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Warp Networks, NEOTEC company


CDTI designates Warp Networks as a NEOTEC company and contributes with the needed financing to complete the development of the open source project eBox Platform

On 16th November 2006 Warp Networks signed the agreement with CDTI, setting the rules and conditions regulating the funding of eBox Platform development in the NEOTEC framework. These funds will be used to finance the continuation of the development of eBox to complete the funcionality planned for version 1.0 and to establish the basis for the development of version 2.0, with an even wider and more innovative scope.

About eBox

eBox Platform is a server for corporative networks targeted to SMEs, integrating services such as Internet access, resources sharing and network security. eBox development started in year 2004 as a joint initiative between Warp Networks and DBS Servicios Informáticos. It was released under an open source licence in December 2005, becoming the first corporate open source software in Aragon and one of the first in Spain.

Thanks to NEOTEC funds, eBox reached version 0.7.99 on 29th November and version 0.9 is planned for January 2007. All new versions of eBox, together with its source code are available at eBox’s web site:


NEOTEC initiative is aiming to support the creation and consolidation of new technology-based companies in Spain. Every year approximately 50 projects of technological innovation are approved in this initiative and receive funds from CDTI to carry out their execution. Moreover, the designation as a NEOTEC company is the highest distinction for corporate technological innovation in Spain due to the high levels of quality and innovation required. This way, in the IT field, where eBox project has been submitted, for every proposal approved CDTI rejects at least ten that do not match the level of excellency required.

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