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Creator:Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles August), 1859-1924.
Title:Charles A. Lindbergh and family papers.
Abstract:Correspondence (1871-1979); genealogical records (1808-1905); legal and financial papers (1836-1927); reminiscences, interviews, familiy histories, and speeches (1911-1981); newspaper clippings (1861-1987); diaries (1913-1921); and other papers documenting the career of progressive Minnesota politician, Charles August Lindbergh and other members of the Lindbergh family of Little Falls, Minnesota. The papers of Charles Augustus Lindbergh document his high school, university, and aeronautical education; his early career in aviation (1925-1927); the 1927 transatlantic solo flight; his advocacy of neutrality in the years preceding United States' entry into World War II; his recollections (1969) of his childhood; and remarks (1968-1969) about his biographies.
Quantity:8.3 cu. ft. (21 boxes and 1 oversize folder); 1 microfilm reel.
Location:See Detailed Description section for shelf locations.

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Ola Månsson was born in Sweden on May 12, 1808. His first wife was Ingar [or Ingred] Jönsdottir, with whom he had seven children: Jons, Mons, Pehr [Perry], August, Nels, Ingred, and Hannah. Månsson was the farmer-landowner of Gårdlösa, a farm outside the parish of Smedstorp, Sweden. Månsson was also a prominent member of the Farmer's Estate of the Swedish Parliament, a loan officer of a regional bank, and secretary (1847-1858) to King Carl XV of Sweden. In 1858 Månsson was tried in the Swedish court on accusations of embezzlement of money from the bank at which he was a loan officer. After the trial, Ola Månsson, Lovisa Galen [transcribed variously as Louisa or Louise and Carlin, Carleen, or Carline], and her infant son Carl immigrated to the United States. When they immigrated, Ola Månsson changed his name to August Lindbergh and changed the family surname to Lindbergh as well. The infant's name was changed to Charles August Lindbergh. Two of Månsson's sons by his first marriage, Mons and Pehr, who stayed in Sweden attending the University of Lund, also changed their surname to Lindbergh. About 1862 sons Mons, Pehr, and August immigrated to the United States. Ingar Jönsdottir remained in Smedstorp; she died in 1864. August and Louise came to the Sauk Valley (Stearns County, Minnesota) in 1859, settling in Melrose, and were married in St. Cloud on September 15, 1885. August and Louise had seven children: Charles August,Victor Eugene, Louisa Ellen, Lillian May, Juno [later recorded as June], Pauline, Linda, and Frank Albert; all except Charles were born in Minnesota. August Lindbergh died in Little Falls, Minnesota on October 14, 1893; Louise Lindbergh died on April 22, 1921.

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Charles August Lindbergh was born in Stockholm, Sweden on January 20, 1859, the eldest of the seven children of August and Louise Lindbergh. Charles Lindbergh graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1883. Following his graduation he practiced law in Little Falls, Minnesota until 1909 when he was elected to Congress from the sixth congressional district. He held this seat through 1916. Lindbergh was elected on the Republican ticket and soon became one of the leaders of the progressive Republicans in Congress. His activities as a member of this group included the attempt to unseat Joseph Cannon as Speaker of the House; the investigation of the "money trust"; opposition to the reciprocal trade policies of the Taft administration; and opposition to the Wilson adminstration's attempts to aid the allies during the first years of World War I. Lindbergh's main concern, however, was the monetary policies of both Republican and Democratic administrations.

Lindbergh ran, and was defeated, in several subsequent elections: 1916 (United States Senate), 1918 (governor of Minnesota), 1920 (Congress), 1923 (special United States Senate election), and 1924 (governor of Minnesota) during which campaign he died. In the 1910s and 1920s, Lindbergh began a number of political magazines and newspapers, all of which failed. One paper of note was called the Lindbergh National Farmer. Books and pamphlets written by Lindbergh, which were widely distributed, include Why Is Your Country at War?, The Econonic Pinch, and Who and What Caused the Panic? His anti-war writings and speeches during World War I caused him to be branded as a traitor and affected the outcome of the 1918 gubernatorial election. At the time, Lindbergh was prevented from speaking in many parts of the state and was opposed by many powerful public opinion forming agencies in the state.

Following his congressional career, Lindbergh maintained law offices in Little Falls and Minneapolis, Minnesota but much of his time was devoted to politics, to writing, and to real estate ventures in Florida and Minnesota. Lindbergh represented a number of individuals living in the eastern United States who owned real estate in Minnesota. He made real estate invenstments of his own in Florida.

