maxi-single.

Zachary Stevens: Exactly.

Rock My Monkey: Okay. Cool. I know Blind Guardian has been the only band that’s really had a ton of success with that in America. What kind of success did you have with that release?

Zachary Stevens: Well, it’s been great so far. It’s been the best one for us so far here in America. We’ve had three. This is the third release from Circle to Circle. We had Watching In Silence first, then Middle of Nowhere, and now Burden of Truth. It’s really doing quite well. It’s a concept record this time out, so I think that’s captured the imagination a little bit.

Rock My Monkey: Actually I was talking about as far as releasing-metal bands don’t usually release singles. As far as the success of releasing Revelations as a maxi-single before The Burden of Truth came out, did you guys get a lot of bang for your buck on that?

Zachary Stevens: Looks like it’s been great. The biggest bang for the buck has been with radio. We sent it out to radio, and it had the single, Revelations, on it. That’s where we got our biggest impact. As far as sales it’s been good. But the sales of the record have superseded that. I think it can be quite good. This is the first time I really had this kind of EP single in America. We did have an EP for the last album, but that was mostly European circulation. So this is the first time I’ve ever done it over here. Looks like it’s done quite well in that regard, especially with radio.

Rock My Monkey: What was it about this album that made you want to-why did you want to do a concept album, and why did you choose The Da Vinci Code as the subject matter?

Zachary Stevens: It’s been quite interesting to us since-well, I read the Holy Blood, Holy Grail back in ’98. The original book came out in ’82, so it’s been around 25 years, so it’s really not anything new. I think with the advent of the movie, of the latest release where they took it a step further, you know, it really captured the imagination. We felt like, with Da Vinci Code movie coming out, it really captured the crowd a little bit more, got people a little bit more into the different concepts of what they were talking about, as far as the bloodline theories between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I think that with the movie coming out kind of spurred our imagination a little bit more. I think that’s what got us saying, hey, let’s go ahead and do this, because more people knew about what this is all about now. So we just let the music feed off of that. Taking it to, basically, moving it into a situation where the record represented a musical extension to the movie, almost like a musical sequel to the movie, in a musical format. And that’s basically where we left it. And we created a fictional story that kind of fed off, where the movie Da Vinci Code actually ends and where our record picks up. Basically we just kind of invented the story about what could happen to the character that was the recipient of the news that they were of the bloodline, and what changes in their life would happen at that point. It really spawned some really good music, so we just continued down that path. And that’s basically what Burden of Truth is, is it’s a concept of what might happen with the character right where the movie left off.

Rock My Monkey: So this actually isn’t necessarily a retelling of either of the two books. You’re actually making a whole new story with the album?

Zachary Stevens: Exactly.

Rock My Monkey: Wow.

Zachary Stevens: We’re putting it to music, so we’re letting the music be the different various scenes. Almost like a musical movie. So each song on the record is like a different scene. It was really kind of fun and interesting putting it together that way, about where it could go. Because I think a lot of us, when we watched Da Vinci Code movie were like ‘wow, that’s cool, but what now?’ We were kind of pushed by the impetus of that ‘hey, what now?’ maybe. We created, of course a fictional account, but it really gave a lot of impetus to the music, and with the focus on the music it created an interesting situation.

Rock My Monkey: Since this is a whole new story, and you’ve kind of created your own sequel with this, I guess this would be considered what they call fan fiction. I got to ask, when I got the album for review, I got like a promo version. So when the fans, when they put down their hard earned money to buy the album, what kind of extras are they getting with the album that helps reinforce the story that the music tells?

Zachary Stevens: Well, you’re getting the package, a very well put together package, looking very expensive. Basically what it does is it gives all the lyrics to each song, but it gives you pictures of real people, real caricatures, that go along with it, so it makes it somewhat more deeper. For example, as you’re turning to the book, it’s like a twenty page book, and then it’s going to give you pictures of each, going along with the two pages, each song has two pages of it, the left and right. So it kind of leads you down the story by representing in visual form the characters and the pictures of what’s going on in those songs. They did a really great job, our artist did a great job looking into the lyrics, and really helping to create a situation where it takes you much deeper than just the lyrical content. So that’s what you’re going to get. And it really paints that picture well, and it kinds of leads you down the story, and helps you to understand what the different songs are, as far as their relationship to the story. So it’s quite a lot. So it’s a nice package to sit down and-kind of like the old days-you’re going to sit down with that package, you’re going to read it, you’re going to listen to it, and you’re going to understand it a lot more due to the huge booklet that comes along, and the artistry, and the stuff we do with the art that’s included therein.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. I’ve been saying this for years that the best way to fight piracy is to give them something that they can’t really download.

