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A “Surfer Union”? Or Spammy BS?

GoldnDaily: 12% for 12 days. Instant Payouts daily. 3 levels referral commision

i was actually intending to take a break from blogging today and work on the new web hosting site. a lot still has to be done and testing the AWBS software to make sure everything syncs seamlessly before it goes public. once i’m satisfied with the knick knacks, we’ll launch the new site. hopefully, we don’t have any major bugs. more about that later tomorrow perhaps. in the mean time, i’m still having very good vibes on GoldnDaily & ReinDeerSurf. man, i just love these 2 proggies right now. seeing the gold in my account and hearing "kaching"!

ReinDeerSurf: 12% for 12 days. 3 cashouts monthly

so i was talking to Dolphin on Yahoo earlier on. she told me about how a guy at the ASA forum going by "lsurf2" PMed her on the forum about some "Surfer Union". now i don’t know what they really talked about but from what i gathered, Dolphin was rather ticked off when this "lsurf2" character replied in his last to her PM with her personal info. when asked where he got that from, he said it was from her site info. whatever it is, i just find it distasteful to go snooping around on someone and start PMing them on a forum. yes, i don’t hide my WHOIS info too. not that i have a reason to hide it. guess the real sick thing here is this guy continues to not wanna identify himself when asked who he really is. not just by Dolphin but by everyone else on the ASA forum. see the 2 threads he started below.

well, i did a little snooping around on him myself and guess what? this guy goes around snooping but chooses to hide his WHOIS information. see below.

well, what intrigued me was the current server data was in "Blacklisted Status". now for those of you who don’t know what that means, it basically means that the DNS records on a particular server has been blacklisted for spams. so guess what i did? well i dug a little further. not much just on his nameserver which is SERVER.RICHDRIVER.COM. results are below

then i did a reverse IP check on that site and this is what you get.

a total of 18 sites listed on that server. now honestly, 18 sites ain’t that much so no calls for alarms required. then again, if you look at the sites carefully, you’ll notice that most of them are of some shady nature. either promising you some crappy nutritional supplements or Google manipulating techniques which obvious never works close to how it’s all hyped and promised to be. it’s no wonder that the particular server has been blacklisted. send a truckloads of spam emails eh? in fact, of the 18 sites, a whole bunch of them don’t even have a web page, are under construction or claim to be re-opening soon. now, if a server has been blacklisted for sending spam emails, it won’t do any good at all since your emails will most probably be caught by most spam boxes would it?

here’s the info on the blacklisting

list on the 18 sites here. go see for yourself.



















so i hear that this "lsurf2" guy has his "Surf Union" site in "pre-launch" and is getting members to join while it’s "free"? and he requires your first & last name including your email address when you register for "free" and yet he hides his information and refuses to disclose his identity? i don’t know who this guy is and i never heard of him but i mean seriously. he claims to wanna fight back at scamming admins. just how does he intend to do that? "hunt the rabbits" he says. with what? make sure these admins do time in the slammer? you gotta to be kidding me right? if anyone was that good, tell me why we haven’t got our money back at StormPay aka ScumPay? i’ll like to see him go after them and get us our money back before Christmas if he’s so very vigilante.

oh and another thing. for someone as resourceful as he is claiming  himself to be or at the very least leading surfers to believe that he is, why on earth is he on a blacklisted server? so you would trust his resourcefulness when he can’t even choose a proper server? hey, you know what? maybe he’s harvesting your information so he can spam you later? maybe he’s gonna sell your information to "Harrolds Media"! heck how do you know he’s not gonna do that. and if he did, can you get at him? nope, cos you know why? he’s hiding all this time. now why would you give out your personal information or believe any of this BS from someone as shady as "lsurf2"? oh and of course Jake at ASA thinks the "Surfer Union" is a great idea. why am i not surprised? to all of you reading this. i have only one sentence for you… "OIH! DON’T BE STUPID LA!" ok, i’m gonna get off my soapbox and grab a beer. this is just about as hilariously and dumb as it gets. after that, i’m gonna get back to working on the hosting site. let’s see if i can get it up and running in time for the September Mad Hosting Special.