In 1887 Charles A. Lindbergh married Mary LaFond, daughter of Moses LaFond, a prominent man in Little Falls. Together they had two daughters, Lillian and Eva. Mary LaFond Lindbergh died in 1898. In 1901 Charles married Evangeline Lodge Land, daughter of C. H. Land of Detroit, Michigan. Charles Augustus Lindbergh was their only child. Charles August Lindbergh died in Crookston, Minnesota on May 24, 1924; Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh died in 1954.

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Charles Augustus Lindbergh was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1902 to Charles August and Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh. He grew up in Little Falls, Minnesota where he graduated from high school in 1918. Lindbergh attended the University of Wisconsin's school of mechanical engineering (1920-1922) and the Lincoln, Nebraska flying school (1922). He enlisted in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) (1921) and served as a cadet in the United States Army Air Service (1924-1925). During the period preceeding his historic 1927 flight across the Atlantic Ocean, he was an airmail pilot flying the route between St. Louis and Chicago.

On May 20-21, 1927, he made the historic nonstop solo flight from New York to Paris. Following that event he was a recipient of many honors from the United States and many foreign governments and was hailed worldwide as a hero. He was made a director of Pan American World Airways and would become a colonel in the Missouri National Guard. During one of his many goodwill tours to popularize air travel he met Anne Spencer Morrow, the daughter of industrialist and United States ambassador to Mexico, Dwight Morrow. Charles and Anne were married in 1929. Together they had six children: Charles Augustus, Jon, Land, Anne, Scott, and Reeve. Their first child, Charles, was kidnapped and murdered in 1932. In 1935 Charles and Anne Lindbergh left the United States; living in England, France, and Switzerland. The family returned in 1939, moving first to Michigan, then New York, and eventually settling in Connecticut.

While living abroad, Lindbergh made trips to Germany to study German rearmament and received honors from the Nazi government. He was also involved with the French scientist Dr. Alexis Carrel, inventor of an artificial heart. Lindbergh returned to America deeply involved in the conflict between isolationist and interventionist forces. Lindbergh became a spokesman for America First, an organization dedicated to keeping America out of World War II. Following America's entry into the conflict, however, he participated in the war effort, helping develop aircraft engines and flying Pacific Theater combat missions as a civilian consultant.

In the 1960s and 1970s Lindbergh's interests turned to national and global environmental problems, and he traveled extensively in an effort to publicize them. He died of cancer on the island of Maui, Hawaii on August 26, 1974. Anne Morrow Lindbergh published several volumes of memoirs and poems. She died on February 7, 2001 in Vermont.

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Eva Lindbergh, daughter of Mary LaFond and Charles August Lindbergh, was born in Little Falls in 1892. She graduated from Carleton College in 1914, after which she taught school in Akeley, Minnesota. From 1914 to 1916 she worked in her father's congressional office. In 1916 she married George West Christie and the couple moved to Red Lake Falls, Minnesota where they edited and published the Red Lake Falls Gazette. Together they had two children: George Christie and Lillian Christie Johnson. George Christie, Sr. died in 1956. After his death and until 1968, Eva continued to publish the paper. On June 6, 1970 she married G. Howard Spaeth, who had been the Minnesota commissioner of taxation. Eva died on January 28, 1985.

Biographical information was taken from the papers; from Who Was Who In America, volume VI (1974-1976); from Bruce L. Larson's Lindbergh of Minnesota: A Political Biography (1973); and notes from research done by Grace Lee Nute and Deborah L. Miller.

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Correspondence, campaign literature, reminiscences, family histories, interviews, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, diaries, and other papers documenting the personal activities and public career of Charles August Lindbergh and family. The correspondence files are heaviest for the years 1900 to 1923 and contain some family information, but for the most part they relate to his political activities. There is some information on the deaths of his daughter Lillian (1916) and his mother Louise (1921).

The papers contain information on Lindbergh's political career, particularly his 1906 campaign for Congress and his stand on political issues such as the reciprocal trade agreement with Canada (1911), the Indian liquor tariff (1912), the Progressive Party's campaign in Minnesota (1912), neutrality and preparations for war (1917), the Federal Reserve System (1917), and his postwar political campaigns (1920-1924). Of particular interest in this section are a number of letters from Theodore Roosevelt: November 15, 1908 regarding the Panama Canal; January 15, 1909; and March 11 and April 16, 1912 regarding the Progressive Party's 1912 presidential campaign.