Zachary Stevens: Yeah, you can’t download any of that stuff.

Rock My Monkey: Right. I think that’s great. I think that’s awesome that you’re doing that, that you’re making it an album that really the download is the rip off. To get the real deal, to really get the full package, you definitely have to buy it.

Zachary Stevens: That’s true. That’s the same with the EP. It’s got it’s own little layout, too, and they both come in-the EP is a digibook only, which is a special thing. It’s not a jewel case. You got your special little pocket there for the cd, but you got a nice little booklet that comes along with it, and 65% of all of our cds that were printed were actually digibook form, which is not jewel case. So you have a nice little, almost like your own little book that you carry around, and it looks like a little mini-book, and the cd goes in the very back, in a little pocket. So we stayed away from jewel cases as much as we can. Like you said, stay away from that normal stuff, and give them stuff that you can only get if you go the store.

Rock My Monkey: Now, the artist, Thomas Ewerhard-how do you pronounce-

Zachary Stevens: Thomas Ewerhard

Rock My Monkey: Okay. He did the artwork for the album, correct?

Zachary Stevens: That’s correct. He did all three records so far.

Rock My Monkey: Okay. Now, was the basic concept, and all the little detail that goes along in there, was that more from you, or did he come up with it, or did you guys collaborate?

Zachary Stevens: Well, we left it up to-we basically-it’s ours in the sense that the lyrics, he’s working completely off of the lyrics, and what we told him about how the story goes. And a lot of it, we didn’t come right out and say ‘here’s how the story goes, step one, step two, step three.’ A lot of that, we think it’s more interesting to leave it up to the discretion of the listener, and their perceptions of it. It’s easy enough to understand anyway, so I really didn’t feel like you had to have a step by step action table to go along with it. But he did a great job of taking the lyrics, and what we told him about what was happening with the characters of the story, and we took it from there, and he took it from that point, so it was really like a collaborative effort. We told him what it was. He put it to action, and really brought it to life, so he did a great job.

Rock My Monkey: With this being a storyline that has obvious religious connotations, I got to ask, how much of a religious person are you?

Zachary Stevens: Well, you know, it really doesn’t have much to do with what my religious views are. It doesn’t have a lot to do with what your religious views might be. It pretty much just sticks to the fact that it goes along the lines of the theory that we’re assuming that there is a-you know, that the theory held true. And it’s almost like-if you’re going to do a sequel movie, you almost have to assume like it’s Da Vinci Code where some of this stuff’s true. Even though a lot of it, of course, hasn’t been proven. But my view on it is not so important as just the story, just something to say, wow, if this were to exist, it would be pretty cool. It doesn’t really get into too much about how I-about what my religion is, you know, Baptist, you know, Christian. But then you can get into the argument, of ‘well, don’t you think this goes against it?’ Well, maybe or maybe not. And we could get into my feelings about, which doesn’t really hold too much pertinence to what’s going on in the music. We’ve got to be careful. We could get into everybody’s religious preferences and beliefs, but we just want to keep it to a story that people could understand. And then you could form your own opinions on it, sure, but it really doesn’t have a lot to do with what my religious views are, or yours, or anybody else’s, you know what I mean?

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Well, honestly, personally, I think it would be great if one day somebody makes a concept album-I would love to hear a power prog album done on the religion, FSM, which is actually my religion. I’ll just leave it at that, and let you look up what FSM is. Just put FSM into Wikipedia and see what you come up with.

Zachary Stevens: Wow. Cool. That’s totally cool. I think it’s great that everybody has their own thing. And I like to study about all of them, so that’s really cool.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Now, I hear there is a special contest to go along with the release that ties in with Thomas’ artwork. How long will this contest go for, and is this more of a historical thing, or is it something more connected in with the story that you created?

Zachary Stevens: It doesn’t really just come off of the cover. We’re going to provide, if you are a registered user of our forum, which is included on our MySpace site. You can get there by going to

Rock My Monkey: Right. We’ll have that link up there.

