Arizona Model Schematics (Pima County)    Download a PDF version (Adobe Acrobat) Click here

1    Manufactured by Vending Carts Inc Carts

2    Sink 9 1/2"x 12"x 6" deep (NSF stainless steel) made by duke manufacturing other sizes  available by health department request.

3     Acrylic Ice Chest  28 1/2' X 10 1/2"' X 12" made by VCI fully  insulted with 1 inch thermal sheathing   all around, top and bottom &  lid and 2 inches on the burner compartment side

4    Propane door and waste tank compartment 24" x 29" X 20"

5    Push bar 24" X 2" stainless steel made by Dearborn Brass

6    Dry Storage 28" X 29" X 11" made by Vending Carts Inc Carts

7    10 Gallon acrylic Fresh water tank 18" X 7.5" X 17.5" made by VCI

8   15 Gallon acrylic waste water tank and drain 24" X 13" X 12"

9    Sneeze guard (stainless steel) 18 inches high X 52 1/2" wide X 27" deep made by VCI

10  NSF approved roll tops and steam pans made by Duke manufacturing

11 Burner compartment 41 1/2" X 29" made by VCI with 3 propane burners made by Sunbeam, and are controlled by AGA approved valves as well as incorporating two important safety features a thermal activated and excess flow safety shut off valves, made by ASC.

14 Waste tank and ice melt water tank drain valves 3/4" made by Red -white valve corporation

15 AIR GAP 1"  between ice chest and ice melt water waste tank

15b Drain hole for ice box melt water

16 Waste drain for sink NSF approved made by Dearborne brass

17 Paper towel dispenser is a single use dispenser

18 Soap dispenser

19 not on this model

20 10 Gallons potable fresh water supply (acrylic plastic Tank)

21 Burners made by Sunbeam

22 AGA approved gas safety valves made by ASC

23 Propane gas line feed

24 Propane tank ($25.00 from Sams club, Costco or Home Depot) made by Manchester

25 WATER HEATER  continuous flow  and continuous hot water line 1 inch copper pipe (water heated through burners)  minimum 1/2 gallon maximum 10 gallons

26 Ice box melt water tanks 6 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 19 1/2" one third of ice boxes sizes

27 Insulated walls 1 inch thick with thermal sheathing inside metal walls

28 Signage name in 3" letters and address in 1 inch letters on side & front of cart.

29 12 volt RV battery

30 Shurflow 12 volt NSF and UL Approved fresh potable water pump.

31 Water overflow pipe (copper)

32 Cold water pipe supply

33 Cool Box lid (insulated)

34 Ceramic AGA approved burner Knobs

35 Water inlet NSF approved made by Dearborne Brass

36 NSF approved mixing Faucet made by Glacier Bay