Lindbergh's business correspondence details his interests in Howard P. Bell's investments in Minnesota (1900-1906), the Bell Estate (1921-1928), William Agard's real estate investments in Minnesota (1922-1924), and the Saskatchewan Valley and Alberta Land Company, Ltd. (1903, 1906). It also documents Lindbergh's collaboration with Joseph Seal (1906), William Hatten (1908), M. M. Williams (1908-1909), and Carl Bolander (1906, 1916). There are exchanges with Dorrance and Company, Philadelphia (1921-1924) and other correspondence concerning the publication of Lindbergh's book The Economic Pinch.

The papers of Charles Augustus Lindbergh begin in 1913 with a few items from grammar school. The correspondence begins in 1920 and describes his activities in managing the Lindbergh family farm in Little Falls and property in Florida. The bulk of his papers relates to his life as a student at the University of Wisconsin (1921-1922), his early interest in aviation (1921), a few letters from aviation associates (1922-1925), and correspondence concering his flight across the Atlantic, much of it addressed to his mother. Later correspondence (1928-1973) is sporadic. Some topics addressed in them are: the condition and future status of the Lindbergh home in Little Falls (1928-1932), the establishment of the Lindbergh State Park (1932), and the Minnesota Historical Society's interest in the Lindbergh papers and Lindbergh home (1957-1973).

The collection contains photostats of the proceedings (1848-1858) of the Farmers' Estate of the Swedish Parliament and Swedish courts (1859) documenting charges of embezzlement against Ola Månsson (August Lindbergh) while a member of parliament. The court records are in Swedish and have not been translated.

The manuscript collection contains copies of selected papers from Lindbergh collections at Yale University and the Missouri Historical Society. In addition, the collection incorporates correspondence exchanged with the Lindbergh family and research notes from three researchers on Charles August Lindbergh: Grace Lee Nute, Bruce Llewellyn Larson, and Deborah L. Miller. The papers from Larson include copies of newspaper clippings (1893-1941) pertaining to the Lindbergh family and Lindbergh's political career; a typed copy of a 1964 interview between Bruce Larson and Frank A. Lindbergh (a sibling of Charles August) which contains information on Charles' political activities; and a copy of a 1966 letter from Charles Augustus Lindbergh to Larson containing comments on the elder Lindbergh's temperament. The papers from Nute include interviews with family and community members, voluminous correspondence files, genealogical research, and other materials. Miller's files contain correspondence and research notes which reflect further efforts to locate information on the legal difficulties and family background of Ola Månsson in Sweden and the immigration of the Lindbergh family to Minnesota.

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These documents are organized into the following sections:
Lindbergh Family Papers, 1808-1981
August Lindbergh Papers, 1848-1879, 1972-1978
Charles August Lindbergh Papers, 1881-1954
Charles Augustus Lindbergh Papers, 1913-1987

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Speech transcripts, recorded speeches, photographs, albums, posters, and broadsides by and about both Charles August Lindbergh and Charles Augustus Lindbergh are available in the Minnesota Historical Society collections, cataloged separately.

Books by Anne Morrow Lindbergh are available in the Minnesota Historical Society book collection, cataloged separately.

A collection of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. Papers is located at the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Missouri.

A collection of Charles A. Lindbergh Papers is located at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

A collection of Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Papers is located at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

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This collection is indexed under the following headings in the catalog of the Minnesota Historical Society. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Air mail service.
Banks and banking--Corrupt practices--United States.
Farms--Minnesota--Morrison County.
Flight training.
Neutrality--United States.
Real estate investment--Florida.
Real estate investment--Minnesota.
Spirit of St. Louis (Airplane)--Finance.
Swedish Americans--Minnesota--Morrison County.
Transatlantic flights.
World War, 1914-1918--Public opinion.
World War, 1939-1945--Public opinion.
Lindbergh State Park (Minn.).
Little Falls (Minn.).
Melrose (Minn.).
Morrison County (Minn.).
Sweden--Politics and government--1814-1905.
United States--Economic policy--To 1933.
United States--Politics and government--1901-1953.
Butler, June Lindbergh, 1867-.
Larson, Bruce Llewellyn, 1936-.
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-.
Lindbergh, August, 1808-1893.
Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974.
Lindbergh, Evangeline Lodge Land, -1954.
Lindbergh, Frank Albert, 1870-.
Lindbergh, Louise Carline, 1838-1921.
Lindbergh, Mary LaFond, 1867-1898.
Miller, Deborah L., 1948-.
Nute, Grace Lee, 1895-.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919.
Spaeth, Eva Lindbergh Christie, 1892-1985.
National Nonpartisan League.
Progressive Party (Founded 1912).
United States. Congress. House.
United States. War Industries Board.
Types of Documents:
Air pilots.