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GoldnDaily + ReinDeerSurf Keeps Going. Changes @ GlobalAdsPro.

first off, i just popped in another $450.00 at GoldnDaily. surfed and yup, got paid instantly again. this one is a gamble and one that has been good so far. i’ve been watching the stats and people are basically tripping all over them. GoldnDaily has grown by at least 1,000 new members in the last 24 hrs. with the current growth, this one should be good for a couple of cycles. and the rate it’s going, where people are being paid instantly, it sure is getting a whole lot of attention and people just keep upgrading. yeah you can do that daily. just bear something in mind. it takes you like 9 days and you should break even as long as the program continues to pay. go for break even asap. after that, i don’t really care how you wanna play the game there ok? me and my baby are planning on getting a place together next month. yup, she’s signed up too and this one goes to getting new furniture and other smaller stuff for our new place. so if you’re getting in on GoldnDaily, you’ll be doing us a favor by signing up via the banner below. she’s gonna be surfing this one. thanks in advance. if you have already signed-up, it’s ok. :)

GoldnDaily: 12% for 12 days. Instant Payouts daily. 3 levels referral commision

ReinDeerSurf paidout to me in less than 24 hrs yet again. this one is quickly gaining some very good attention. heavily modified Pats Pro script, a licensed vBulletin forum where a license easily costs $160 and sitting on a dedicated server, ReinDeerSurf appears to have put in a lot of work in getting the site setup to what it is now. i’m getting a very good feeling that this one will be around for perhaps the next 2 months. at 12% daily for 12 days and a referral commission of up to 10% and 3 cashouts per month if you purchase at least $50 worth in advert packs, it’s quickly becoming one of my faves now too. seriously, it’s already giving David at 12By12Daily some real good competition and based on feedback i’m getting from my readers, ReinDeerSurf has already taken the strong leap ahead. watch the Alexa rankings on this one people. if you aren’t in on this one yet, be good that you start now. i have 1 final cashout left for August and i’m gonna request for it after i surf on the 31st. when that payment comes through, ReinDeerSurf will get moved to the “Big Earners” category for surf sites. just one more payment. i’d say get in on ReinDeerSurf.

ReinDeerSurf: 12% for 12 days. 3 cashouts monthly

Trish @ GlobalAdsPro just issued another update. in simple words, my gut tells me that the “active upgrade” rule isn’t working out too well. there are perhaps a few members who max it out there at $1,100 and pop back in $1 to qualify for payouts. it could be a hit and run thing yet it could be an honest scenario where that particular member had plonked in the last of his e-gold into GlobalAdsPro. Trish has more or less stated now that members need to purchase advert packs matching at least 45% of their pending payouts in order to get paid. some people have no problems with that since she’s been paying out in a relatively fast fashion. my concern is that members who have initially planned and distributed their e-gold funds at various sites that they are in now may not have the ability to match 45% in advert purchases to qualify for their next payout. when that happens, some members may get upset. Trish if you are reading this. i hope you re-consider this new rule change. yes, the 45% rule will come in handy and make the program sustain itself over an extended period. yet, the rule change maybe too sudden and if by catching innocent members off guard unintentionally, then we’ll have a problem on our hands. perhaps GlobalAdsPro could start the new rule at a later date giving members time to re-adjust their adverts purchases at GlobalAdsPro. below are just 2 yet simple notes that might prevent any unhappiness.

  • 7 + 2 = 9 days (minimum time frame required to receive payouts on current advert pack purchases at GlobalAdsPro).

  • implement the new rule 9 days from now and not immediately (9th of September 2006).

18% for 7 days. Payouts in 48hrs. e-gold: Better money since 1996

well, it’s a suggestion i hope she will consider. i know i’m not going anywhere but if she starts the rule immediately, i too will most probably get caught out by the time my next advert pack expires and will have to start scrambling for more funds in e-gold. any way, a copy of the update can be found HERE. i’ve also been informed that a new program of sorts is getting ready to launch. nope it’s not a surf site. i does sound pretty interesting though. i can’t remember every thing (in fact almost nothing) of what the admin told me about this program so i can’t tell you much here. well, i’ll post here went it’s “LIVE”. that’s all for now. have a good one.

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August 30, 2006 · SurfBoard's Updates · No Comments Yet

GoldnDaily + ReinDeerSurf is Rockin! Hack Job @ GloblAdsPro. SurfAdsInc Moved!

i have to make this a quick one. 1st off, i’m as happy as the number of many happy emails i received from you guys that you couldn’t believe it that GoldnDaily actually paid out instantly after you surfed. well believe it guys cos i got paid lightning fast too. so for those of you who are not yet in GoldnDaily, you are missing out a lot. banner is below.

