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Should You Enrol Your Child in Scouts?

By enrolling your child in Scouts you are giving them the opportunity for fun and an educational experience above and beyond what the school system offers. In this respect Scouting is often referred to as non-formal education.

Scouting, which has been in existence since 1907, and in Australia since 1908, has the aim of developing young people physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Children are accepted into Scouting from 6 years of age, and may continue through the different Sections until as young adults they reach the age of 26.

Scouting emphasises nature, adventure, citizenship, leadership and of course having fun.

From the Cub Section onwards, young people are gradually given more opportunity to work in small autonomous (but supervised) groups in order to develop leadership skills.

Who Are Scout Leaders?

Abseiling Cub Scout and Leader

Scout Leaders are volunteers from the community, often the parents of Scout-age children, who have an interest in developing young people’s potential. Leaders are put through a rigorous selection and training process. All potential leaders are given full police and referee checks, then supervised and trained fully before they are able to work with young people on their own.

To find out more about which Section of Scouting is suitable for your child, click on the appropriate link below.