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Copyright is reserved for life of the author(s) plus 70 years.
The Lindbergh Flight Logs, 1922-1929, in this collection are copies made from originals owned by the Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Missouri.
The Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers, 1900-1967, sub-series within the Charles August Lindbergh Papers series is composed of copies made from originals owned by Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
Fragile items are filed in the reserve collection (Res. 50).
Preferred Citation:
[Indicate the cited item and/or series here]. Charles A. Lindbergh and Family Papers. Minnesota Historical Society.
See the Chicago Manual of Style for additional examples.
Accession Information:
Accession number: 3546; 4044; 4044a; 4050; 4054; 4066; 4147; 4162; 4343; 4361; 4371; 4382; 4407; 4408; 4412; 4428; 4468; 4480; 4481; 4489; 4490; 4492; 4493; 4494; 4497; 4522; 4525; 4532; 4555; 4556; 4567; 4568; 4617; 4620; 4648; 4701; 4763a; 4787; 4893; 4923; 4923a; 4972; 5052; 5055; 5125; 5129; 5182; 5260; 5358; 5823; 6975; 7352; 8218; 8778; 9059; 9565; 9691; 9947; 9963; 10,063; 10,113; 10,133; 10,254; 10,269; 10,379; 10,448; 11,303; 11,393; 11,440; 11,717; 12,995; 13,585; 14,132; 14,315; 14,734; 15,837
Processing Information:
Processed by: Kathryn Johnson, 1985-1990; Lynn Leitte, February 2002.
PALS ID number: 09-00320535

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Note to Researchers: To request materials, please note both the location and box numbers shown below.