GoldnDaily: 12% for 12 days. Instant Payouts daily. 3 levels referral commision

next, i surfed at ReinDeerSurf and requested for cashouts. guess what? i got paidout in less than 24 hrs. kool bananas huh? well, if you are in this or are intending to join this one too, i’d suggest you purchase at the very least $50.00 worth in advert packs. why you may ask? cos when you do that, you get “Deluxe” membership status. there are cool benefits. 3 cashouts a month peeps. not catching my drift yet? READ THIS NOW.

ReinDeerSurf: 12% for 12 days. 3 cashouts monthly

GlobalAdsPro got hacked again. was for like just 20 minutes this time. i’m waiting for a payout which is more or less due. no i’m not worried. Trish has always been up-front about stuff so that’s good. besides, she’s no new comer so i’m pretty sure she’s got everything under control. more power to this one. there’s an update off the member page below.

I read your suggestions and you guys ROCK! - I will be taking care of setting up a “help-a-mate” egold account and the funds collected there will be used to help out those who lost funds to hackers while participating in GAP. Can you trust me? Well, you’ll need to judge for yourself - I feel quite comfortable with my ethics and have been for the past few years online, though :)
It’s another hectic day for me today, so I’ll be taking care of the above sometime late tonight.

Also, I’ll be adding a page and link in the menu above to that page - the page will contain list of programs where, if you wish, you could participate and know you are helping GAP and everyone here.
Means I will not have to send out any emails [a fella was not too happy with last one, even though I tried to make it as gentle and clear as possible, that it was purely as a matter of factly stating a re-birth of a program, whose owner I happen to have exchanged communication in the past. - btw, the fella was refunded promptly his $1000+ … I really don’t have time to enter into any discussions of what’s right and wrong when it comes to little issues like that. I’m here to help all make a bit of pocket money, not to make my life miserable].

Payouts for Aug. 26th expiries are now complete + approx. half of 27th

Please, take note of our egold number: 2703877 as it has been right from the beginning.

Guys, as much as I’d love to be able to just credit those whose payments were stolen, I just can’t. I am as upset as those affected..what do we do peeps? what do we do? :((

August 24th payouts are now complete as well as August 25th

Please see FAQ question 1 for current processing times.

Please, be notified: Neither GAP’s employees, nor myself, may be held responsible for your purchase errors, such as funds being stolen by hackers.
Please, again, take careful note of our egold account number for purchases as should appear during your spend: 2703877
Please, kindly notify us ASAP, should you notice any change to the payment interface.
Thank you for being diligent,
admin @ GAP

i hope she wasn’t talking about me in the last email thingy. cos’ i never got a $1,000+ refund to my e-gold… LOL! too funny.

e-gold: Better money since 1996

well, if you are reading this, obviously the planned server move went without a hitch. yup, the SurfAdsInc group of sites and all the community blogs are now sitting on spanking new and more powerful servers. i’m in the process of setting up the new hosting site. hopefully i get it all ready to go and launch with promos on the 1st of September along with the other projects. keep you guys updated on that. watch this space all. ok, gotta go back to work. be well.

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August 29, 2006 · SurfBoard's Updates · No Comments Yet

Shopped: TF-Surf (Decent) & GoldnDaily (Good Gamble)

first off, a few days ago i posted on Ten4Ever operated by a “Joe Hunter”. maybe it’s me but the name sounds pretty much like an alias. anyway, Ten4Ever has just passed the 100 day mark and is still growing strong. Joe obviously have some loyal ones. well, he’s just launched a new surf site called TF-Surf which is about 4 days old. this one a silently growing. doing a WHOIS check isn’t gonna give you much of anything. yet based on what i’ve heard, this one should be good for at least a couple of runs too. some may question why start a surf (slightly better returns) when he already has a HYIP? not sure. maybe to capture a different market? you know some people do use credits to advertise their sites. i know i do. and some people shun from HYIPs. i know i do that too. so in short, if you are not in TF-Surf yet, sign-up now. hopefully i can add this one to my current faves alongside BigDaddySurf & GlobalAdsPro.