Zachary Stevens: Once you’re registered on that forum-you have to go in and actually register for the forum. It’s a very positive forum. We don’t really allow any negativity on there. Just questions and answers and informational type stuff. As long as you’re a registered user, you’ll be able to join the contest. And really what it is, is we provide research links in there, where we’re going to provide you the link to go to the site. It does give historical background information. It’s a combination of you taking the historical information and kind of putting together the puzzle pieces to what we’re looking for to kind of state the secret that we know that we have, but we haven’t put it out there to what is the secret. People will put it together. It’s almost like putting little pieces together. It has to do with taking the historical data that we lead you to in the links, which are very specific to the theories of the bloodline and all of that, and then with that information kind of putting the whole picture together, if you will, as to what we’re looking for. The winners are going to receive signed guitars from the band, from Jackson. I think that pretty soon somebody is going to get it. People are getting pretty close now, but nobody’s won yet. So get on in there, and go to the links, and just try to think about where we’re leading. I can’t really say too much, as you can tell. I’ll give it away if I do. But if they put the picture together, then they’re going to win.

Rock My Monkey: Well, we’ll make sure if people go to the text version of this interview, as opposed to the audio version, we’ll make sure and actually have clickable links so that people can jump right in there, and maybe we can get one of the readers to win.

Zachary Stevens: Yeah, that’d be great. And like I said, all you have to do is be a registered user of the forum. Just go on there once in a while and say, ‘hey, how are you doing?’, ask a question or two, or whatever. You probably don’t even have to go in there. Just register for it, and you’re eligible to win.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Well, I guess this is kind of a question that you’ve almost already answered this entire interview. But every artist loves to say that their latest album is the best thing they’ve ever done. So what makes Burden of Truth, to you, better than anything you’ve done before?

Zachary Stevens: Well, you’d like to think that. You know, we’ve had a lot of strong albums through the years, but I think what makes this special is just the fact that is has-you know, the cover itself, when you see it, it makes you want to listen and figure out, hey, what is the music behind this cover, first of all. So I think that the concept drives it a little bit better. And I just think musically just by being together, the longer we’re together, the better music we make. Everybody’s doing a great job. In the past I kind of wrote music both inside and outside the band. I was writing with Jon Olivia and Chris Caffery of Savatage. In the past, we were all in Savatage and stuff. Kind of the goal back then, for the first two records, was, hey, write, and do something we want to do all the time. We were in Savatage, and we would just kind of get together and write songs together that we didn’t have a lot of chance to do while we were even in the band. And that’s where Circle 2 Circle was a great medium for that. Now with this new record, I think what makes it really great is that it’s just written totally within the band. So instead of going out and writing on the outside, and in the inside, it’s completely written within the band. That made it real special, and I think it brought it to a new level, really, because that energy is now captured strictly from within the band. It’s something that the guys really wanted to do, a little bit more of, so we just went all the way with it, and let them-I said, hey, now’s your time to take this to the next level. So they were very excited about that, and that’s a huge reason that this is a very strong record, and could end up being the best so far.

Rock My Monkey: Do you ever think that you’ll escape the shadow of Savatage?

Zachary Stevens: Not really. Really, just simply because anytime, even myself, as soon as I sing on a song, you know, any of us are bound to say, ‘hey, that could be like Savatage.’ (both laugh) Because after being in a band for almost nine years, I think each time I open my mouth, I’m bound to be like, ‘hey, that sounds like something that could be Savatage.’ Yes, it could possibly. I just don’t think you’re going to escape it. It’s not like I’m out there trying to escape it. I don’t want to deny the past. That’s where I built my career. I don’t mind the comparisons. It’s kind of hard to really escape. Even if I was to go, you know, I’m going to do something completely that Savatage wouldn’t do, you know there’s lo and behold going to be somebody that goes ‘hey, that sounds like it could be Savatage over there.’ (both laugh) I think it’s still great that people remember that. And that’s going to be an important thing as my career goes on. Soon it’ll be a thing where, gosh, I’ve got to try to let people remember that I was in that band. It’ll be the opposite probably. Later on I’ll be like, how can I have people remember what the history was? At least now it’s not so much separation so that people are able to know it. You never know. As you keep making records it could maybe go the other way. I might want to remind people that I was in Savatage. Because I was real proud of all those years and stuff. We had a great time. Hey, we’re about to get together anyway, for a 25th anniversary of Savatage little ditty.

Rock My Monkey: Oh, really?

