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Rustic & Regal /

David Stimmel's design flows the high-volumed bedroom openly into the unusual bathroom

The five-bedroom, Tudor-style home in Wynnewood, PA, included some interesting architectural details incorporated by the previous owner, but the master suite was ordinary, with few redeeming qualities.
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In the Details /

Peter Lemos shares three transformed kitchens from his book "Kitchens for the Rest of Us"

"We looked at 200-300 kitchen projects before we got down to the 20 detailed in the book," says author Peter Lemos, former Editor-in-Chief of Home magazine, of his new hardcover, 192-page, full color book, "Kitchens for the Rest of Us," published by the Taunton Press. "We strived to include kitchens that haven't been published before. Many of the homes featured are Craftsman-inspired in style. Part of the purpose ofo the book is to encourage fine craftsmanship, function and comfort in kitchen design."
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Cars & Kitchens /

BMW's Kevin Rice suggests how the kitchen market might benefit from practices in the car industry

Cars and kitchens are expensive products, but the more expensive they become, the more important it becomes to have a respected brand that people trust. The names of high-end kitchen brands are very well knkown, yet it is not so easy to immediately tell which brand is which through the design alone.
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Condo Style /

How luxury high-rise condominiums are outfitted today with trend insights from the experts

How do the kitchen and bath designs for luxury high-rises differ from those for single-family homes? To answer that question, assembled here are insights from experts who have worked on a range of high-end high-rise projects from New York and Miami to Dallas and Vancouver.
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Beyond Granite in the Kitchen /

With mass-market consumers craving granite, what's next to delight the affluent client?

Tune in on an HGTV house-hunting or home improvement show and often you'll hear even consumers on a budget willing to splurge on luxurious granite counters. Granite has been an upscale choice in kitchen counters for decades, but now that it is so well known and in demand by mid-range consumers, what can you do to create a truly luxury standard for the affluent client who wants not only a high-quality material but that "something different" not shared by the "masses"?
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Beyond Granite in the Bath /

Trends in surfacing materials for creating the spa-like bath with an emphasis on tile

The concept of what the bathroom can be is expanding and refining in much the same way that the concept of what the kitchen could be developed a decade ago. The bathroom is the "flip side" of the kitchen. The bathroom is a private place not only for attending to grooming and hygiene needs, but for relaxation and self-pampering to rejuvenate from the onslaught of daily stresses.
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Design Ideals /

What keeps German design duo Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl from Artefakt winning awards?

It will come as no great shock to anyone in the design world that German design has become synonymous with precision in technology and function. The approach of Artefakt, based in Darmstadt, Germany, epitomizes all that is good about German design. A collaborative partnership between designers Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl, Artefakt's creations have won a plethora of awards and their talents have produced innovations in fields as diverse as electronics for Siemens and Loewe, beauty products for Gillette and Braun, and car accessories for Daimler Chrysler.

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