ok next up. a risky but nevertheless very good gamble: GoldnDaily. i saw the site and banners in rotation about 2 weeks back. on first impression, it looked really cheesy and my thoughts of “scam haven” popped. anyways, John at 9PlanetsReview sent me an email. he’s in and obviously he has been paid instantly as promised. i went in with his link, upgraded and surfed too. guess what? yep, i got paid instantly too. very risky but i like it. reminds me of the Area-51 cycler. just to get this one straight. automatic mass pay scripts have been known to be exploited by hackers. GoldnDaily has been around since the 16th of Aug and everyone has been paid without a hitch so maybe they are doing something right. and if this keeps up, i can see this one exploding right through the roof. who wouldn’t like to be paid daily? i know i would. i don’t get any interest in return should they take 7 days to pay me do they? i’d say this one is pretty much a PONZI based cycler and surf put into one. with automated payouts instantly, it reminds me of a matrix too though there isn’t any spill-over. what i think? well, if you are in any “HIGH RISK” sites example BigDaddySurf or GlobalAdsPro & TF-Surf, then you should be ready for this one. here’s a run down on what to do at GoldnDaily.

  1. Click on banner to sign-up at GoldnDaily.

  2. Check you email and get your login info (email & password).

  3. Login and edit your payout details to “Payout to Egold Number” and enter your account #.

  4. Upgrade (multiples of $10.00) and surf. at least 12 pages.

  5. Check your e-gold account and wala… you should have been paid.

here’s some other things to note.

  • GoldnDaily pays referral commission for 3 levels.

    • 1st level 5%

    • 2nd level 3%

    • 3rd level 1%

  • Referral commissions are paid out once every 30 days.

  • If you don’t wanna wait 30 days, here’s what you can do.

    • Track your “Cash” in GoldnDaily everyday before you surf.

    • Once it hits at least $10.00, click on “Upgrade Membership“.

    • Choose “Upgrade: Account Balance“.

    • Once upgrade, surf and you should be paid out again instantly for that day.

  • There’s a $10.00 bonus too when you sign-up.

  • So if you upgrade by $100.00 for example, you get $110.00 in total.

  • You get paid instantly everyday after you surfed.

Simple enough? ok all, see you at both programs. this sure has been a good start for the week. check yesterday’s post for some interesting updates & other programs that i’m currently testing out HERE.

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August 28, 2006 · SurfBoard's Updates · No Comments Yet

Saturday Drama: SingNet Sux, UniClear, SolidTrustPay, AlienTrust, Surfoogle,, BigDaddySurf Cashouts. Shopped at ReinDeerSurf.


yup, lots of drama yesterday. firstly, i woke up to realized that i couldn’t access any of my own domains or anyone of those that i host. after checking around, it was clear that my ISP was having problems and the sites were really all fine. it didn’t take long to realize that SingNet wasn’t connecting to any site hosted on servers. that effectively meant that i couldn’t login to surf at either CommandBravo or LongRoadProfits. well, after awhile, i realized i couldn’t reach sites hosted on too. yeah, you guess right. i was due for upgrades at multiple sites and SingNet was blocking me from e-gold. i did managed to access sites after i switch my proxy to a Malaysian one. still couldn’t reach sites. SingNet finally got it all resolved this morning. switched back to the standard proxy issued by my ISP and i was able to connect to all the sites. not the first time i had this problem. 14 months before i can do anything about it. once my contract is up. goodbye SingNet. i’m hopping back to StarHub. was handicapped for 24 hrs. couldn’t blog nor post on the forum. that would explain the silence yesterday.

4% for 30 Days - Cashout 15th and 31st

UniClear is in deep trouble. or rather, UniClear users now have their fears confirmed. once my favorite payment processor, they seem to have just about every last dime of their funds frozen. every lousy bank they deal with seems to wanna screw them up or just steal their money. i dunno guys. it seems like we’ll have to wait 120 days (i presume that’s how long banks will freeze funds) to see if the funds are released. i’ve got less than a lousy buck. stopped using them when their debit card loading facilities took 3 weeks to load my card way long back. the message below was taken off the user page upon login at UniClear.

Dear UniClear Customer,
In light of recent events, we sincerely regret to inform you that we are suspending all transactions other than credit card processing for merchants for at least 120 days. This is due to the fact that the issues surrounding our problems with Wachovia, debit cards, ACH and our previous credit card processor have resulted in almost no new business, making it impossible to continue business at this time.