Zachary Stevens: Yeah, we’re going to bring all the members together. It’ll be next year. Or even leaking into 2008 by the time-there’s another TSO album to do next year, which I’m going to be working on, as well. I’ve been talking to Paul O'Neill and Jon Olivia and all those guys, and I’ll be seeing them next Friday night at a TSO performance in Tampa, in Lakeland, the first one of the tour. And we’re all going to be backstage, and their management’s in town, and we’re all just going to get together and be a happy family again, and most of the guys that play in Savatage are going to be there. They have two companies now, East Coast and West Coast.

Rock My Monkey: Right.

Zachary Stevens: The West Coast company, they’re rehearsing now, and the East Coast company is going to be playing this show, and it’s really all to charity, as a matter of fact. The first one they do at Lakeland to still aid the area, some money is going to over there to help the Katrina, the Hurricane Katrina fund, which will affect areas like New Orleans, that are still rebuilding. Some money will go to our area that still was affected by a couple hurricanes last year, but this year we escaped with very little damage, because it had cooled out there in the Atlantic-I mean, the Pacific-I’m sorry, in the Gulf. The water being cooler kept those hurricanes away. We don’t know how it cooled up so much between last year and this year, between a record year of 26 named storms, to really just having about three. That’s just nature for you, but we’re happy we can have a year where we don’t have so many in Florida. But we’re going to all get together and be discussing a little bit more. We know we’re going to do a non-Christmas type TSO adventure that’ll be in records-that’ll be completed by mid-year next year, but then it’ll take a little time to-as soon as we get done recording all the tracks, we’re going to go straight in to turning out sights towards getting this 25th anniversary Savatage thing going, to where we have all the past members. Again, most of them will be with one of these two TSO companies anyway, so getting us together again, maybe doing some new music, definitely doing some live shows, a live DVD, a live album. It’s going to be alright. Hey, I think it’s always positive when I’m sitting there having a conversation with Paul O'Neill, recently going, ‘hey, here’s the songs I want to do for the reunion, put them down, what do you think,’ ,’oh, I think those are great choices.’ Any time you’re getting that far, I think it’s a great positive thing. This time last year people were probably wondering if it would ever happen. I have the ok to tell everybody that it’s ok, and that we’re going to do it in that order. So we got to get the TSO record done, and then we’re going to move into the Savatage stuff, the 25th anniversary.

Rock My Monkey: Sweet. That sounds awesome.

Zachary Stevens: Yep. So I’ll be looking forward to working on that. So if I can get my agenda filled up with Circle 2 Circle, TSO, and Savatage, that would be a great year for me.

Rock My Monkey: Sounds like you have a lot of things on your plate. There’s also, I hear, not only a Prog Power compilation DVD that Circle 2 Circle is going to be on.

Zachary Stevens: That’s right.

Rock My Monkey: But I’ve also heard that you’re going to be doing a Circle 2 Circle DVD specifically.

Zachary Stevens: That’s right. We have a few songs that are going to be featured as part of the video agreement, that all bands made with Prog Power. And then the rest of the show we have, we purchased, and we have all the tracks, and we’re right now working on re-mixing and doing everything to prepare those for our DVD that we’re going to put out next year with some new tracks. Like you said, make it attractive, make it, put stuff on there that makes people want to go out and get it. So we hopefully will have some new regular tracks as well as all the footage from that concert at Prog Power. Plus we’re going put some more historical stuff in from the band. Little clips of stuff, of making of Burden of Truth in the studio. We have plenty of clips that we made, that we filmed in the studio. You can see the guitar players banging to the solos, and see me up there in the vocal booth, so it’s from scratch. So I think it’s kind of neat to get a behind the scenes look at Burden of Truth, plus have that live show that’s going to be the impetus for the DVD.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Now, are we talking maybe released within six months, within a year? What do you think?

Zachary Stevens: I’d say, we’re working on it as fast as we can go. I’d like to have it done by mid-year 2007. That’s the target.

Rock My Monkey: Okay. Cool. Is there going to be any special packaging, or is this just going to be the straight up regular DVD jewel case?

Zachary Stevens: We’re planning on having special packaging, because we’re going to license it to our label and let them go nuts. It’s definitely going to have to have something special. I’m not going to go for just regular stuff, so we’re definitely pushing for some extraordinary type packaging and the whole various tricks that we can do with the label, with the power of those resources behind us. So we’re going to license it and let it go crazy.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Back to Burden of Truth, will the band be doing anything special on the live dates to tie in with the concept of the cd?