Lindbergh Family Papers, 1808-1981

The family papers focus on Charles August Lindbergh and his career as a politician in Minnesota, though they touch on the lives of his parents, his wives, and children. The family papers have a very mixed provenance. Some were donated by Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Eva Lindbergh Christie Spaeth, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Others were donated by individuals who knew the Lindbergh family. The notes and materials gathered by Grace Lee Nute are included in the family papers because correspondence by and about family members is mixed within her notes and papers. The family papers from Bruce L. Larson include a typed copy of a 1964 interview with Frank A. Lindbergh and a copy of a 1966 interview with both Charles Augustus Lindbergh and Eva Lindbergh Christie Spaeth.
Genealogical information, 1808-1905.
This file consists of photocopies made from family and church vital statistics records. The excerpted pages indicate birth, marriage, and death dates of a number of Lindbergh ancestors. These papers do not contain a compilation of the genealogical data. Some records are in Swedish.
Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh, undated and 1895-1927.
Includes two Washington, D.C. Public Library cards (1909); calling cards for Evangeline and Mrs. Charles Henry Land, Evangeline's mother; a commencement program for Edna Lodge; and the second impression from the die for the Lindbergh-Air Mail stamp (1927) which was presented to Evangeline by the office of the United States Postmaster General. The stamp and a letter from the Postmaster General are bound in a commemorative volume printed on the front cover with Mrs. Lindbergh's name in gold ink.
Certificate of scholarship for Genevieve L. Seal to Hamline University [St. Paul, Minn.], 1915.
Family histories [interviews with family members], undated and 1916-1977:
Ola Månsson compilation by Grace Lee Nute, undated.
Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh notebook [transcription], undated.
[Interview with] Eva Lindbergh Christie by Grace Lee Nute, undated.
"Some Recollections of My Daugher, Lillian" by Charles A. Lindbergh, 1916.
[Notes from discussion with] June [Juno] Lindbergh Butler by Grace Lee Nute, April 1936.
[Interview with] Juno [June] Lindbergh Butler by Grace Lee Nute, June 4, 1936.
[Interview with] Frank A. Lindbergh by Grace Lee Nute, June 9, 1936.
[Interview with] Perry [Pehr] Lindbergh by Grace Lee Nute, June 16-19, 1936.
"Biography of Mrs. Ellen LaFond Herron" recorded by Minnie M. Cochrane for the Morrison County Historical Society, April 1937.
[Interview with] Mrs. Robert Herron [Ellen LaFond Herron] by Grace Lee Nute, September 9, 1937.
"Personal Interview with Frank A. Lindbergh" by Bruce L. Larson, June 26, 1964.
[Interview with] Charles A. Lindbergh and Eva Lindbergh Christie by Bruce L. Larson, April 16, 1966.
Interview with Eva Lindbergh Christie Spaeth, May 11, 1977. 2 audio cassettes.
Interview with Lindbergh Family [Anne Morrow Lindbergh and Eva Lindbergh Christie Spaeth] by Russell W. Fridley, October 23, 1977.
Family histories [interviews with non-family], undated and [1928]-1981:
"Events at Time of Death of Charles A. Lindbergh" as related by David Marciel, undated.
"Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Opsahl on Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr." compilation by Grace Lee Nute, undated.
Lindbergh data from George I. Wilson, [1928].
"Charles Augustus [sic] Lindbergh, Sr. as I Knew Him" by Thomas Pederson, Mildred, Minnesota, [1936?].
"Elizabeth Anderson Jacobson" [Mrs. J. J. Jacobson] recorded by Sarah Heald and Marie Benson, August 1936.
"Interview with Victor N. Johnson" by Grace Lee Nute, September 22, 1936.
"Report of Interviews with Mr. G. A. Raymond on September 22 and September 24, 1936 Regarding Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr." by Jesse S. Douglas, September 22 and 24, 1936.
"Interview with Myrom [sic] D. Taylor" by Grace Lee Nute, October 7 and 15, 1936.
"Thomas Pederson on Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.," November 7, 1936.
"Notes on Interviews with Mr. P. P. Ornberg" by Grace Lee Nute, December 10 and 15, 1936.
"E. S. Holman on Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.," January 6, 1936.
[Interview with] George R. Smith by I. Persons or Grace Lee Nute, June 18, 1937.
"Interview with Mr. Julius Reiter" by Grace Lee Nute, October 1, 1940.
"Interview with Mr. S. O. Sanderson" by Grace Lee Nute, October 1, 1940.
Interviews with Harry Hasegawa, Maui merchant, and Henry Kahula, Hawaiian lay minister, December 1980. 1 audio cassette.
From cassette cover: Two Maui people recall their friendships with the Lindberghs.
Interviews with Ed and Jeannie Pechin, Hana [ Maui, Hawaii], and Samuel F. Pryor, Kipahulu [Maui, Hawaii] by T. Willard Hunter, December 1980. 1 audio cassette.
From cassette cover: Lindbergh spent his last week in the Pechins' guest house, and there he died. Samuel F. Pryor, Executive Vice President to Pan Am for 28 years, was the cause of Lindbergh's coming to Maui. Pryor gave Lindbergh 5 acres to build his home. Interviewed 12-80 by T. Willard Hunter, aided by SFP's son, Lawrence Pryor, Irvine, California.
"Faith of the Lone Eagle / He Comes With Guidance" Hana, Maui, [Hawaii] December 14, 1980. 1 audio cassette.
From cassette cover: Samule F. Pryor and James D. Newton, longtime friends of Charles Lindbergh, tell the children about CAL's faith.
Interviews with John Hanchett, manager Hana Ranch, and Mrs. Milton (Roselle) Howell, Hana, Maui, [Hawaii], January 1981. 1 audio cassette.
From cassette cover: Lindbergh and Maui. John Hanchett, manager Hana Ranch and Mrs. Milton (Roselle) Howell, wife of the physician who attended Lindbergh in Maui.
Reeve Lindbergh speech [about Charles Augustus Lindbergh] at St. Cloud State University, June 17, 1981.
Family correspondence, undated and 1871-1914. 11 folders.
Family correspondence, 1915-1921. 10 folders.
Family correspondence, 1921-1923. 10 folders.
Family correspondence, 1924-1941; 1957-1979 [scattered]. 11 folders.
Photographs, [ca. 1971-1975?].
Includes: Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Eva Lindbergh Christie Spaeth, and the airplane "Jennie."
Grace Lee Nute correspondence and notes, 1932-1944:
Correspondence to and from Grace Lee Nute, who researched the Lindbergh family and Charles August Lindbergh's political career for a biography of him that was never completed. Ms. Nute corresponded with Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Eva Lindbergh Christie Spaeth, friends of the family, and others. She also did genealogical research on Ola Månsson and other Lindbergh ancestors in Sweden. Grace Lee Nute was Curator of Manuscripts at the Minnesota Historical Society (1920-1946).
Notes, undated and 1936-1940.
American Library Service and Gustavus Adolphus College, 1936-1941.
Fjelde, Paul, 1939-1941.
Haines - Johnson, 1932-1940.
Kalkman - Lundeen, 1936-1939.
Meyer - Root, 1936-1942.
Schilplin - Villard, 1935-1939.
Westin - Zaczkowski, 1935-1943.
Christie, Eva Lindbergh, 1936-1940.
Lindbergh, Charles A., June 1933 - February 1944. 6 folders.
Lindbergh home (Little Falls, Minnesota), 1936.
Lindbergh State Park and Lindbergh House Historic Site:
Correspondence, 1931.
Address at the dedication of Lindbergh State Park, undated.
Excerpts from a speech by State Treasurer Val Bjornson at the Lindbergh Home, May 21, 1952.
Dedication of Lindbergh Museum, 25th anniversary of the Lindbergh transatlantic flight.
Charles A. Lindbergh visit to the Lindbergh House Historic Site, March 21-22, 1971. 12 photographs.
Charles A. Lindbergh visit to the Lindbergh House Historic Site, June 1973. 13 photographs.
"Lindbergh: The Man and the Legend" speech by Bruce Larson at the 1st Lindbergh Air Fair, Little Falls, June 18, 1983.