Instead we will continue to pursue legal actions against Wachovia, the State of Delaware and others in order to recover every last penny that has been frozen that belong to our clients. The funds are by no means lost, just tied up in litigation. These matters can and often do take lengthy court proceedings and has resulted in this temporary suspension of services.

Furthermore, we are suspending all Canadian issued UniClear debit cards indefinitely as a result of continued difficulties with the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia (FICOM). Previous balances are being credited back to UniClear accounts.

During this 120 day period:

We will not be accepting any funds for credit to any UniClear accounts;
We will not be offering any debit cards or card loads;
We will not be honoring any funds transfer requests from any UniClear accounts;
We will not be providing telephone or email support for any UniClear accounts;

We are working to succeed through tremendous difficulties, including Wachovia Bank and the State of Delaware freezing millions of dollars in assets, our merchant and credit card processing being discontinued unexpectedly, and a cease and desist order issued against our Canadian debit card platform.

These issues have eliminated many of our most profitable services and created constant delays for our customers, which has caused immeasurable damage to our reputation and slowed our business to a crawl. We cannot afford to employ the staff necessary to support your accounts until we resolve these issues and resume merchant processing.

We appreciate your understanding and continued patience during the next 120 days.


WebHitsDaily has already announced that they are switching to SolidTrustPay (user id in your payout details and not email or affiliate link) immediately for payouts. with UniClear gone and i wouldn’t be surprise if they take Virtual Money Inc out too. members can still purchase advert pack via AlertPay, e-gold, SolidTrustPay & Virtual Money Inc for now but all cashouts must be through SolidTrustPay. maybe a good thing in a way since WebHitsDaily will still be able to pay you should one payment gateway going down or causing problems. it puts them in a better position to continue processing payouts. just a note here though. SolidTrustPay may offer users some fluidity such as the ability to move funds between processors. however, should a major processor shut down, turn scam or just simply fail like StormPay in Feb and UniClear now, if SolidTrustPay was using any of those, chances are there could be a large amount of dough stuck in there too. let’s say AlertPay fails now. SolidTrustPay will be facing problems too since everybody wants to sell AlertPay funds and buy say e-gold for example. think of that and ponder upon it. SolidTrustPay offers users fluidity and i think that’s great. there are fees involved of course. just don’t treat online payment gateways as your bank account. not like they pay you any interest anyway.

SolidTrust Pay

so i’ve finally decided and picked “Option 3″ in the compensation plan at AlienTrust. will i get paid? will they come through for us Martians? if you ask me, 25% of total earnings due is obviously a far cry from what some may be demanding. yet, put it this way. how many surfs have actually processed “promised” refunds and compensations whether you “are” or “are not” in profit? i count zero. so if the Aliens pull this off, they’ll be the first. well, we’ll just have to see won’t we? check their Alien Trust News blog here for update regularly.

Surfoogle has launched? so this is the laughable plan by the AlertPayPro, Harrolds Media & NowDollar $hit heads? the email was deleted as soon as it hit my inbox. funny how all there was full of fluff and blabber but nothing firm on dues payouts at either sites. forget them people. i’m not getting my test spend back from AlertPayPro i’m sure.

Trish at GlobalAdsPro (still going good and growing strong) sent out a mass email today regarding a surf. now, i don’t know much but here’s what i think. i went over to thinking i support Trish a little, well, there was nothing there but a stock looking Pats Pro site. header haven’t even been changed. WHOIS info points to a “Jeff Taylor”. now i don’t know who he is nor have i heard of him. but this is the real deal if you are reading this Jeff. i changed my mind about join for a few reasons and i’ll state them below.

  1. Stock looking Pats Pro site.
  2. Min of $40 to cashout.
  3. 14 days to process cashouts.

why does it take 14 days? cos’ that’s about the longest time it takes these days for existing advert packs at other sites to expire? so does that mean you will take members money and purchase advert packs at other sites? is that your only source of online advertising and marketing income sources? this is what was posted on the site.

Our business plan does not involve dumping money into, hyips, gambling on financial markets or forex, thereby greatly reducing the risks involved. This means *nobody should lose money.*

Our team has been in the online advertising and marketing business for 3 years . Online and offline investments and other ventures and projects that we have coming online in the near future, will insure our longevity in this industry. The details of the upcoming projects will be announced as they are released.