Zachary Stevens: We’re definitely talking about that. Personally I wouldn’t mind just coming out and playing the whole record straight, start to finish, as a concept concert. Probably when we first-we got the whole month of January booked in Europe to start promoting, and we’ll play some spot dates in our area. I know you’re up Washington, right? Up north in Washington state?

Rock My Monkey: Right. Right. Right. The club to play in my area is a place called Studio 7.

Zachary Stevens: Studio 7. Okay.

Rock My Monkey: Yeah.

Zachary Stevens: Awesome. Thank you very much. What I’m going to do is we’re going to start playing some regional dates in the southeast. I’m talking about going up the Atlantic seaboard, you know places like New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Caroline, Georgia, Florida. Before we go out to Europe. We’ll probably get to your area after we do that tour in January, and see where we’re at. I’m hoping that we can get that far out sooner rather than later, but it definitely starting out covering pretty much all of Europe in January, and then coming back and finishing up the states dates. So that’s what we have planned right now. So we definitely have a good bit of touring on the horizon to support it. We’ll probably start out playing just stuff from all three records, and hey, four or five songs from Savatage, from back in my day. So that’s always a crowd favorite. When you start kicking into this, and the guys in the band all play this stuff great. So it’s a tough call. First I want to get out and play the smorgasbord, and then later as we’re getting into more specific into the record, I wouldn’t mind playing the whole record as a concept.

Rock My Monkey: We’re getting into the colder months where tour buses get snowed into the mountains when they try to pass. So when will you be hitting the road, and how long will you actually be out?

Zachary Stevens: Well, as long as possible. We’re trying to go ahead and sustain through the winter, and try to get it even into the spring, but it wouldn’t be a problem. In Europe, where we’re going is not the coldest parts. I think we even have Transylvania, Romania, which is interesting. Especially for this record to go play Transylvania. But it’s even not so far north that it’s going to be a problem. Most of the stuff is about the same temperature as a New England type thing. You definitely run the risk of snow and ice, but at least we’re staying in places where it’s not so dangerous. Ice is the thing I worry about most with the tour buses. But we’ve done many tours. I mean, Savatage alone did four or five tours in January in Europe. So it’s really not so bad of a time, and it’s a really good time for crowds. You actually get more crowds in the winter over there than you do in the summer. And the festivals is what takes it all up in the summer. Of course we plan to go back and do the festivals in Europe in the summertime next year, which hopefully will be after we get places like where you’re at. But that’s not so much of a problem. We’ve done a lot of winter touring in Europe, so we kind of have it down as far as where to go, and not to get too crazy.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. So when will you be hitting the road for the full U.S. area?

Zachary Stevens: Probably February. I’m thinking February/March 2007.

Rock My Monkey: So you’re not going to be doing the TSO dates this year, then?

Zachary Stevens: Well, there is a tour. I’m not personally going on them. I’m just going to hang around. That tour is going to end like January 1, because it goes up to Christmas, and it kind of goes a little bit into January, and that’s it. Then we start working on that next record. That’s when I’m going to come into play, and kind of figure out when I need to get up to New York to record those tracks, and anything else I can help out with on the record. Kind of still do that in between. That’s only like a weekend of work, I think. Probably about two, three, four days of work, for me, to do a couple of songs, and to help with the studio producing stuff on the side. Probably a pain in the butt for everybody else. It won’t take very long to do that, so we’ll be able to put that in between tours, and in between show dates. I’m not going to be tied up with all that. Most of my job with that will be right after the first of the year, just getting my part done, and then getting back to work with Circle 2 Circle.

Rock My Monkey: Okay. Now I only got two questions left. First of all I have to ask you about an Yngwie Malmsteem video that you have on the band’s MySpace page.

Zachary Stevens: Good god. (both laughing)

Rock My Monkey: Have you heard any response from Yngwie’s camp because of that?

Zachary Stevens: I don’t even know-you’re telling me about that for the first time. That’s why I’m laughing. I have to go check that out. I didn’t even know that was on there.

Rock My Monkey: Who’s in charge of your MySpace?

Zachary Stevens: Well, my MySpace is mostly run by-we have a few contacts. Well, my bass player, Mitch. We have a girl, Nancy, from Egypt. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just-I have no clue. You’re telling me that for the first time, so I’ll be checking that out right after we get off the phone.

Rock My Monkey: Wow. It’s actually a video-the video link is actually from the Circle 2 Circle’s official blog entry.