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August Lindbergh Papers, 1848-1879, 1972-1978

Papers pertaining to August Lindbergh, formerly Ola Månsson. By and large, these papers are copies made from Swedish records on charges of embezzlement against Ola Månsson. The Swedish court records were acquired by Grace Lee Nute during her genealogical research. This series contains a few items pertaining to Lindbergh's arrival and establishment in Minnesota. Correspondence and research notes about Ola Månsson's political career, collected by Deborah L. Miller, are included in this series.
Hederävrda Bonde-Ståndets Protokoller vid Lagtima Riksdagen i Stockholm, 1848-1958:
Printed proceedings of the Farmer's Estate of the Swedish Parliament and court records relating to the charges against Ola Månsson (August Lindbergh). These are photostats from the originals in the Swedish court records; all are in Swedish and have not been translated. Månsson was a member of parliament during this time.
Proceedings of parliament, December 2, 1847 - May 10, 1848. 6 folders.
Proceedings of parliament, May 10, 1848 - October 24, 1948. 7 folders.
Proceedings of parliament, January 4, 1851 - June 14, 1851. 7 folders.
Proceedings of parliament, June 18, 1851 - December 24, 1853. 7 folders.
Proceedings of parliament, December 28, 1853 - March 29, 1854. 6 folders.
Proceedings of the Swedish court, 1859.
Legal and financial papers, 1836-1867.
Homestead documents [photostats], 1864-1870.
United States citizenship (Stearns County, Minnesota) document, December 23, 1870.
Correspondence and research notes on Ola Månsson's political career, 1972, 1977-1978. 3 folders.
Certificate of appointment as Postmaster in Melrose, Minnesota, November 17, 1879.

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Charles August Lindbergh Papers, 1881-1954

