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ProvPort, Inc.
ProvPort, Inc.

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ProvPort, Inc.
ProvPort, Inc.

Today, Providence is New England's second-largest city and the Northeast's premier deep water multimodal facility for international and domestic trade.

ProvPort, Inc.
ProvPort, Inc.

New York: 170 miles
Boston: 50 miles
Albany: 170 miles
Chicago: 850 miles
Montreal: 350 miles
Toronto: 560 miles

Providence, Rhode Island
About Us


Partnership with P&O Ports North America

ProvPort is pleased to announce its new partnership with P&O Ports North America. With P&O Ports North America as breakbulk stevedore, ProvPort projects a significant increase in its tonnage throughput for fiscal 2005/2006. P&O Ports operates in terminals all along the East and Gulf coasts, from Maine to Texas, and brings 25 years of experience in breakbulk procedures.

Waterson Stevedoring, ProvPort's previous breakbulk handler, will continue its excellent and long-standing service as the bulk cargo stevedore.

ProvPort welcomes P&O to the facility and anticipates a fruitful association in the coming years.

$3.5 million in Capital Improvements at ProvPort

ProvPort is excited to announce that several capital improvement projects at the port are being finalized. These include:

  • paving over 20 acres in both the open lay-down storage area and on 3500 linear feet of pier space,
  • reconditioning the 130,000 square feet of the Ace Warehouse,
  • replacing 1700 linear feet of rail line along its pier face.

We will always continue to work to maintain ProvPort as New England's premier deep water multimodal facility for international and domestic trade.

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HISTORY: A Shipping Hub With Centuries of Tradition

Maritime trade first began in Narragansett Bay in the late 17th century, with cargoes comprised of livestock, fish, lumber, farm produce and more. Most of this initial exchange was between the colonies and planters in the West Indies. Providence's favorable location on the eastern seaboard made it an attractive port as a point of departure for inbound and outbound goods. With American independence came the opportunity to trade with the Orient, an area that had previously been the exclusive province of the British East India Company. The China trade flourished, as did exchange with other countries in Europe, the Baltics, South America and even Australia.

During the period of the early-to-mid 1800's, whale oil and its byproducts were huge export items, and Rhode Island's ports served a thriving whaling industry, as well as continuing traditional shipments of goods. Also during this period, the area's shipowners were gradually investing profits in the textile industry and other manufacturing efforts. Petroleum products emerged to edge out whale oil in the 1860's. With these shifts, among others, emphasis on shipping waned, but never entirely ended.

Recognizing the obvious site advantages of the Port of Providence, efforts began in the early 1990's to restore the port to its logical position as a gateway for international trade. Dredging work gave the port the capacity to accommodate any and all types of current shipping vessels. Easy access to rail and highway land routes was another benefit to shippers, as were a variety of storage options and excellent logistical capacities.

ProvPort was officially founded in 1994 as a fully licensed, bonded, deep water port specializing in bulk and breakbulk commodities. At ProvPort we have made tremendous progress and developments in the last ten years, expanding our partnerships and trading status with Central and South America, Europe, the Far East, Russia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Providence is New England's second largest city and the Northeast's premier deep water multimodal facility for international and domestic trade.

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LOCATION: A Prime Spot for Reaching the Northeast and Beyond

ProvPort is strategically located on the Atlantic East Coast shoreline just 170 miles from New York, 50 miles from Boston and within overnight shipping distances of major cities and ports in the Northeast US and Eastern Canada. Just a half mile from New England's primary interstate I-95 and with intermodal on-dock railway options, ProvPort offers not only great port options, but also easy access to land routes.

[see chart with transit times]

ProvPort is located just a half mile from I-95. From North or South on I-95, take exit 18 and follow the ProvPort signs.

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COMMODITIES HANDLED: Experience and Flexibility Make the Difference

ProvPort facilitates the import and export of all dry and liquid bulk and breakbulk commodities, and has the capacity to manage even the most specialized of cargoes.

Below is just a sampling of some of the commodities ProvPort can accommodate:

Heavy Machinery
Ro/Ro Cargo
Scrap Metal

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SECURITY: Taking it Further

As a maritime facility regulated by both the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard, ProvPort has developed a security plan employing detailed procedures that reduce any likelihood of terrorist interference, vandalism or any unlawful acts, reducing damage to property and injury to persons.

Provport encourages vigilance, preventative maintenance and the highest security standards when training all port personnel. Even while exceeding federal, state and local safety and security requirements for our water and land-based businesses, terminals, visitors and vendors, we are still able to reduce any delays or negative impacts to normal daily business operations.

We are proud to have established close working relationships with our city and state law enforcement officials, emergency response teams and federal government agencies. Together, we work to keep ProvPort a safe and efficient commercial shipping and transportation facility.

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Listed below are various maritime companies who work in partnership with ProvPort in the greater Providence area.

Goff & Page Co.

Moran Shipping Agencies

Northeast Marine Pilots

Northern Star Shipping Agency

Providence & Worcester Railroad

Waterson Stevedoring, LLC

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ProvPort, Inc.
ProvPort, Inc.

ProvPort features
3500 linear ft. of berthing and 40 ft. depth @ MLW

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