Zachary Stevens: Wow. You got me. I’m lost on that one. I don’t even know why that would be. I know we’re big fans of his, which I have been for many years, but I don’t really know how-I don’t even know if that’s a missed link, or a url problem, or what.

Rock My Monkey: Oh, no. Somebody that was part of the band definitely posted it.

Zachary Stevens: Oh, jeez.

Rock My Monkey: Looks like it was posted all the way back on Monday, October 2nd of this year.

Zachary Stevens: Oh, that long ago.

Rock My Monkey: It’s a dub where somebody basically pretty much mocks his reputation for ego.

Zachary Stevens: Oh, lord! I hadn’t heard anything yet. We’ll probably get in trouble. I’ll have to see about that. That one got past me. I don’t know how. My wife is always on MySpace. I don’t even know how that escaped me hearing about that. But thank you very much for that. I’ll investigate.

Rock My Monkey: (laughs) I figured-it’s on an official Circle 2 Circle thing, so, you know.

Zachary Stevens: Jeez! That’s crazy.

Rock My Monkey: And it’s been there for almost a month.

Zachary Stevens: I don’t even know how I missed that. Mostly I go to the forum and talk to people. I haven’t really clicked around to a ton of places on there. I don’t know. I’ll have to figure out what’s up before we get in trouble, right?

Rock My Monkey: (laughs) Well, I think the cat’s already out of the bag, since it’s already been there for over a month.

Zachary Stevens: Oh, sure it has. I haven’t heard anything yet.

Rock My Monkey: I have one final question. This question is unrelated to the video that I saw. This is a question we actually ask every band just to see who will answer it.

Zachary Stevens: Okay.

Rock My Monkey: If you had the chance to completely wipe any rock, metal, punk, industrial, goth, whatever, if you had the chance to wipe any rock band off the face of the earth, who would it be and why?

Zachary Stevens: (laughs) A rock band. Oh lord.

Rock My Monkey: Just so you know, first off, we’ve never had one of these questions end up on Blabbermouth yet. And two, you can interpret that question any way you want.

Zachary Stevens: Okay. Well, let’s see here. Well, that doesn’t count. I saw a rock band. There is one-I don’t even know what the name of the kid is. But it’s something on MySpace where a kid is eight years old. Have you seen the song called Crazy Car?

Rock My Monkey: No.

Zachary Stevens: It’s a kid who sings a song called Crazy Car. And he’s just eight years old. He’s like a drummer. But it’s really a catchy kind of thing, but after a while you sing it, it’s like (singing) ‘craaaazy, craaaaazy, craaaaazy car’. And it’ll drive you nuts. At first you think it’s really cute because he’s only eight years old. But he sounds like a little chick. I guess he’s-it’s definitely a rock, pop-rock act. But I’d have to say that’s got to be the first person I’d wipe off the face of the earth, because if he keeps making music like that he’s going to kill us. Because it’s such perfect pop, eight year old rock. Of course, my eight year old daughter loves it, but they play it so much that I had to tell them to stop playing it. The chorus, it’s ‘crazy car’, and I think people can go find it if they try. But this kid needs to stop now, because he’s killing us, and anybody who really plays serious hard rock. I just think he needs to stop now before he kills the whole genre. That would be the first one I’d wipe off the face of the earth.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. Is there anything else in closing that you’d like to tell the fans.

Zachary Stevens: Well, hey, I just want to say thanks for everything. We’ve always had great response. We get emails and stuff like that from your area, northern Washington state. We’d like nothing more than to get up there and play. Even with stuff with Savatage we didn’t get up there as much as we wanted. Hopefully we’ll do that this time. Just want to thank everybody for all the support through the years. I think you’ll really enjoy Burden of Truth. It’s really something different. I think it’s something everybody should have in the collection, just because it is very different. But musically, it’s a whole new level for us. I think everybody would agree. I just want everybody to have a great time listening to it. Enjoy. And thanks for everything.

Rock My Monkey: Cool. In closing I just want to remind anyone who’s listening to this interview through our daily netcast at Libsyn that they can go to for the full featured version of this, including links that you just can’t get with audio, and many other interviews with more amazing artists. And I thank you very much for speaking with me today, Zach. I hope everybody goes out and gets Burden of Truth.

Zachary Stevens: Thank you very much, Mark. I appreciate you having me.

Band:Circle II Circle
Album:Burden Of Truth
Record Company:Locomotive Music
Writer: Mark Carras
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