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Title: What obsolete skill are you?
Author: made by deadword at 3:28AM on 04/22/04 | Homepage | More Quizzes | Message
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Title: What obsolete skill are you?

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What is the first thing which you do after waking up?
I break fast.
I get a head start on my day's work before the sun is up.
I insult the alarm clock in a vulgar but witty manner.
I note the gracious oriental light.
I say a morning prayer and then suddenly remember an archetypical dream which I had the previous night.
I struggle to remember the dream while standing on my head to improve circulation to the brain.
(no answer, because what I do after waking up is no one's business but my own)
Which of the following is the most important in life?
having fun
understanding the world in all its complexity
You go to class, where you...
ask questions to be sure that I understand things.
ask questions to make myself look smart.
ask witty questions to make people laugh.
correct typographical errors in my textbook.
do the next day's assignment while the professor gives his lecture.
write a poem while the professor gives his lecture.
take notes.
What is your favorite color?
It is time for dinner. What are your thoughts about the food?
For me, only the best will do.
It tastes better because I earned it.
It tastes better because it is stolen.
The important thing is that it be served immediately.
The important thing is that it be cooked carefully.
The taste is in importance subordinate to the functional value.
We fat all creatures else to fat us, and we fat ourselves for maggots.
Pick a number.
You go out with your friends.
The conversation is th' important thing.
I am the life of the party.
It does not matter what we do; the important thing is that we go out and do something.
We play poker.
We do something fun outdoors.
No, we stay in and watch a movie.
No, I have no friends.
What do you love the most?
My country.
My friends.
My parents.
Self-reliance and hard work.
The little revelations of each day.
Love is indefinable; the word 'love' is so ambiguous as to be completely meaningless.
Someone asks whether you know the current time, to which you reply:
Nineteen hours.
Seven in the evening.
The twelfth hour.
The current time is the sum of two numbers of which the product is twelve and the difference is one.
Yes, I do.

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