With the way the Pro Surfing industry is currently, we know that you are skeptical of any new site that comes online, but as we grow you will find that we are not a “Ponzi” or a “Fly by Night” operation.

sorry, maybe i’m dumb but it doesn’t add up for me. i’m cool if you be straight and tell us you are a pure PONZI. but if the standard BS is given all over again. i think i’m not the only person who has seen enough of crap. here’s Trish’s link at for those who are interested. i’ll pass.

there were some delays at BigDaddySurf for cashouts today as Nate was on the road from Kentucky. good news is that i requested cashouts and Nate paid me this morning. due to the unexpected delay, Nate has extended cashouts over the weekend.

picked up another “VERY HIGH RISK” surf site. this one is very new. i’m going in for a couple of quick ones. i’ll sit them on the “TESTING” list for now. maybe i’m seeing things but i’m spotting links to at least 2 other sites and all of them are sitting on “TESTING” and are all considered “VERY HIGH RISK“. so you have been warned people. unless you swallow risk down easily like me, i’d suggest you wait for another “decent” one to come by (i’m checking out a couple). otherwise, ReinDeerSurf pays 12% daily for 12 days. “Deluxe Members” can cashout 3 times a month. sounds familiar yet? go for as many cashouts as you can and as soon as you can. that’s a general rule you should always apply at any surf site. so for those who are going in on ReinDeerSurf, good luck and let’s see if we can make some decent profits over the next month. besides that, according to Surf Bloodhound, looks like ASA just admitted (indirectly at least) that they are referral whores.

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August 27, 2006 · SurfBoard's Updates · Comments (1)

Sleepers Rising: CommandBravo, WebHitsDaily. Joined: Ten4Ever. Online: GlobalAdsPro. Full Steam: SurfAdsInc Community Forum. Server Move:

4% for 30 Days - Cashout 15th and 31st

over the last 3 days, i’ve been logging in to both CommandBravo & WebHitsDaily; to surf & earn obviously. what i’ve also noticed is more of you guys are signing up at both sites and advert purchases are going up. in particular, i’ve noticed advert pack purchases by my referrals taking a massive jump at WebHitsDaily. to those of you who have been purchasing advert packs there, here’s a word of thanks for trusting me in picking both sites. the rate we are going at both CommandBravo and WebHitsDaily, i think we will all be doing fine. all the way through Christmas? that will sure be nice and if i know the admins there any better, i can safely say they will want that too and even more. so 2 “MID RISK” sites for you that are continuing to forge forward.

Luc at SurfHostServer got me on Yahoo yesterday and asked why i’ve never joined Ten4Ever. well, to be honest, most of you know that i’m not that big on HYIPs and seriously, i haven’t been following them much cos’ they never seem to last more than a week or 2 on average. even the likes of FastMarket & PAXMIX are now nothing but an entry in the “red chapter” of my HYIP adventures. so don’t be too surprised if i were to tell you now that i’ve never heard of Ten4Ever till about 2 weeks back. good news is they have been online since 9th May ‘06 and have been paying on time. well, i’ve signed-up with whatever that was remaining in my e-gold account. it’s a negligible amount. if i had more on hand i would have dump more in. on the upside, no surfing required so i figured wth ya?!?


GlobalAdsPro went down for a bit. not sure when exactly but i just logged in at about 11:00 PM server time and it loaded fine. yup, i got my surfing done for the day. takes you like 5 mins to surf the minimum required number of pages just to earn. other then that, GlobalAdsPro continues to grow and is close to reaching the 2,000 mark in memberships. i’m not surprise we cross that over the weekend. good news to note is that most of my referrals reported getting their last pending payouts processed in less than 24 hrs except for one guy. not sure if he has received his payout yet but that was like 12 hrs ago and based on the current feedback received. i believe he would have already gotten paid by Trish. so GlobalAdsPro is still good in my books and sitting on my personal Top 2 faves.

SurfAdsInc Community Forum - Where Money Makers Share & Strategize

yeah, i know i prolly should have announced that i was installing MODs to the forum. my bad i didn’t. well, i wasn’t expected an “parse errors” or downtime though the phpBB MODs are a b***h to install. anyways, i’ve sorted out the last of the kinks there (i think). we’ve made available 4 placement areas where banner adverts can be purchase for those interested. traffic is also beginning to pick up at the forum with some familiar names and some new ones too. we have like 50 new members since re-launch of the forum and it’s definitely a good sign. just wanna take this opportunity to welcome everybody to the forum. just a reminder. you need to be registered & “logged in” at the SurfAdsInc Community Forum in order to gain full access. there are a few areas that are “invisible” until you are logged in. you might find some surprises there. so, take 3 minutes of your time and go register. be worth it.