142.G.10.5B-2 21
Personal papers, undated and 1881-1942:
These files are arranged in chronological order.
Pen and ink portrait, undated.
University of Michigan School of Law student rosters, 1881-1884.
University of Michigan School of Law commencement program, March 28, 1883.
University of Michigan diploma, March 28, 1883. 1 certificate.
142.G.10.5B-2 21
Circuit Court of the United States, District of Minnesota, October 4, 1886. 1 certificate.
District Court certification document, October 4, 1886.
Marriage announcement of Charles A. Lindbergh and Evangeline Lodge Land, March 27, 1901.
Invitations [social and family events], 1903-1918.
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1906-1909. 1 volume.
Membership cards, undated and 1908-1913. 4 items.
142.G.10.5B-2 21
Membership in the American Academy of Immortals, November 29, 1913. 1 certificate.
Supreme Court of the United States, January 19, 1914. 1 certificate.
Designation as a notary public, February 21, 1917. 1 certificate.
Tributes to Charles A. Lindbergh, 1928-1942.
Legal and financial papers, 1867-1927:
Estate of Charles A. Lindbergh, 1924-1926.
Land and business agreements, 1867-1923.
Miscellaneous legal papers and licenses, undated and 1910-1918.
Miscellaneous financial records, 1901-1924.
Promissory notes, 1901-1924.
Ledger sheets, 1903-1908. 1 packet of loose sheets.
Ledger book, 1898-1900. 1 volume.
Petty ledger, 1906-1908. 1 volume.
Tax judgement book, forfeited real estate records, and inventory of Lindbergh household goods, 1900. 1 volume.
Howard and Mary Bell estate, 1908-1927. 6 folders.
Originals and photocopies of probate court documents, most of them filed in Hudson County, New Jersey. In addition to copies of relevant legal agreements, the documents include itemizations of charges against the estate for which Charles August Lindbergh served as an executor.
Congressional and political papers, 1906-1924:
Progressive and Farmer-Labor parties, 1923-1924.
Lindbergh campaign opposition literature, [1914-1918].
Lindbergh campaign ephemera, 1907-1924.
Printed political statements, 1906-1924.
Most statements are printed as small pamphlets advertising him as a candidate for Congress on the front cover. They address farming, banking, party politics, business, and other issues.
Lindbergh's National Farmer 1:8 (January 1919). 1 pamphlet.
Volume 1, numbers 1 and 2 are available on microfilm, cataloged separately.
Manuscript speeches and articles, undated and 1909.
All speeches are typed and a few are annotated in pencil. The pages are fragile.
Bills introduced, 1912-1913.
Congressional correspondence and other papers, 1911-1913.
Includes correspondence with George I. Wilson, a membership roster for the National Citizen's Committee, and a list of bills introduced to the 60th Congress.
Congressional passes, 1907-1911. 12 items.
Invitations [congressional], [1907]-1917.
Petitions for nomination of Charles A. Lindbergh as Congressional Representative from District 6, filed August - September 1920. 1 microfilm reel.
Newspaper clippings, 1861-1931. 3 folders.
Newspaper clippings, 1861-1931. 3 folders.
Newspaper articles, 1907-1928.
Includes articles on Lindbergh's visit to Panama, political articles, and other items.
Lindbergh Papers at Yale University, 1900-1953:
Made from originals in the Charles A. Lindbergh Papers, Yale University Library. Photocopies of correspondence, legal documents, and newspaper clippings coverning the period from 1900 to 1936. A few documents date to 1951 and 1953. Much of the correspondence is between Charles August Lindbergh, his wife Evangeline, and his son Charles concerning family matters and Lindbergh's personal finances. Other letters, memoranda, and legal papers relate to Lindbergh's numerous real estate transactions and mortgage holdings in Minnesota and Florida.
Letters and articles from the period of Lindbergh's service in the United States House of Representatives (1907-1917) discuss such current issues as the money and banking trusts, progressive Republican philosophy, and World War I.
Lindbergh died intestate in 1924, leaving an entangled estate and a dispute over its administration, which resulted in a lawsuit between Lindbergh's heirs and the Wells-Dickey Trust Company of Minneapolis. Most of the correspondence and legal papers after 1924 pertain to the dispute over his estate.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, undated.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, September 1900 - September 1905.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, October - December 1905.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January - December 1906.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, March 1907 - December 1908.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, February - December 1909.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January 1910 - October 1914.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, August 1915 - October 1917.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January 1918 - December 1919.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, February 1920 - December 1921.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, February 1922 - December 1923.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January - July 1924.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, August - December 1924.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January - December 1925.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January - December 1927.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, February 1928 - June 1929.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, January 1930 - November 1936.
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, July 1951 - November 1953; 1966-1967.
Charles A. Lindbergh Estate:
Transcript of hearing, April 13, 1925.
Briefs, 1925.
Miscellaneous papers, 1925-1928. 1 folder.
Miscellaneous papers, 1925-1928. 3 folders.
Notes for Charles Augustus Lindbergh from Evangeline Lodge Land Lindbergh, undated. 2 folders.
Other family papers, 1907-1954.

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Charles Augustus Lindbergh Papers, 1913-1987