SurfAdsInc Hosting - Reliable Hosting of the Highest Quality

come 1st Sept ‘06, a few things will begin to kick off. for those who are familiar, the SurfAdsInc “Publisher Funds” will be officially launched. there are main conditions to meet before you may apply (actually just 2). one of them is that you must have an active hosting subscription with SurfAdsInc Hosting, more details will follow and be posted on the forum on the 1st of Sept ‘06. we will also be launching our 1st of “Trivia Contests” on the SurfAdsInc Community Forum. you need to be a registered member of the forum and “logged in” to participate. winnings will come in various forms. could be free advert packs at various programs or surf sites, “SurfAdsInc Earnings - (SAI$)” or Cash paid directly to your choice of payment gateway (usually e-gold). it’s all happening in less than a week. and i’m gonna be rather tied up. we will also be moving to more powerful servers over the weekend. i’ll keep you guys posted on this. if you can, please spread the news. downtime is expected to be no more than 15 minutes as we move. new nameservers have already been setup so dns propagation should not take more than 2 hrs worldwide. folks on SurfAdsInc Hosting, please check you email for instructions. the server move will commence on the Monday, 29th August 2006 at 00:00 hrs Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 12:00 hrs +8 Greenwich Mean Time (+8 GMT). for those who are not sure what that means, just follow the server time on BigDaddySurf. that’s it from me today. have a good weekend.

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SAICF Downtime, Area-51 Beats the Crap Out of Surfing.

SurfAdsInc Community Forum - Where Money Makers Share & Strategize

ok, here goes… i know this post is slightly late. in case you are wondering what took me so long, i was having problems with the forum. installed a few MODs which were fine until the last one. there was some error in the script. well, took me quite awhile to find it. see, i’m not a PHP expert but i try. well good news is it’s once again up and things are working as they should be. below is an email i just sent out to members of the forum. forgive me for the typo errors. was kinda’ excited i fixed it and got it working.

p/s: you need to be registered and logged in to read the forum links below.

The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of “SurfAdsInc Community”. If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive please contact the webmaster of the board at the following address:

Include this full email (particularly the headers).

Message sent to you follows:

Hi all,

some of you may have noticed the wierd behaviour of the for the last 24 hrs. i regret to inform you that it was me doing silly stuff trying to install some forum MODs. bad new is some members obviously couldn’t access the forum. good news is we are back up with the foum MODs installed and working. wanna know what coaused the downtime? a missing “);” in the code. sheesh!

ok, a quick news update here. those of you who have been posting in the forum, you will be glad to know that a “Cash MOD” has been installed. yes, you get paid to post. no no, i’m not that rich to pay you cash. but you can use that cash to purchase banner ads on different parts of the forum. ain’t that cool or what? read this for more info:

so what about those of you who are new (about 40 new members in a week) or those who haven’t been active? 2 things you can do.

1. start joining the guys at the forum regularly and share information with us while keeping yourself updated.
2. purchase banner ads at very low rates here:

i assure you the rates are lower than most traffic exchanges who give you blind hits. we are not in rotation on any surf sites. every page view of a banner equates to a real person looking at your ad.

ok, that’s all for now. catch you all at the forum.


next, the CommandCorps cycler Area-51 was a massive hit yesterday. i was cycling or in other words being paid every 2 to 3 mins. crazy stuff. my e-gold history on payments received from Area-51 was more than 7 pages the last i checked. today is day 2 of the cycler. still good to get in if you ask me. like i mentioned yesterday. if everyone pops in a 5 x $50 spend each time, all of us in the cycler will be flying. if you can’t do 5 x $50, then go for 1 x $50. if you don’t have that much, $5.00 is the minimum spend so you can still get in and make some. honestly, at the rate i was being paid, it sure beats the hell out of surfing. and you get paid instantly to your e-gold account too. no waiting. man this thing could keep cycling forever if we keep at it. so what ya say huh? ready to cycle again at Area-51?