Reminiscences, 1969.
A series of letters from Charles A. Lindbergh to Russell Fridley, Director of the Minnesota Historical Society, providing information on his boyhood and the Little Falls farm. The series of letters comprises a single 85-page sequence written as five separate letters while Lindbergh was on a trip around the world.
Remarks on his biography by Walter S. Ross, August 1, 1968.
Remarks on his biography by Dale Van Every and Morris De Haven Tracy, November 29, 1968.
Remarks on his biography by George Buchanan Fife, December 11, 1968.
Remarks on his biographical article by the Associated Press (April 1, 1954), May 6, 1969.
Remarks on his biography by Kenneth S. Davis, August 4, 1969.
Grammar school report cards and other items, 1913-1918.
Little Falls High School diploma, June 5, 1918. 1 certificate.
War savings certificates and thrift cards, 1918-1923.
Diaries [transcripts], 1913-1921. 1 folder.
Originals are in reserve collection, filed as Res. 50 and are closed to general use.
Res. 50
Diaries, 1913-1923. 9 volumes and 2 envelopes.
Diaries for which there are transcripts (1913-1921) are closed to general use.
Canceled checks, 1927. photographic copies.
Checks written in 1927 by aviator Charles A. Lindbergh to Ryan Air Lines in partial payment for the construction of the "Spirit of St. Louis," the airplane in which he made the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. The checks are drawn on the United States National Bank of San Diego. The checks were a part of the Otto Kallir Collection of Aviation History until 1993. Original checks are in the reserve collection, filed as Res. 50 and are closed to general use.
Education and flight training:
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1921.
Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) basic training, Fort Knox, Tennessee, June 16 - July 20, 1921.
United States Army Air Service, 1924-1925.
Report of the Northbound Mail Flight, November 3, 1926.
Flight school, flying clubs, and aircraft literature:
Curtiss Flying Schools pamphlet, undated.
Chicago Flying Club flyer, undated.
Curtiss Aviation Meets official souvenir book and daily program, [1911?].
Flying exhibitions broadsides, undated and 1920s.
Aeroplane literature and advertisements, 1922-1924.
Aerial Age magazine 15:16; 15:20; 16:1; 16:2 (August 1922 - February 1923).
Your Opportunity to Learn Aviation, Lincoln Standard Aircraft Corporation brochure, ca. 1923.
U. S. Air Services magazine 10:4 (April 1925).
Aero Digest magazine 6:6 (June 1925).
Advertisement for the United States Air Mail and Express Service, St. Louis Star(April 26, 1926).
Map of the state of Minnesota, 1927. 1 item.
The printed map is marked in pencil charting a flight across Minnesota. "Lindbergh 1927" is written in pen and ink on the lower right corner.
The Raymond Orteig $25,000 Prize Paris-New York -- New York-Paris Trans-Atlantic Flight entry form, February 15, 1927. 3 photostatic copies.
Transatlantic flight memorabilia:
Speech about Charles A. Lindbergh by Reverend E. Cameron, United Baptist Church, North Head, New Brunswick, Canada, May 22, 1927.
Allentown newspaper announcement reprint, May 23, 1927.
The cover of the reprint bears a water color of the "Spirit of St. Louis" and a dedication of the booklet "To the Mother of Charles A. Lindbergh."
Veteran's Service Magazine, [June 1927?].
The Flight of Captain Charles A. Lindbergh from New York to Paris, May 20-21, 1927 as compiled from the official records of the Department of State, June 11, 1927. 1 volume.
The cover is imprinted with "presented by the Secretary of State, Frank B. Kellogg, June 11, 1927 to Captain Lindbergh in commemoration of his epochal achivement {facsimile of presentation copy}."
Banquet program, New York, New York, June 14, 1927.
Wilfred's Restaurant menu, Wall Street, New York, New York, June 15, 1927.
Banquet program, St. Louis, Missouri, June 18, 1927.
Welcome broadside, Boston, Massachussets, July 22, 1927.
The Grand Rapids Spectator 16:14 (July 30, 1927).
Banquet program, Louisville Board of Trade, Louisville, Kentucky, August 8, 1927.
Banquet program, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, August 23, 1927.
Banquet program, Butte, Montana, September 5, 1927.
Banquet program, Fort Worth, Texas, September 26, 1927.
Contains transcript of a speech by Honorable Fritz G. Lanham.
Souvenir aircraft log book, 1928.
Lindbergh: The Flier of Little Falls, Little Falls High School, Little Falls, Minnesota, 1928.
Commemorative booklet on the first airplane flight at Kittyhawk, 1929.
Charles A. Lindbergh is cited on page 19: "History-Making Flights."
Reproduction of stamps and graphics for the 50th anniversary of the transatlantic flight, May 1977. 1 photograph.
Program and invitation for Lindbergh Hertiage Week (Minnesota), May 20-26, 1985.
World War II:
Notes, undated.
Reprint of America and European Wars and Neutrality and War radio broadcast speeches by Charles A. Lindbergh, September 15, 1939 and October 15, 1939. 1 pamphlet.
Transcript of The Air Defense of America, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) broadcast speech by Charles A. Lindbergh, May 19, 1940.
Transcript of Our Drift Toward War, ABC broadcast speech by Charles A. Lindbergh, June 15, 1940.
Transcript of an untitled speech by Charles A. Lindbergh, given at Soldiers' Field, Arlington, Virginia, August 4, 1940.
Transcript of A Plea for American Independence, MBS/WOL broadcast speech by Charles A. Lindbergh, October 14, 1940.
Newspaper clippings, 1924-1984. 4 folders.
Newspaper issues on the transatlantic flight, 1927 and 1987.
Lindbergh Flight Logs at Missouri Historical Society, 1922-1929. 593 pp. in 9 folders.
Made from originals in the Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. Papers at the Missouri Historical Society. Photocopies of handwritten logs made during Charles A. Lindbergh's training, experimental, and commercial airplane flights, including the log of his transatlantic flight (1927).

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