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CommandCorps Launches Area-51. Shopped: Fresh-Surf.


received a couple of emails from the CommandCorps network since last evening. so Area-51 is now “LIVE”. this one is a cycler. personally, i’ve never been in any one of these and i don’t know a whole lot of how it really works in full detail. but in a gist, here’s what i gathered.

you can make 5 spends at one go on Area-51 from amounts starting at $5.00 to $50.00. now lets just say you do 5 spends of $50.00 (total = $250.00). the next person who joins you does 5 more spends of $50.00. what happens now is the system will pay 118% of your spends to your e-gold account directly. that’s ($50.00 x 5) x 118% = $295.00. your profit is $45.00. the turn around could be pretty fast and under an hour depending on how fast you join up. you can always go in again after that. 3 minutes into the launch and already more than $2,300+ in the pot. i cycled in less than 1 minute by the way.

point to note, this is fully PONZI based and pretty much dependent on the next person who joins you. it’s still pretty ok if you decide to pop in if you have the spare cash. now if your spends are just $5.00, you get 118% of $5.00 when the next person does a $5.00 spend. if your spends are like $50.00 and the next person spends like $50.00, you get 118% of $50.00 too. so if you look at it carefully, you’ll realize that the cycler works best when everyone’s pushing it at the max amounts of $50.00 x 5 spends. it’s up to you if you want in on Area-51.

Fresh-Surf :: up to 12% for 12 days

next, i’ve picked up Fresh-Surf (earn up to 12% daily for 12 days) and will place this one on “TESTING” along with LongRoadProfits. yes, i know that there’s lots of hype about how fast the program is growing and how they are paying and all. still, these 2 programs WILL BE CLASSIFIED here as “VERY HIGH RISK“. so, even though i’m in, i’ve to say this. yes, the returns are pretty good. that is if they pay. if your risk appetite is as high as mine or even higher, stay away. they maybe good for a big run or 2. my advice is take them on a cycle at a time. if you wanna go for round 2 after you are paid, by all means. after that, i’d suggest you play with profits. based on “DD” info that i have pulled, i can’t say that i’m entirely comfortable to promote them that hard but if you are looking at quick runs for above average profits, these 2 might be good for awhile. take it easy from there and decide if you wanna continue. i looked at SurfUrbana and decided that it’s not worth the time, risk or even to sign-up. note of reminder for everyone who can’t stomach the risks involved; “don’t play with your lunch money” or “break the bank”.


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Paid @ GlobalAdsPro

had wanted to take a break today but i just had to post this one. GlobalAdsPro paid me within the 48 hrs window yet again. i’m not sure how she keeps up with it but Trish sure is doing a good job at keeping it going. growth has recently taken a huge surge upwards. 200+ new members in 2 days. not startling but still very respectable. personally, i’m in profit here and i’m happy to keep going. still my top 2 alongside BigDaddySurf. that’s it for today. in the mean time, quick 1st round of payouts were reported yesterday at LongRoadProfits. i’m in with this one but like i said, it’s “VERY HIGH RISK” so if you can’t stomach it, look elsewhere. other than that, there were login problems at Midas-Surf due to the SSL module but it seems to be working as it is now. i’ll post more tomorrow. sorry all but i’m gonna have to hit the sack soon. less than 7 hrs of sleep in 3 days. the fever is nagging me now. be well.


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Shopped: LongRoadProfits


ok, as promised, here’s the 1st of the “VERY HIGH RISK” sites i’ve picked up. LongRoadProfits pays 14% daily for 10 days. program is on day 10 so we should be seeing payouts reported probably tomorrow. TOS states 7 biz days but indicates on main page that it should normally be done within 24 to 72 hrs. for those who don’t wanna risk it, you might wanna see if it’s paying before you take the plunge. as for me, i’m already in. i don’t think it’s gonna make much of a difference here. paying out the 1st round doesn’t mean they will payout the 2nd or 3rd. there’s a risk here but i think they should be good for at least a month yet that’s just my opinion. that should give us a max of 2 runs. after that, decide if you still wanna take LongRoadProfits any further.


that’s it for today. the weekend wasn’t as fabulous as i wanted it to be. i won’t be online much today. almost done with my surfing anyway. be well all. below is a short email update from the admin just 5 mins ago.

Today we started to do payouts; there was an error on script, but our programmer managed to fix it, also he updated our cashout manager to match our website, and now it’s working perfectly. After recieving the payment, we will be very happy if you have time to vote LongRoadProfits.

Thank You,
LRP admin

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